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More Than What Meets The Eye

Chapter 1

Alan's eyes slowly flickered open from his heavy and dreamless sleep. He groaned as he rolled over in bed, momentarily forgetting what his body had been through the last few days.

The stitches that were embedded in the flesh on his back strained, sending a sharp pain shooting from his shoulder blade all the way down his spine. He glanced around the sick-room, wondering if anyone would be in there with him. Some days he'd woken up to see his father, Virgil or perhaps Gordon by his bedside. Scott...he hadn't been in at all.

Alan tried to think, the pain stopping him from thinking straight.

Why hadn't Scott been in?

Then he remembered. Scott had been given extended leave because...because of the terrible incident that had struck the previous week.

The automatic door opened, breaking Alan's thoughts.

"Hey, Al," Gordon smiled. "How's the invalid, then?"

Alan grinned sarcastically.

"Oh, great, Gordo! I've got about twenty stitches in my back, and I feel as if I've been dragged backwards through a scrap yard, but other than that, I never felt better!"

The two youngest Tracy's shared a laugh before Alan's expression became more serious.

"Has Scott called in today?"

The smile faded from Gordon's face as he replied.

"Yeah. He called about ten. He says he's OK, but I don't think..." Gordon shook his head.

"How's he looking?"

"Truthfully, Al, he looks like hell. I've never seen him like this. But what can you expect, with everything that's happened?"

Alan shook his head miserably.

"I can't help but feel it's partially my fault, Gordo."

"Oh Alan, don't be such an idiot."

Alan glared at the choice of name Gordon had labelled him with, but continued nonetheless.

"I should have kept a better eye on what was going on. But no. I was too busy sulking about Dad not letting me take Tin-Tin out that night. If only I'd have concentrated, then maybe all this wouldn't have happened."

"Alan, you know that's a load of trash. You couldn't have stopped the inevitable." Gordon looked at his younger brother. "And as for HER..." he raised his eyebrows and Alan nodded.

"I know. I can't believe she turned out to be like that."

"Well, Al, no-one could tell. She even had Dad fooled with her little act." The second youngest Tracy son glared. "She befriended all of us, made out she was trying to help, when all along she was just..."

"Winding us around her little finger?" Alan supplied helpfully.

Gordon nodded before reverting the conversation back to their eldest brother.

"But poor Scott. He won't get over this in a hurry."

Alan shook his head.

"Well, Al. Guess I'll see you a bit later. I promised Grandma I'd do the dishes from breakfast." Gordon rolled his eyes jokingly. "You know what'll happen if I don't jump to it!"

Alan smiled at his older brother and gave him a half-wave as he left the room, before lying back in the bed, staring at the ceiling.

How had he gotten himself into this mess?

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End Note: Chapter Two coming soon!