Flight by the Lady Arianrod.

a/n: First Teen-Titan one-shot. Based on Raven's change of mind as she
battles her father's presence in her mind (remember that episode?) and
becomes more like herself.

Disclaimer: I do not own TT. Cartoon network does.



She always fought her own battles.

Ever behind a wall of darkness and placidity, the storm would rage... But she could contain it. She was strong.

But she was not perfect, of course, and several unseen forces threatened to overthrow her eternal balance of outward apathy.

It dyed her eyes crimson.

How could she defeat such a force? It felt so good to be angry like that, rage-filled, different...

They were all so happy. Those other Titans could never understand how much she was fighting and how different she was becoming by the moment...

So they decided to stop this mayhem once in for all.

They saw the inside of her mind, met the many sides of her personality.

They saw that she was slipping, falling, hateful.

But they also saw the other facets and quirks that lurked beneath her cloaked forehead. They loved her for every face she kept in there, whether gloomy or gleeful.

They believed in her.

And, despite her internal protests, she truly felt complete with them. Even though she could fight her own battles, it didn't hurt to do it together.

And so they did.

She felt a new feeling as her father was defeated and gone. She was again master of her own mind, the shadowy bird she had always been.

Now she could see that they wanted to help her. She was still quiet after that, still mysterious and magical and powerful.

However, if you looked at her in a certain way, you'd see that she appeared to move with more confidence, more... unity.

They even say that she moved back her hood a bit more, revealing just a bit more of herself to the people that would always help her willingly.


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