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To Win a Women's Heart

1st day of spring

My name is Nami. I'm a worldly traveler who forgot to leave Forget-Me- Not-Valley. I've been here for a year and this new guy has moved in. His father passed away last year so he's planning on taking over the farm that his father owned. Takakura, the other guy, um, the boy's father's friend is going to be helping him. I heard that his father wanted a family farm as well, so I hear he's going to try and get married in a year. I sure hope he doesn't try to go for me.
Anyways, I woke up this morning and stretched. It was a new day and I felt like heading out. I hoped to not run into this guy but apparently luck wasn't on my side.
"Hi!" he greeted me.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"I just moved here to care for my dad's farm. Well, it's sort of my farm now," he said, "Oh, my name's Hatori." (A/N: This is the name I used for my game...)
"I'm Nami," I introduced, wanting to leave.
"How long have you been here?" he asked.
"I stayed here the whole year, and what is worse is I can't believe myself that I would do that," I said.
"Oh," he said, and then he left me to do something else. He was cute, I'll give him that.

The pond was so beautiful in the spring. Everything's beautiful in the spring. In fact, it was nice here...
"Hey Nami!" a familiar voice called. I turned around and saw Hatori running up, holding what looked like a Goddess Drop flower.
"What?" I asked, peeved he interrupted my thoughts.
"Here, it's for you," he said, offering it to me.
"It's pretty," I replied, "Is it edible?"
"No, it's just a flower, it's for you," he said, offering it to me again. I smiled sadly.
"I'm not interested with things like that," was all I responded with before turning away. He was trying to get me to like him... oh joy...
"Well... what do you like then?" he pressed, putting the flower away.
"Interesting things," I said and walked away from him. I left him there alone thinking... good!

Later that day I yawned and decided to go into the blue bar for a drink. I sat down on a stool. I was very tired.
"Did you see Hatori today?" Muffy asked me as Griffen served me a red punch.
"Yeah, so?" I replied.
"Isn't he handsome?" Muffy asked.
"I guess so. What's your point?" I replied between sips.
"Well, I hear he's looking for a wife. Oh, I hope he's going to try to win me over," she said dreamily.
"You, a farmer's wife? You don't know anything about farming," I said with eyes half closed.
"And you could do better?" she asked with a huff.
"Of course I could!" I exclaimed, "I just don't want to. I don't care for a guy like that right now." The only problem with that was that he seemed like the kind of guy who wouldn't give up. And that would be a serious bother...

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