Speed: Haven City Style

A Parody by Lizzy Rebel

Author's Notes: Okay, here's the story behind my idea (and the reason why I've taken a detour from my series). See, about a year ago I got the DVD to the movie Speed (the one staring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) since it was my favourite movie and we couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Well, what really made my day was that it was the FIVE STAR COLLECTION DVD which meant I had all these nifty little extras. After forcing my sibling to which it with me over and over again my brother's like: 'hey, this would make a great Jak parody' (I think he wanted to stop watching it) so the idea formed in my head and here it is! So I plan on getting back to writing my other Jak fic but after I post this one because it was so much FUN to write! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Jak II or Speed in anyway. They belong to Naughty Dog (curse those genius bastards for coming up with the Jak idea before me!) and the writer of Speed Graham Yost and Mark Gordon (they are so hilarious on their commentary on the DVD!). This is in no way related to Speed2 and it shall never be related to Speed2 because it's a load of crap! ***glares at Speed2 and all its non-Keanu Reeves-ness*** Grrrrrrrrr…

            Cast of Characters

                        Jack Traven… Jak (humor)

                        Annie… Keira

                        Harry Temple… Daxter

                        McMahon… Samos

                        Ortiz (bus passenger)… Sig

                        Ray (bus passenger)… Erol

                        Terry (bus passenger)… Torn

                        Howard Payne… Baron Praxis

                        Robin… Ashlin

                        Screw-driver head (don't ask)… Vin

                        Kid… Little Jak

                        Teacher… Kor

                        Other kids… Randomly kidnapped (er, selected) Haven City residents

                        Bar owner… Krew

Feedback: If you don't mind…

Rating: PG-13 for HEAVY language and violence. Mostly Jak and Praxis. Bad boys!

Side Notes: Before we began you must need to note that there is an EXCESSIVE amount of swear words (a lot are the F word). Also note that Kor and the Kid only make small cameos because I can't fit them in anywhere else. Okay, so Kor is not the evil guy though he should be. I think Praxis makes a better Howard Payne (he's played by America favourite psycho, Dennis Hopper!). And one more note is that Daxter is human in this one. Can imagine him taking apart a C4 in ottsel form?

Chapter One- Mad Bomber

                        Vin found himself cursing his luck. It was his day off, he should be out partying, but instead he was here doing overtime. He cursed that no-good security guard that had skipped his duty and left him to fill in.

            I only have a few hours left, Vin told himself as he walked down to the service elevators to do the normal check-ups on the control panels and the like. If something went wrong… well, it was his head even though it shouldn't be his problem.

            As he passed the service elevator area he noticed that something was clicking there, making a noise. Something human. He blinked several times and tried to go over in his head if someone should be down here.

            No. Shaking his head, Vin stepped into the control room of the elevators. It was a pale blue, white tiled floor with walls and walls clustered with wires. As he stepped deeper and deeper into the room, he noticed a body position behind one of the many walls. From what he could tell it was a man.

            "Excuse me, sir, but you need clearance to be back here. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Vin called, using his walki-talkie to motion to the door behind him.

            The man stood up from his work, saying in a rough voice, "Uh… yeah, I got a call. Some of the wiring is screwed up."

            Vin nodded at the plausible explanation, but protocol was protocol, "I'm going to need to see some working papers." He said, stepping closer so he could see the man. He wore electric company overalls.

            "Uh, yeah, okay." The man said and Vin noticed that half his face was covered by metal, "it's right here." He bent down towards his soft toolbox and reached into it. He withdrew a white slip of paper with his free hand positioned behind it so Vin couldn't see what was going on behind the white sheet.

            Vin leaned forward to read it, his eyes were getting bad, and he didn't notice the other man remove his hand from behind the sheet. Vin looked up just in time to see the metal man slam a screw-driver into the left side of his face. Right into his ear.

            Pain shot through him as Vin blindly reached out and placed a hand on his ear as warm blood poured down his neck. His vision blurred and he slumped to the floor, his pale hand still clasped futilely against the side of his face. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his breathing stopped…

            The man with the metal on his face looked down at Vin calmly and then shrugged before saying, "Nothing personal." He grabbed the bloody body of the dead man and dragged him into the corner, hiding his body there.

            Working in complete silence the metal man grabbed an ear-piece and placed it in his ear. He then connected it to a square black machine that looked like a tape-recorder. He checked his watch and walked out, never looking back at Vin's limp body.

            Yup, he hadn't been very lucky had he?


                        The hassle of morning meetings were finally drawing to a close and after a successful business meeting a group of people decided to get lunch at their city's, Haven City, finest restaurant. The HepHog. Okay, so it wasn't the finest but it was the cheapest.

            A young executive walked onto an elevator, groaning at the thought of all the paper work on his desk. The group of food-finders joined him, laughing and chatting. They filed into the small, hot elevator and silence lapsed around them.

            In the front of the elevator a young man part of the food-finders group pushed the LOBBY button even though it was already lit in the bright yellow tinge. He pushed it again and again for good measure.

            In the back, another tall young man sneered meanly, "Thanks for pushing that, Bob. You never know—the light's on, but maybe it's really broken."

            As snickers filled the small enclosed room, Bob wished the other young man was blow away from existence, "Shut up." He snapped unhappily.

            A pretty blonde leaned over the shoulder of her boss, her lips curving into a secretive smile. She whispered into his ear softly and the older man's mouth twisted with a haughty smile. She giggled and pulled away, touching the seam of her lower lip with her tongue.

            The elevator descended quickly as the room filled with quiet chatter.

            Suddenly, the elevator rocked and everyone was thrown forward. Screams rose in the air as the elevator jerked and dived downward fast, but it gave another jerk and stopped.

            The lights snapped off and the small elevator compartment was eloped in darkness. Small moans of terror were heard but other then that there was no noise. Everyone was afraid a loud enough sound would case another jerk of the cable holding their current deathtrap.

            A red emergency light flickered on and everyone in the elevator compartment looked at one another wearily. Where they going to die? Finally, the young man in the back of the compartment looked at the young man in front.

            "Jesus, Bob," He said in pure terror, "what button did you press?"


                        As the deep red sun began to rise in the air over Haven City, a hovercar came screeching down the road. The residents of Haven City screamed and quickly moved out of the way as the hovercar drove wildly down the street. A red and blue light flashed on the hood of the car.

            It came to an abrupt halt in front of one of Haven City's most prestige business buildings. The engine died as the car doors opened with a bang.

            A young blonde man, around twenty-eight, hopped out of the car and ran strong hand through his short blonde hair (A/N: see author's notes at bottom). He had a wad of bubblegum in his mouth. He chewed it loudly, a sign that he was ready for action, as he popped the trunk of his hovercar under his dashboard. He wore his regulated white shirt and slightly baggy black pants. His army boots clicked against the gritty ground of the city. As he glanced at the building looming behind him, his dark blue eyes narrowed slightly.

            He moved over to the trunk of his car as his partner stepped out of the car. He was a redhead and a skinny pale man but there was no denying his wisdom. He wore the same outfit as his partner though the other man filled it out better. He too glanced at the building but he was frowning, unlike his neutral faced partner.

            They moved to the trunk together and withdrew from it two black vests. It was laden with pockets stuffed with whatever they may need in their line of work. It was always necessary for them to be prepared.  They pulled on their black vests, known as flak jackets, and then hurried towards the entrance of the door, not speaking a word.

            They were Jak Traven and Daxter Temple, two of the best members on the Krimzon Guard SWAT (A/N: ***snickers***). Daxter the thinker and Jak the doer. It obvious by the way they walked that they were a team.

            As they entered the building another hovercar showed up and another SWAT team joined Daxter and Jak on their walk. As the swinging door behind them closed, the fire trucks showed up. As did two more SWAT cars.

            Jak grinned over at Daxter as they were joined by another team on the force. Daxter shook his head at his friend's enthusiasm and they walked into the lobby were the remaining SWAT teams were already assembled.

            In the center of the lobby was a large, glowing chart. It was obviously the schematics of the building. Blue thumbtacks had been placed in specific places of importance. Silently, the SWAT teams waited.

            Then Captain Samos McMahon walked over to them, his technical assistant Norwood at his side. McMahon, better known as 'Samos', didn't look pleased with the situation at all. He said something to Norwood, who relayed the information to his cellular. Then he called back an answer to Samos.

            As Samos approached them, he began to relay information in a rapid tone, "What we have are fifteen people on the express elevator just below floor thirty. Included among them is Louis Termian, vice chairman of Nu-Teck and owner of this building. Bomb took out three cables. Bomber wants three million dollars, or he blows the elevator."

            Daxter grinned slightly and asked in a calm voice, "What's our clock?" He supposed he should be concerned about the welfare of the hostages but really that Louis Termian guy was an alleged adulterous, not to mention fat. Daxter had a thing against the fat people.

            He glanced over at Jak and saw that the wheels in the young man's head were already turning. That was one thing about Jak you could always count on. Jak was always ready for whatever the bomber was going to throw at him, which was surprising since he was so young. Daxter often wondered why Jak chose to join the 'suicide squad' but he didn't really voice the question. If he did, Jak might leave and he'd be all alone to get his ass blown to kingdom come.

            Norwood answered with a little unease, "He gave us an hour, which leaves us with," he glanced at the watch strapped to wrist, "twenty-three minutes exactly."

            "Is there anything that could stop the elevator from falling?" Asked another SWAT member as he studied the schematics of the building.

            Jak's mouth twisted into a humorless smile, "Yeah, the basement." He earned several glares for his sarcasm but he didn't really care. After all, he had been trained to ignore other people. He had perfected the art.

            Jak glanced over at Daxter and saw that even his partner looked ready to hit him upside the head. Jak wanted to chuckle but kept his face neutral. Giving an inappropriate laugh at this time wouldn't help him. Besides, he had fifteen hostages to rescue. If there was thing Jak was serious about, it was his job.

            Samos shook his head at Jak's words. Sometimes that boy was too cynical for anyone's good, "The city is looking to avoid that. They're collecting the money as we speak."

            "We can't just unload passengers." Daxter said. Though it was in question form, it obvious by the tone of his voice that he knew the answer. He just said it for form's sake.

            Samos shook his head, "Bomber's wired the doors and hatch exit. He'll know if there's any movement in that compartment. Yes, Jak that seats him in the crazy but not stupid section. Any questions?"

            Grinning like a schoolboy, Jak raised his hand and at Samos's impatient nod he said, "Sir, Daxter volunteers to examine the device."

            "I do?" Daxter asked in confusion and then the meaning hit him. His eyes narrowed at Jak as he said, "Right."

            Samos normally would've berated them with their display but didn't have the time, "Check it out, but no stupid stunts." He snapped.

            Norwood nodded to the duo, "The nearest access panel is on the thirty-second floor. That's about a floor and half above the express elevator's current position. Sure hope you aren't afraid of heights."

            As Daxter and Jak nodded their heads in agreement to his orders, Samos called after them, "I want reports ONLY. We're holding to a pattern." Then he turned to the other SWAT teams, "Biggs, Worthy. Secure the base area. No one in or out the back. The rest of you confirm building evacuation. MOVE!"

            Daxter, groaning at the thought of climbing the flights of stairs up to the thirty second floor said to Norwood, "What about the other elevators?"

            Norwood shook his head in sympathy, "In emergencies like this, all elevators are sent to the nearest floor and shut down."

            Jak laughed and slapped Daxter on the back, "Looks like we're walking." He told Daxter, who groaned again.

            They made their way up flight after flight of stairs. Jak's face was calm and collected while Daxter—being the less active of the team—panted with exhaustion.      Finally they reached the thirty second floor and the duo moved over to the two elevator doors located in the hallway to their left. They found a side panel on the surface of the doors. Jak nodded to Daxter who removed a screwdriver from one of his many pockets on his flak jacket. They worked quickly and effectively to remove the metal side-panel and stepped into the elevator shaft.

            Jak was the first to slide down the thick wire that held the elevator aloft. His face was cool as he lowered himself to the first set of metal slabs just above the elevator; he frowned at the white putty stuck to the side of the cable-controls as Daxter slid down next to him. His eyes, too, were drawn to the white putty.

            Daxter nodded to Jak and bent down to check the putty with a solemn demeanor as Jak called down to the elevator passengers, "Ladies and gentlemen we're with the Krimzon Guard." He heard a 'thank God' call back from the elevator, "There's been an elevator malfunction. Just relax and we'll have the problem fixed as soon as possible."

            "Hurry!" A muffled voice called back to the elevator, but Jak didn't answer it. Instead he turned to Daxter who was concentrating fully on his work.

            "I am lying?" Jak asked calmly, watching as Daxter flicked the flashlight he had removed from his flak jacket over the wires of the white-putty bomb.

            Daxter didn't answer Jak. He raised a small microphone strapped to the collar of his neckline to his lips and said into it, "Confirm on the secondary device. C4, molded to the brakes." Then he looked over at Jak, "What do you think?"
            Jak shrugged casually but his eyes were serious. He couldn't place it but something inside him told him this was all wrong, "I just work here."

            Daxter shook his head, his eyes scanning the bomb once more. He too felt the feeling, "It's pretty solid."

            As Daxter said this Jak ran through his mind all the bombers who they hadn't caught yet and couldn't place this work with any of them. Maybe Dax would recognize it, "Anyone we know?"

            Daxter had already tried to place the work ever since he had first seen it, "I don't recognize the work, but whoever he is he's a pro."

            "Crazy not stupid." Jak muttered with distaste.

            Through the microphones on both of their necks, Samos McMahon's voice filtered through, "Traven, Temple. Hold position. We're waiting to here back from him. Stay idle."

            Jak looked at his watch and would have winced if not for the years of hardcore training he endured while trying out for the force, "Shit."
            Daxter too looked at his watch and nodded, "Yeah, they're cutting it close aren't they?"

            The blonde man frowned as the sour taste worked its way into his mouth, "I don't like it." He said with an angry shake of his head.

            Daxter shrugged his agreement, "What's to like? But Samos said we stay put so we stay put. Nothing crazy today, Jak."

            "Yeah right." Jak muttered low enough so that Daxter didn't hear, but he couldn't help but get fidgety. He moved around on the slim platform, glancing at his watch every now and again and then looked back at the bomb.

            Daxter saw this and because he knew that at any moment Jak would come up with a crazy plan he tried distracting him, "Okay. Pop quiz, hot shot. Uh… terrorist in a crowded room, five pounds of dynamite. He's got a deadman's stick; he let's go, it explodes."

            Jak allowed himself the distraction, "How close am I?" He wondered, already going through the possibilities of what to do in the situation Daxter painted.

            "Twenty feet."

            "Use a tasor gun. Put enough volts in him and he won't be able to even think about letting it go for a good hour." Jak muttered in monotone.

            Daxter frowned at Jak's ingenious, "Uh… fifty feet."

            Shaking his head, he chuckled saying, "Nice try."

            "Alright, you got that one. Next one. Airport. Gunman's with one hostage using her for coverage. He's almost on a plane. You're a hundred feet away. What do ya do, hot shot?" Daxter said, leaning against the thick pole that ran up the length of the shaft.

            Jak didn't answer for a moment. His eyes were locked on the elevator's bomb. Then he returned to Daxter's train of thoughts and answered without hesitation, "Shot the hostage."


            "Take her out of the equation. Go for the good wound and he can't take her on the plane with him. Clear shot." Jak answered, circling around Daxter so he could have an angled view of the bomb.

            Daxter looked at his partner in disbelief, "You are deeply nuts, Jak. Shot the hostage… what an idea! Aren't we trained to keep them alive?"

            But Jak wasn't listening to Daxter anymore. He was now concentrating fully on the elevator, "This is wrong. He's gonna blow it anyway."

            "How to you know?" Daxter asked in a suspicious tone.

            "Dunno. Gut feeling."

            "I'm not paid to listen to your gut feelings. I'm paid to listen to my superior's orders. Our superior's orders were to stay put. Are you even listening, Jak?"
            Obviously not. Jak looked down at the elevator and then up at the ceiling of the shaft, "How much to you think this elevator weighs?"

            Daxter rolled his eyes, sensing another brilliant, daring Jak Traven plan coming on, "Christ, Jak…"

            Jak turned and headed out of the elevator shaft and Daxter had no chose bit to follow. As they reentered the pretty, marble tiled hallway Jak told his partner, "Maybe we can do something about those hostages."

            "We're not gonna shoot 'em, are we?" Daxter asked humorlessly.


                        "No, we're just gonna take them out of the equation." Jak told his partner as ran up flights of stairs, towards the brown door at the top of the last set.

            Jak and Daxter burst onto the roof of the building over looking Haven City. Jak peered over the edge of the roof and saw the winch that would've normally been used by window-washers. It was large and heavy duty.

            The sun was now high in the sky and it bounced glares off the glass windows. Jak squinted against it as he looked over the fair Haven City. From this high up it looked almost livable. Not the polluted, dangerous city it really was.

            Jak and Daxter reached for a large hook and cable from the winch. They lowered it into the elevator housing on the roof. Daxter and Jak's face shone with perspiration as they lowered it down.

            "You sure this'll work?" Daxter asked as he and his partner moved back to the elevator shaft.

            In an overly confident voice, Jak told his friend, "It'll hold." To himself he muttered, "It'll hold."

            Daxter looked at his watch as Jak began to climb into the shaft, "We've only got six minutes." He called softly so as not to scare the passengers lest they hear him.


                        Meanwhile, Samos McMahon looked pissed. He held Norwood's phone to his ear as the brass of city hall yelled into it. He removed it from the side of his face to rub his left temple and then replaced it.

            "We can't GET anymore time! Don't you think I've tried? He's not talking to us. We need the goddamn money! We need it NOW!"


                        At the same time, in a small service elevator, the men with metal on his face paused in his work. He had a small ear-piece radio clicked into his ear and it buzzed with the voices of the SWAT police. He raised his hand and pressed the radio deeper into his ear. He could've sworn he heard something coming from the shaft.

            A voice filled his ear-piece, "Pop quiz, hot shot. A psycho rigs an elevator to drop thirty stories…"


                        Jak, for a brief second remembered he didn't particularly like height before shaking it off. He clutched in his right hand the cable and hook from the winch as he was lowered headfirst to the elevator over a floor below him. He spoke to Daxter softly through his microphone.

            "…what do you?" Daxter finished his question as his face clenched with the extortion it took to keep Jak from falling headfirst onto the elevator.

            "Something else right?" Jak answered. He reached the elevator and singled Daxter to stop lowering him. As he stilled, he looked wearily at the C4 before clicking the hook onto the frame of the elevator.

            "Tell me again, Dax," Jak said unhappily as his partner began to rise him, "why'd I take this job?"

            Daxter gasped under Jak's weight as he brought his friend and partner back to the narrow platform, "Come on," he answered through gritted teeth, "thirty more years of this and you get a tiny pension and a cheap gold watch."

            Mock-excited, Jak answered, "Cool." When he was finally brought up to Daxter they turned and hurried from the shaft. They rushed to the roof, both aware of how much time was ticking back.


                        The men with metal frowned as he listened to the sounds of Jak and Daxter retreating. What were they up to?


                        Jak and Daxter reached the top of the roof and hurried over to the winch. With one last glance at the housing shed of the elevator Daxter flipped the switch on the side of the winch.

            Nodding to Daxter, Jak moved back to the shaft and entered it. He climbed back down to the elevator car. Around him the cable began to uncoil and tighten. He reached out for the access panel to remove the hostages…


                        …The man with metal on his face frowned as the winch squeaked faintly in his ear-piece. To calm himself, he reached down and fingered a small, plastic box with a red button and a timer on it. The timer said three minutes and counting.

            His face grew in concern as more noise from the shaft filled his ear phones. Suddenly, growling, he pressed the button.


            Jak stopped his reach for the access panel as he saw a red light switch on C4. He cursed and threw himself into the opening he and Daxter made when they had first tried to enter the shaft. Behind him, there was an explosion.


                        The elevator car jerked with the explosion and the passengers screamed in horror as they were pressed against the floor thanks to gravity. They looked at one another in horror as they felt the elevator car begin to drop.


                        The cable on the roof snapped tight as it tried to hold the heavy weight of the elevator. Daxter cried out in horror as the cable almost snapped him in two. He dropped to the floor to dodge the deadly rope.

            Inside the shaft, the elevator plummeted before coming to an abrupt halt due to the taunt cables holding it. The screams of the passengers inside the car filled the air.


                        Norwood frowned at the elevator door on the first floor as the springing of wire filled the room. He looked over at Samos and said, "Usually they fall down now."
            "Not if Jak got to it first." Samos answered.


                        Daxter raced down the stairs towards the thirty-second floor where Jak sat, panting. He propped himself up against a wall on the side of the metal slab they had removed to enter the shaft.

            "He's early!" Daxter cried in anger.

            "Nothing gets by you, Daxter." Jak muttered sarcastically and then stood, "Let's get them the hell outta there!"


                        On the roof, the winch started to break under the weight of the elevator. Slowly, it's ripped from its foundation and was sent flying across the air. It got jammed against the wall of the elevator housing and stayed still… but only for a time.


            Jak and Daxter looked at one another in horror. Then they bolted down the stairs towards floor twenty eight where the elevator had stopped.

            "SAMOS!" Jak screamed into his microphone, "We need people on twenty eight now!"


                        The winch gave a little more and the elevator dropped another few inches. The passengers screamed in terror, bracing themselves against the walls.


                        Jak and Daxter struggled with removing the access panel, but finally they opened the door to the elevator shaft. They saw the doors of the elevator car only a few feet away them. They looked over at one another and nodded. Together, they managed to pry open the door just as more SWAT members arrived to help with the unloading of the passengers. Daxter and Jak peered into the elevator and looked into the horror-stricken faces of all the hostages.

            "Everyone, we're here to help you. Give us your hands so we can unload you!" Jak called and every pressed forward to obey.

            Jak and Daxter reached a young woman first and they yanked her from the room. Pushing her into the arms of another SWAT member, they turned to the CEO of the building and pulled him free as well.

            "What the hell is this!?" The CEO cried in terror.


            On the roof the winch gave another violent jerk, looking ready to break. Suddenly it fell through the housing shed, but stopped when it was jammed against an engine.


            Jak cursed as his arms were almost sliced as the elevator dropped a few more inches. He felt panic wet the back of his neck when he saw that only about three feet of the elevator could be seen. He reached out with pure anger and yanked another passenger out of the car, her screams filling the room.

            Jak finally grabbed the last passenger and as she trembled in his arms, he pulled her out. Just as her feet reached the access panel, the elevator fell down. The high-heel of the woman was nipped and fell down the shaft as well, but she was otherwise unharmed.


            On the first floor, Samos and Norwood cursed as the elevator crashed. Smoke rose from the cracks of the doors in front of them. Samos and Norwood looked at one another and their faces broke into a smile. Jak Traven did it again.


            As the SWAT members ushered the hostages out of the building, Jak and Daxter grinned at one another. Exhausted, they leaned against the wall of the room.

            "Is your watch slow?" Jak asked as he panted. He raised a hand and pushed it against his chest, trying to slow the rapid beating of his heart.

            "Naw." Daxter asked, trying to ease the fear still circulating in the room, "He jumped the gun. Three goddamn minutes early."

            "Why did he do that?" Jak asked in disbelief, "He's throwing three million dollars down the tube."

            "Maybe he couldn't hold his wad long enough." Daxter suggested, not really caring, "It's a common problem with middle-aged men. Or so I'm told."

            Jak stood up suddenly, his eyes growing wide with anger, "He's here." He bit off.

            "He could've blown that thing from Pacoima." Daxter pointed out, not joining his partner.

            "No," Jak said, waving off that explanation with a flick of his wrist, "he knew something was up. He's close by."

            "Look, I see your point, but he wouldn't corner himself in this building. Besides, it was all evacuated."

            Jak didn't say anything, he just frowned. Daxter sighed as he realized that his partner was convinced. He decided to humor his friend.

            "Okay, he'd want to be here to make sure everything went as planned, but he'd want to stay mobile." Daxter's face lit up as it clicked in his hands, "The elevators."

            "The passengers were all stopped, right?" Jak said, thinking as well, "But what about the freight elevators? Were those closed?"

            Daxter was already running towards the freight elevator doors and Jak was close behind. Together they pried open the doors and looked down into the shafts. Five floors below them they saw an elevator and they heard the distinctive sound of movements coming from within.

            "Will the mystery guest please sign in?" Jak asked in triumphant as he reached for the cable leading down to the elevators.

            "Wait Jak, we don't know if—" Daxter protested, but Jak had already disappeared down the cable. Cursing under his breath, Daxter followed.

            As Jak touched down lightly on the top of the car, he pulled his 9mm Glock from its holster. Daxter dropped down silently next to him, also pulling out his Glock. Jak motioned to the hatch next to him and Daxter nodded to show his understanding.

            Jak bent down and reached for the hatch handle. Daxter began to silently count down to when Jak should open the door with his fingers. Three, two—

            Suddenly, a Scatter gun blasted a hole in the metal of the roof causing Jak and Daxter to jump backward. Another shot was fired and it glazed Daxter's foot. Daxter screamed as he fell head first into the elevator compartment.

            Jak heard a groan and winced as he listening to Daxter being knocked unconscious with the butt of a Scatter gun. He bared his teeth slightly and thought about how much he'd enjoy shooting this bastard.

            Suddenly the elevator gave another jerk and started to move. Jak cursed as he sprawled against the car. Another shot ripped the metal next to him and Jak was moments from returning fire when he remembered that he didn't have a clue to where Daxter was. He didn't want to hit his friend by accident. So he sat prone on the side of the elevator when he sensed something.

            He looked up and saw that he was getting closer and closer to the top of the building. Unless he did something, he'd be crushed against the top of the shaft. He bit his lip as a foul curse rose in his throat.

            Seeing no other choice, Jak jumped into the compartment and was blinded by the smoke from the shotgun thick in the air. Finally, it cleared and Jak found himself looking into the barrel of a Scatter Gun.

            Inside the smoke, a voice called with a chuckle, "I don't suppose anyone will give me three million for just you." There was another chuckle and Jak winced as he heard the trigger pulled, but inside of unbearable pain there was only a dull, loud click. Then another click,

            The shotgun was empty.

            Jak reached out and grabbed the shotgun, throwing across the floor. He stood in a blinding motion and aimed his Glock.

            "HANDS ON THE FLOOR!" He shouted, but had a feeling the bombers wasn't going to do as he said.

            The smoke cleared and Jak finally saw the assailant. He looked to be a middle-aged man with a burly build. The only unique quality about him was that half his face was covered in a stainless steel.

            The man's hand was locked around Daxter's head. Daxter looked around groggily, just starting to wake up from his fall and run-in with the end of a gun. The man raised his hand to show Jak his deadman's stick and the dynamite strapped to his chest.

            "Pop quiz, hot shot," he said angrily, "a terrorist is holding a police hostage. He's got enough dynamite strapped to his chest to blow the building in half. What do you do?"


                        Meanwhile, in the lobby, Samos was going frantic, "Norwood, I want a location on those damn shots! Where the hell is Jak and Daxter!?"

            Norwood looked up from a small computer in the back of the control room in the lobby, "Sir, we got movement on the freight elevator."

            Samos gave him a puzzled look.


                        Jak glared at the man with the dynamite and said in a low, loathing voice, "There's gonna be fifty cops waiting for us in the basement."

            "Slandered flanking deployment." The man said calmly, "Well, maybe we won't get off on the basement. Maybe we'll get off on the third floor."
            The man opened the elevator control panel. The wires there fed into a small box the man had hooked up. He reached out and pressed a button.


                        In the lobby a light popped on a screen in the room in the lobby's back, indicating that the freight elevator had stopped at the third floor.

            Samos looked away from it, shouting, "Third floor! Let's move!"



            The man grinned as the freight elevator reached P1, the basement. Jak felt his teeth grind against one another as he kept his gun trained on his foe.

            "Well," the metal man said casually, "this day has been an overall disappointment, Jak. And I don't mind saying that."

            "Why?" Jak asked angrily, "You didn't get to kill anyone?"

            Hatred, cold and hard, flashed in the man's eyes as he said in a low voice, "There will come a time, boy, when you'll wish you had never met me."

            "Mister, I'm already there." Jak answered.

            The man dragged Daxter out of the elevator with him as he made his way towards the garage. Jak followed them, but cautiously. He didn't want to get Daxter killed.

            "See, I'm in charge here. You take one wrong move and they wipe your friend up with a sponge." He waved the deadman's stick in front of Daxter, "Are you ready to die friend?"

            "Fuck you." Daxter growled. (A/N: ***gasp*** Bad Daxter!).

            In an almost weary voice, the man said, "So in two hundred we've gone from 'I regret I only have one life to give to my city' to 'fuck you'?"

            "Go ahead!" Daxter said angrily, "Drop the stick!"
            "SHUT UP, DAXTER!" Jak thundered to Daxter.

            The man laughed and motioned to the three of them, "Man, we've got all the balls in the world here in this room!"

            "Give up!" Jak cried.

            The man didn't obey, what a surprise. He continued to drag Daxter towards the garage. Sweat collected at the collar of Jak's shirt as he realized he didn't know what to do. Jak made eye contact with Daxter and he barely mouthed the words:

            Shoot the hostage.

            Jak looked at Daxter in disbelief as the man dragged him away. The man smiled meanly, as if he knew he had won. Jak continued to keep his gun trained on the man, but he knew he wasn't going to be able to shot.

            "Do it!" Daxter shouted.

            Jak cursed and shifted his aim. Without hesitation, he fired his gun and Daxter screamed in pain as the bullet embedded itself in his leg. He dropped to the floor, unable to move. The man laughed in disbelief and ran away. Jak raised his gun and fired. His bullets glazed the man's neck, but he disappeared through the doors before Jak could make a good hit.

            Jak ran after him and just as he reached the door an explosion rocked the room. Jak was thrown backwards against the wall, his limbs spanned out. He groaned as he slid to the floor. Moaning, he looked over at Daxter.

            "You shot me!" Was the last thing Jak remembered hearing before he slid into unconsciousness.


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