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~Crossword Puzzle~

The tree's bare branches provided little shade on the two figures below it, not that much was necessary. Even though spring had not even begun yet, Domino had been experiencing a heat wave of sorts. The temperature was around forty and a majority of the snow had melted, leaving only small patches in ditches and wooded areas. Katsuya and Seto were currently under before mentioned tree, the blonde had his back propped up against the chest of his boyfriend.

The ground was still a bit wet and would probably leave a stain on their clothing, but Katsuya hadn't cared about that when he pulled Seto down with him. But Seto had, and voiced his opinion loudly along with his other protests. Katsuya was able to subdue the boy with a quick kiss.

After a few more minutes of grumbling of dry cleaning bills, dampness, and stupid puppies, the two fell into the comfortable silence they often did. Seto had almost immediately begun playing with the blonde hair in front of him. He twisted the locks around his finger and ran his hands through it. He was fascinated by the different light shades he could see in the hair. He loved how his puppies hair was so soft, and how it moved flawlessly with him, and how it fell forward as Katsuya read from his book, and how--


What the hell?

"You're reading?" Seto exclaimed. "Since when do you read anything?"

"I'm not reading." Katsuya replied...while still reading his book. "Um, well not really. It's a crossword puzzle."

"I thought you hated those things."

"I used to. But," Katsuya's tone was so cheerful one could practically feel the grin on his face. "Now I have my own genius boyfriend to give me all the answers!"

Seto put on an offended voice. "Is that all I am to you?"

"No! Of course not!" He responded, then snickered while adding, "You're also my play thing."

Seto lowered his head and nipped quickly at Katsuya's neck. "I think it's the other way around, puppy." He whispered into his ear, delighting silently as the blonde shivered.

"I'm not a play thing."

"Really? I'm not so sure, given how much I play with you. And how good that always is..." Seto smirked.

An elbow prodded him in the stomach. Katsuya snickered. "Knock it off!"

Seto conceded to stop, and began to just hold and caress his blonde hair. Katsuya toyed with the idea of "playing" with Seto right there, but soon remembered he was in a public place and didn't think he would want to explain what they were doing to a police officer. Then again, Seto would probably do all the talking, and he was rather influential, plus it was rare for anyone to come to that area of the park, so...

"Puppy?" Seto interrupted his plotting. "Do you need any help with your puzzle?" He couldn't help but notice that Seto used the question as an excuse to pull him back a little more on his chest.

"Yeah..." His eyes darted back down to the page. "What's a world wonder in Asia? Sixteen letters."

"Sixteen letters?" Seto repeated.


Seto was quiet, then with a soft yet arrogant voice said, "That's simple, puppy."

Katsuya waited, but Seto never finished. He huffed. "If it's so simple then why don't you tell me the answer?"

Seto shifted even closer, and brought his lips up against Jou's ear so they brushed the lobe as his answer rolled easily off his tongue. "It's Jounouchi Katsuya. No spaces, of course."

Katsuya blinked and a bright flush graced his cheeks. World wonder...?

He pivoted around to face Seto and pressed his lips to Seto's, wrapping his arms around his neck for more leverage in the rather awkward position that dug his already dirty jeans farther into the soft ground.

But he didn't care.




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