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Tutoring and Rollerblade Lessons by Strawberry'd

Chapter One: Of Ditchings and Being Hit

Two high school seniors walked down the street. One had shoulder-length auburn hair while the other sported a bright pink ensemble. The two girls looked to be close friends.

"So you got a new mom in like a day?" The one with the pink hair asked the other.

"Yeah, can you believe it? She just goes off to Italy and dumps me here." The redhead, Sora, replied.

"Aw, that's ok, if you don't like your new family, you can come over and stay with us." Mimi Tachikawa offered.

"That's ok, but thanks." She sighed. "I'm supposed to stay with a Miyako Inoue. Her mom is my mom's closest friend."

"I think I've heard of a Miyako," said Mimi thoughtfully. She was the school's best gossiper. "Isn't she the one going out with Ken Ichijouji?"

"The evil genius guy?" Sora asked.

"The evil genius totally hot guy," Mimi answered. "Too bad he's a junior."

They paused their conversation for a bit and continued to walk in silence. Their destination was the milkshake store on the corner of the block.

"Hey! Watch out!" someone called.

Sora turned with surprised eyes as the boy who yelled rushed to her. There was a blur and Sora was on the ground. She was hit by a bag that felt it had rocks and dictionaries in it.

"Hey! Are you ok?" the person who threw the bag asked her.

"Oh, my god! Sora! Sora! Are you ok?" Mimi asked anxiously.

"Ow," Sora felt the bump on her forehead and winced as she pressed too hard on the bruise. Tears started to leak out of her eyes. She didn't really know why she was crying; she wasn't a crying type of girl. She supposed that the tears were from the stress she had been harbouring from her mother's move.

Sora winced again and watched as Mimi started to flirt with the boy who hit her with the bag.

Mimi turned to her and asked, "Are you alright? It looked like it hurt."

"I'm ok." Sora answered.

"Taichi here doesn't have a girlfriend. What do you think Sora? Do you think we should hook up?" Mimi asked.

She looked up. Taichi? So busy with her wound, Sora didn't notice the guy that was there.

"You go have fun. I'm going to go home." Sora answered wearily.

"Hey! Sora Takenouchi!" Taichi called. He threw something at her. She gasped a little. He dared throw something at her again? Her tennis and soccer skills returned to her as she caught what he threw.

"It's the best for bruises," was what he said before turning back to Mimi.

How did he know my name? Sora wondered. Does he go to my school? Taichi, Taichiā€¦ she tried to think of all the guys in her school with the name Taichi.

Her eyes grew wide. Taichi Yagami! The captain of the soccer team. How could I have forgotten that?

She wondered if Mimi knew. She didn't keep up with sports but she must have known who he was, right?

"Oh you're home, Sora." called Mrs. Inoue. "I hope you haven't eaten anything. I made a French dish to welcome you to our family."

Sora grinned and thanked her before taking a seat next to a girl who looked familiar.

"You're Miyako, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, and you're Sora." Miyako had a friendly face and smiled at her.

Sora looked around the table. There was Mr. Inoue, who looked like he was always sitting on a cushion on pins and needles, Mrs. Inoue who had a wide smiling face and cheerful eyes. Her gaze went back to Miyako. Sora took in her red brown eyes and shiny lavender hair. She had glasses perched on the end of her sharp nose.

"After dinner, you can organize your desk." Mrs. Inoue said. "I took the liberty of designing your room. I've always wanted to do that, since Miyako won't let me near hers."

The family smiled, obviously remembering something that Sora didn't know about.

She ate dinner silently, thinking about that boy. Taichi. She remembered his chocolate brown hair in the shape of a broom. She grinned.

Sora finished first and put her dish in the sink, reaching for the sponge and soap.

"That's all right, dear, I'll do the dishes." Mrs. Inoue said.

"Ok, thanks." Sora went up to her room.

She stopped in the doorway, eyes wide. There was her queen-sized bed with canopies surrounding it. Everywhere she looked she saw pink. Mimi would like this room, Sora thought.

She had a book shelf, full of books and ribbons on every shelf, marking the books in alphabetical order. There was a table in the middle of the room with a vase of orchids.

At least she knew that orchids were my favourite flower. Sora thought. Everything is wrong. I'm a tomboy. Not a pink pop princess.

But Sora liked the size of the room and the 32 inch TV. The room was 3 times as big as her other one and much neater.


Sora's alarm clock went off. She turned on her bed, mumbling to herself the events of the day. "There's an assembly this morning. I'm so tired. I was up late organizing my desk."

Sora's eyes snapped open. That's right, this isn't my house, she thought.

She got out of her bed and crept to the bathroom. I wonder if anyone is up yet. I'll just take a shower first, then.

She stepped into it shaking her head. So this is how it's like living in someone's house. I'm getting nervous just taking a shower.

A little while later, Sora stepped into the classroom, going over to her friend, Aiko's desk.

She greeted her and pulled out a notebook to doodle on. Her friend turned to her with an amused look. "Guess what. They're dating. Taichi and Mimi."

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