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part 3: secrets from within

The screaming from before seemed to have gone.

It felt almost like he had drank a dreamless sleep potion, except that he also felt a rather pleasant tingling coursing through his body.

He heard whispering in his ear. Coaxing him awake.

"Harry.....Harry, I'm really sorry but you need to wake up now."

He felt someone rubbing his arm, and he opened his eyes to find Hermione staring down at him. He smiled.

"Welcome back, sleepyhead. I would have let you sleep since you looked so peaceful but my arm was starting to go numb in that position and you wouldn't let go. Plus, there's something we have to do..." she trailed off,
looking at their surroundings, which Harry found was not his room anymore.

He realized he had his arms wrapped around Hermione's and let go immediately. As he did so, the tingling feeling left him, and Hermione started flexing her arm, apparently to try and get the blood flow back to normal through it.

"Sorry about that." said Harry, blushing, and looking away.

"Oh no, I don't mind, really, it's just that it was going numb with me sitting here like that."

"Oh, well you shouldn't have put up with that just because of me. If that happens again just get in a more comfortable position so that won't happen."

He returned his attention to their current surroundings, which were both unfamiliar and at the same time very familiar to him. They were in what looked to be a brightly lit room, which had several doors along the walls, which had runes carved into many of them.

"Hermione? Where are we?"

Hermione, who's face was inches from Harry's at that moment, seemed to come back to her senses, and sat up quickly, which was a relief to Harry, who was still not comfortable being that close to a pretty girl, after the whole Cho debacle.

Oh, right! We have to open some of these seals!"

Harry looked puzzled. "Huh? How are we supposed to open them ourselves? and where are we Hermione?"

"We're inside your head, Harry! Dumbledore sent us here so you could regain your abilities. He explained it to me before he sent us. Each door should lead to an untapped ability, but the ones with the runes are locked, probably by Dumbledore himself," she said with a scowl. "He really shouldn't have though. It's illegal!" she sighed. "Anyway, he said this would be the simplest way to attain them, and he would teach you this form of meditation but for now he would put us here using some kind of magic. Still, I'm curious about the ones that are not locked. Obviously if the door is not open then it is something you haven't learned yet. Let's check some of those doors first."

She walked towards a blank door while Harry stood there trying to process everything she had said.

"So we're inside my head then?"

"Yes," she said, "Inside the part of it which channels your magic, apparantly. It's all very interesting. I'm going to make Dumbledore teach me how to do this for myself when he teaches you."

Harry, being used to the surprises the magical world would continually throw at him, and knowing he could trust Hermione,
just accepted this and went to open the door Hermione was standing in front of, obviously waiting for him. The door was a bright sky blue color, and it seemed to call to him.

He opened the door to find what appeared to be a forest, light dancing between the leaves above. The forest seemed somehow familiar though, and Harry was transported back to a dream he once had, one where he had been chasing something through a forest. Something silvery. In the dream he had had his firebolt in his hands, though he hadn't thought to use it. As he was thinking this, though, his firebolt appeared in front of him.

Somehow, Harry knew that, like in his dream, he had to catch the whatever it was. (before he had just assumed it was the patronus) He grabbed the firebolt and leapt off the ground after the shimmering creature which had suddenly appeared in the distance. It was moving very fast now, faster than any snitch he had ever seen. But then, his firebolt was also faster than any snitch. Flying low to the ground, and having to dodge trees left and right, Harry was just able to track the creature, but he had no luck with catching up to it, it seemed.

'I'm going to have to outsmart it.' he thought. 'If I can cut it off, or force it to run into an enclosure I can catch it.'

After narrowly missing a huge oak, which had turned out to be wider than he thought, he realized with some surprise that the creature had stopped up ahead in a clearing. He immediately put on the brakes or risked running straight into it. As soon as he had stopped however, it moved to take flight, and he got a glimpse of what the shimmering thing looked like.

'Wings? I've been chasing a pair of disembodied shimmering wings? So what will happen exactly if I catch it?'

In an effort to answer his own question, Harry blasted off into the air after the mysterious wings.

The chase seemed to last forever as the wings, or whatever invisible being wore them darted through the trees and led Harry through a maze of obstacles, many of which could have killed him had he not been such an accomplished seeker.

Finally, deep into the forest, the wings stopped atop a large pyramid-shaped structure that somehow he hadn't noticed before,
which was unfortunate since he lost control of the broom trying to avoid hitting the large structure, and crashed into the ground.

He awoke once again to Hermione's voice as she hovered over him, a voice filled with worry.

"Harry, Harry! Please wake up!" she said in a slightly shaky voice.

"I'm alright Hermione," said Harry, and he squeezed her hand in reassurance. "This is all just inside my head after all."
he said with a smile as he sat up.

The pyramid/temple still loomed menacingly over them. His firebolt seemed to have gone again, but the wings were still waiting patiently at the top of the pyramid.

"What happened?" Hermione started. "I saw you fly off, but I didn't know why, and when you didn't come back I started to worry,
and suddenly the trees just sort of moved and I could see you in the distance along with this temple. It's an amazing thing, but I can't imagine why or how this would be locked away inside you, or what it represents."

"I was chasing that pair of disembodied wings," he said, pointing towards the top of the pyramid, "I'm sorry for making you worry, I guess I got a little caught up in the chase," he said thoughtfully. "Still, I want to know what the wings are for,
and why they're in my head. The door seemed to be calling to me, but I have no idea why. We should climb the steps and find out." and with that he started up the steps.

"Wait, Harry are you sure this isn't dangerous? It could be something left here by Voldemort!"

Harry turned to answer her but didn't stop is ascent.

"No, it's not from him. I'd know if it was," he said, pointing to his scar.

Hermione didn't question him again, although she was still cautious.

As they reached the top of the steps, the glow from the wings flared and then grew softer, so as to let them see their surroundings. Harry walked towards the wings slowly, and reached out his hand to touch one when suddenly they backed away, and the figure of a man appeared in front of them.

The man was dressed in a black leather coat with fur trim around the collar and black leather slacks along with motorcycle boots, and a menacing looking weapon was sheathed on a belt around his waist. It appeared to be a cross between a sword and an enormous revolver and what little of the blade he could see seemed to glow blue, the same blue on the door. But that was not the most disturbing thing about this man. What was most unnerving, was his icy grey eyes as they bore into Harry's. The same icy gray color that had been on the door. The man seemed unnervingly calm, but in his eyes, it seemed like a storm of emotion and pain, and even perhaps a touch of madness...

"You must be Harry. And I take it this is your friend Hermione I keep hering about." He said in a tone which matched the icy look in his eyes.