Author's Note: This is solely based on the movie, however, the spelling of "Nagel" is from the books. This story contains characters and events that do not belong to me, and I recognize that.

Joseph Nagel saw him walking toward him, the Jonah. He suddenly swelled with anger for Will and for anyone else who suffered from Hollom's bad luck. Without thinking of the consequences, Nagel walked right past the midshipman without saluting. He might've hit him on the shoulder a bit as well. He hadn't gotten very far when the Captain shouted out at him. He stopped and waited to be sent down to the brig.

Nagel sat down on the deck and positioned his feet under the iron rings. A long bar was then shoved through, and he was stuck there. His head felt a little fuzzy, probably because he had been drinking. But he was angry and the grog made him feel better, at least for a little while, until the alcohol wore off. He wondered how long he would be stuck down here...a few hours most likely.

Great. That would give him some time to think about what he'd done. So, he had directly disrespected him, Hollom...the Captain would be disappointed. Nagel was still angry, though. He was angry with Hollom, who he blamed for the death of his best mate, Will Warley...but he was also angry with himself. How could he have been so stupid to do that? He had been drunk at the time, though it was wearing off now. That had been why. He hadn't been in his right mind.

This wasn't making him feel any better. He was still furious. He shut his eyes and tried to squeeze the anger out of him. It didn't work. Damn it all. Bored and a little restless, he jiggled his feet beneath the rings. He certainly wasn't getting out of here. This was probably supposed to teach him a lesson, make him think about what he'd done. That didn't work either, did it? No, he was quite content to stay here and, being off duties, relax.

Although there was something niggling at him. He wiped the sweat from his brow, exhaling loudly. A few minutes later, he heard creaking footsteps nearing the half deck. He looked up, discovering the light was dimmer. Had he fallen asleep? It was Barret Bonden and Faster Doudle.

They pulled the iron bar out from the rings, freeing him, and helped him to his feet. Faster handed him a pint mug and he took a long gulp. They gave him a few words of advice and a nicer shirt to wear in front of Captain Aubrey, and sent him up. He was to be flogged for insubordination. He turned slightly red as he walked out beyond the rest of the crew and waited for the Captain. He took a deep breath as the Captain stepped into view. He looked angry and extremely disappointed. Captain Aubrey said a few words, and Nagel acknowledged him. When he had finished speaking, Nagel walked up to the wall and held onto the wooden grate. His hands were bound and he gripped the wood more tightly, bracing himself for what was to come.