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By :Stacie Orrico

I cant get out of bed today

Or get you off my mind

I just cant seem to find a way to leave the love behind

I ain't trippin I'm just missin you

You know what I'm saying

You know what I mean


Chapter 1

His Familiar Face

Can you imagine? It was all his fault. That statement may sound babyish, but every word is true. And because of him, my life was forever ruined. For the past 9 years, I've lived in his shadow. And each time I manage to push it to the back of my mind, eventually it keeps coming back. So, yes, as a mater of fact, I indeed was stuck; stuck on him.

It sounds weird to be coming from me, but I was the shy of the shyest. Me, shy? If I told anyone that, they'd laugh. Lill' ol' sunshine me. Yup, I could probably be mistaken for a ditz blond, if my hair was ever that color. Always the smiling one, who had loads of friends. But even so, I was hardly noticed. Well at least unnoticed by Mr. Personality. Because I did have a social life. I was asked out countless times by different men, each I refused. I hoped that one day that son of a bitch who wanted nothing to do with women would ask me out. And look where it got me…in a pit, while everyone else of my friends were playing social butterfly.

But that was me. Black hair, always pulled in a single tail at the side of my head. And everyone said I had a certain sparkle in my chocolate eyes. But until I had a certain someone completely wrapped around my finger, that sparkle wouldn't shine it's fullest. Now I'm not one you'd call proportional for my age. The only thing that was exceedingly large was my mouth. Let's just say I'm not particularly proud of that.

But there was more to me than a ditzy brunette. You could call me that, but I took great pride of my marks in school. But no matter how hard I tried, I was always fourth. Mr. Drop-dead-gorgeous was always number one. And Sango and Kag, my two best friends in the whole world, were always two and three. But again, my thoughts keep drifting back to him. Sometimes I wondered if he even had a life. All he did at school was, listen, work, study, study, work, study, listen, work and then leave the building.

And if you're thinking that the only reason I never actually talked to him was the lack of opportunities, think again. As best friend of Kagome, I was constantly over at her boyfriend's house. The, in my opinion, not-as-drop-dead-gorgeous-as-Mr.-No-emotion, a.k.a. Inuyasha. And always when I was over, his unemotional brother was either sitting in a tree or somewhere by his lonesome. All I wanted to do was run up and hug him. But my shyness got the better of me yet again. Or maybe it wasn't shyness, but more of not wanting to get rejected.

Despite a social life of zero, Mr. Emotional was the most popular guy in school. Or if you were to ask any girl anyway. I've lost count of how many girls throw themselves at him. Yes, it did make me somewhat jealous. But about ten seconds of flirting, he had rejected her, just like the girl that tried five minutes before that. So in the end, that's probably why I never flirted with him. Always afraid of getting rejected. But Sango always said if I never tried, I'd regret it later. And eventually I did.

It was our senior year, and still I said nothing. But every one of my close friends could say I was head-over-heels for this guy. Which was the truth. They kept dropping hints to tell me that I should go for it. And yet again, I would always chicken out. They even offered to ask him for me. But what kind of person am I that I can't get a date on my own, which was entirely not true. Getting back on track, I even got to sit next to him in math class. A lot of good that did, the only time I ever said anything to him was when I needed explaining what the hell all the numbers and exponents and little symbols meant. My questions didn't seem to annoy him, so I would never ask the teacher for explanations, I'd just turn to Mr. Mask-for-a-face. And every time his words left his mouth, I could have died. So deep and soft, what I would have gave to make him mine.

So the year went by, and I was still afraid to ask him. Kagome began to call me a dumbass for not trying. But I could live with that, as long as he didn't see me as an annoying prissy bitch. Eventually, everyone lost hope with Mr. Sociable and me. And Sango was right; I was beginning to regret it. So Grad day came, and still I did nothing. And then came the final dance, where we'd all see each other for one final time before University came our way. And I still wasn't ready to make my move. So eventually, Mr. I-live-without-women left…and I could feel my heart breaking into five pieces. I found that five pieces were a lot easier to mend than a hundred.

So as you can see now, I never did ask him…anything of importance. But it was a bit too late to turn back now. I had a spot to study at Yale, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. And for a girl from the small suburbs of Tokyo, it was quite an accomplishment.

So that's where I spent nine years of my life…learning the tricks and trades of computer engineering. And when I walked out of that building, holding my M.D., I was a new person. I barely recognized myself. For I learned that Yale was no place for fun and games. So over the course of those years, I had lost that fun glint in my eye. I no longer wore my hair in tails… that was way too childish. I was going to be a sophisticated young woman. So instead, it was tied back with a clip, letting the ends hang loosely down. And when I stepped back out of the campus for good, I had a diploma in one hand, boy on the other. Events from high school completely erased from my memory.

But I wasn't in a serious relationship with my man…that ironically lived in my hometown too. But I'm sure that Bankotsu was seeing other women behind my back. And I was prepared for when the breakup came. It didn't matter though. I had already gotten a job as a computer consultant for a rather small company. Not an ideal job, if you ask me, but it pays well. After the death of my parents, I had to live on my own. So the rent is starting to get to me. I'd used most of my life savings on school…and now I had to work my ass off for the next 40 years of my scummy life.

So I wasn't until one day, where I found out that one can't run from the past forever. It was a blast of a day. I always wanted to tell people how they should handle their own damn computer problems. You don't realize how close I am to telling some of these people, "Oh, you can't figure out this program? Try reading the manual! That's what it's there for, after all!" But after my studies in university, I know better.

And this is where my trip to hell began…

~ Normal P.O.V. ~

"Miss. You have an appointment with Mrs. Thai. She's here now," the secretary spoke through a private intercom.

"Fine send her in," Rin turned her chair away from the door and faced the window. Serious reflections needed to be done. How is it that she got this pleasurable job anyway? Oh that's right. Her parents had to leave her with a bit of a financial predicament. So a job was needed after studies. Did money get you everywhere in life? Well, nowadays, it did.

The door creaked open and a tall, slim figure stepped in. "You must be Mrs. Thai," Rin said, not turning around yet. She needed to calm down before attempting to another clueless secretary.

"Yes, that's correct. My boss sent me here to see if you had any good advice for a new company that he's buying. I have papers if you'd like." Still facing away, Rin held out her hand. It was a whole bunch of nonsense about company backgrounds or things like that. My God, what ever happened to using common sense. Her mental sigh came out loud unintentionally. The client laughed, "I see you don't like your job very much. No offense, but I wouldn't like it either. To tell you the truth, I'm only here on orders. If it were my decision, I would have solved it myself."

Finally! Someone in this world who was smart. "You're probably the only person that's come to me, and has made any sense." She turned her chair around…and suddenly, fleeting memories came back. Woman with brown hair in high ponytail…reddish eye shadow, it was none other than… "Sango?"

Now she was confused. "Um…do I know you?" She looked awkwardly at the consultant who claimed to know her.

"Don't tell me you don't remember? It's me…Rin."

The name seemed familiar. "Rin…hmm. No, wait! Don't tell me. I know this. Um…um…um…no! I know this…" Rin felt like saying, "I was your best friend in high school, dumbass." But refrained from doing so. "I know this…Rin…um…ah! I remember! You, you were the person I met at that business meeting last Friday! I am so smart."

Rin could have fallen anime style, if she was standing up. "*sigh* I don't know how many Rins you've known in your life. But no, I wasn't at that meeting you speak of." She kept a professional tone. "If you recall, I was best friends to you and Kagome in high school, remember?"

Her eyes lit up. "No way! Get out of here! You're that Rin?" She said getting up and looking at her straight in the face. "What happened to the old you? Why do you look like this? Who changed you? Speak woman."

All Rin could do was roll her eyes. She might have changed, but Sango sure didn't. "The old Rin wouldn't make it in the business world. So would you stop that…man is it ever annoying."

Sango slowly marched back to her chair. Fixing her skirt, she closed her eyes, and said nothing for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden, she burst out in a grin. "So, tell me everything. How long has it been? Seven, eight months now?"

"Actually, nine years."

"Wow…that long already? Time flies." A sigh was emitted from Rin. Sango was still as…well…Sangoish as ever. "So did you ever –" she was cut off my the ringing intercom.

Rin turned on the switch. "What?!" she yelled angrily into the tiny device.

"Um…someone else is here for their 2 o'clock appointment." The secretary sounded frightened at her boss's tone.

"Send her up in five." She turned the switch off. "Sorry about this. Can we discuss the matter elsewhere?"

Sango nodded, "How's the Three Cup Café? You know…the one off of Main Street? At about…five, let's say."

"Sure." She gave a real grin, the first in many years. Sango stepped out of her office, plotting something in her head, 'I wonder…maybe…just maybe…'

The next client walked in. "Miss. Rin. Thanks for taking me so fast." The short redhead spoke with extra perkiness.

"No problem." Rin put on the biggest fake smile this world has ever seen. 'Oh God. It's going to be a long day…'

~ Later ~

"…so that's where I was all those years." Rin had finished her never-ending university story." Bringing the coffee to her lips, she was happy that she could finally tell someone her problems. Maybe that's what she was missing all those years, a friend.

"I almost forgot! I invited my boss to have dinner with us. I hope that's okay. He has…err…some business he wants to converse with you." Sango took a bite of her roll. "He should be here any minute."

"That's no problem. It's my job after all." She took another sip of coffee.

"So here you are, Sango. I was beginning to think that you never actually came." Rin choked on her drink. She knew that voice. It was long ago…but the image was as clear as ever.

One can't run from the past forever. And suddenly, it felt as if school had just ended. It was him. The one who made her stomach flop and her heart light. Why was it him? Slowly turning her head, she saw the one that she'd hoped never to see again. Amber eyes, silver hair, were only some of his features that made him stand out. It's a face that no one could forget. Anyone, anyone but, "Sesshomaru?"


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