The following story is based on Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. All characters, with the exception of two are from the game by Silicon Knights and Nintendo. The characters Richard Cale and Yvette Cale are characters from my own stories.

Epilogue: Revealing The Truth

Alexandra Roivas still could not believe that only two weeks had passed since the defeat of Pious Augustus. It would have been more unbelievable if they had not been aware of what was going to happen.

With the help of Richard and Yvette, they had started transporting small stuff down from the house to the city of Ehn'gha. It had taken a few trips to get most of the library's books down, and soon both she and the Cale's had set up a small section of the Array area as a living area.

There was a good reason for this. They had found a radio in the house, and as they gathered stuff, the heard the first report. It had been announced that a major breakthrough had occurred in the case of her grandfather's gruesome death. Apparently, the story was that the police had found proof that there was a plan to kill him, lead by her, and the Cale's. They were now all wanted criminals.

What had made matters worse came hours later. It had been reported that Richard was now a suspect in the death of his parents, and that Yvette's father, Edwin Lindsey, was now announced to be the one who killed wealthy businessman and philanthropist Paul Augustine, who had disappeared over a decade ago.

That news was then followed by the word that Inspector Legrasse had been reported killed, and that the murderers were now hiding in the Roivas estate. When they all realized what was coming, the fifth Ancient, who when they learned her name, were surprised, told them all would be alright. They had all gotten up to the foyer, and looked out the window, when the cops had frozen, and it appeared fire trucks were pulling up.

On the radio, they heard a report of a raging fire, that kept burning. The Ancient had hidden the building with the illusion of a grand fire. Not even the firefighters could put it out, but she was surprised when one man did manage to get through at the time.

That man had turned out to be Michael Edwards, who had told them that he had been directed to the place. He had also told how all the reporters and most of the police all had hisses in their voices, sure signs of Bonetheives. He then told them of the passing of Peter Jacobs, which had made Richard sad.

Shortly after that day, Edwin Lindsey had arrived, and he and Yvette had begun exploring more and more of the Ancient city, while Richard worked on reading all the books that her grandfather had gathered. Even from the books, they had learned more about the city, and the fifth Ancient has started allowing them some of the comforts of the life they knew. One of the buildings they had found now had rooms for each of them, and it had been good to rest in a bed again.

However, as the two weeks had passed, they had been informed that others would start arriving. People who could see beyond the veil of reality, like they now could. On the radio, they heard about horrible murders, which some would claim were their work. However, some channels spoke of horrible creatures, which some people called kooks. It had even been mention how some people were storming mental hospitals, hoping to get into them, for safety. Those that didn't join the masses at the asylums, were making their way here.

Alexandra walked out her current room, and knocked on the door to the Cale's room. Since they had discovered the rooms, they had all enjoyed their time the door opened, she saw Richard coming out of the door. "Yvette and her father are out exploring some more. I take it some of the new arrivals will be here today."

Alexandra nodded. "A few actually. Our protector informed me that one had been a reporter, who encountered unusual things. Another two are former FBI agents, who are a little bit more open minded about things. There are even a few from your home country, who our protector says traveled with a medical man who wasn't a medical man."

She watched as he nodded, and they headed to what they now called the meeting hall. It had been a building next to the Array building, and it was perfect for meetings. In fact, when they got there, they could see Michael had already arrived with the people. She looked over at Richard, and he looked at her, and motioned. "I think you should give the speech. This is your family's legacy."

She nodded, and then stepped to the center of the room. As she did that, she saw Yvette and her father had returned and went to her husband's side. Deep down, Alexandra envied them, and secretly hoped that as more like them arrived, that she might find a man someday. When she reached the center of the room, she looked at the new arrivals, took a deep breath, and began. "Once, I had been blind to what lies beyond. However, I had been made to see. I know you've seen them as well." As she continued, she could sense that they had found sanctuary. She also knew that as their numbers grew, they would be able to fight Mantorok and his minions, hopefully some day soon.

The End.

Authors Notes

Well, my Eternal Darkness fic is now complete. I still encourage all of you to leave reviews, and even to contact me, and I know people are still reading it. The hits keep going up.

Since my last posting to the story, I had wanted to get this completed by the New Year. However, that did not happen. It wasn't for a lack of trying, it was just a very busy time. Work, holidays, my daughter's birthday, illness. December was a rough month. Now, the story is complete, and the ending I left may prove the jump point for a sequel. I do hope that if you have played the game, this story has given you things to think about about the game itself. As of right now, I don't plan on a sequel, but if I get enough feedback, I will start in on it.

Again, thank you all for enjoying the story. It has been a joy to type it out. Also, let me know if you want a sequel.