Title: Caves
Fandom: Angel
Rating: G
Words: 100
Disclaimer: Not mine, they're Whedon's. *sob*
Written for: LJ community wordoftheday100's "troglodyte" challenge
Notes: I'm having a long dry spell, and I wanted some Fred/Spike schmoop. I know I said I wasn't going to do drabbles anymore, until the Pottage monster was done, but this practically wrote itself.

"Handsome man saved me from the monster." Angel saved me from my troglodyte existence in Pylea. Only now he's busy with Wolfram and Hart CEO affairs, and I live in a different kind of cave. A cave filled with pretty glass objects, and arcane formulae, and interesting artifacts. Still a cave.

But sometimes Spike comes in. He always has a cheery word, and he calls me "pet," and "luv." And that makes the light shine more brightly through the necrotempered glass, a little. Maybe he'll be able to draw me out of this cave.

I hope so. Because I'm suffocating...