While You Were Out

It was a chilly afternoon and nearly sundown Raziel tossed and turned in his restless slumber. He jolted up in cold dripping sweat. He sat there gasping for air. That dream again Why would it not go away? .he thought but was soon interrupted by a knock at the door. "Who is it?" he said with a nervous voice. "It is I Sire." Called a voice, He was greatly relieved to hear his servant. "Sire, Lord Kain has asked that all his sons be present at the Pillars." The servant then left. He then got up and got dressed in his usual wear. After about an hour, he reached his masters throne. Already his brethren were there waiting, he didn't like being late and quickly took his place. Avoiding the impatient looks, he bowed and stood beside Turel, "My sons," Kain stared and look at us all. "I shall be away for a period of two months." Everyone was shocked, Kain hardly left his throne for a day little own two months. Raziel felt a sudden feeling of dread, but why? Did it somehow relate to that dream? No. That dream was....was, but Kain broke his thought

." Silence! I am leaving an old friend in charge, so don't worry." The meeting was over. Zephon and Dumah were talking about who the Old Friend was and such. Raziel thought of talking to Kain about his dream , but didn't want him to think him weak. He looked over and saw Turel leave for his territory, Rehab just now coming out and Melchiah! Looked terrible, he had bags under his eyes and a look of distress. What had happened to him? He looked as though he hadn't had any sleep, like that of a tired half crazed man. He was about to ask when. "Raziel are you all right?" .came Rehab's voice. He turned and met a pale face full of concern. Could he see worry in his eyes? "Yes I'm alright." He said and tried to smile, but Rehab wasn't convinced. "Brother, you know if something is wrong you can tell me." He said with gentle but worried voice

. "Thanks, but you should really check with Melchiah." "Raziel, between you and me, he has been acting awfully strange lately. He's been having these headaches and last week, when he visited me. He in mid sentence grabbed his head and started yelling for someone to stop and leave him alone! " Raziel was horrified to hear that and his face now in more concern. He stood there his dream coming back the voice saying Soon I shall have and no one else will my littlie Raziel! He cringed at the memory. "Rehab there is someth." He stopped as Kain came out. He didn't want Kain to hear or see him like this, so walked away.

The night was still young and he had yet to feed, so Raziel went in search of blood.

He decided to feed on travelers rather than open villages. He sat there in the tree overlooking the road. This was the main road and all who wished to enter Nosgoth had to take it. Surprisingly there was no one on it tonight, the road was usually very busy with travelers, sellers, buyers, and even stumbling drunks. Oh well maybe there's a camp in the woods. He then went into the depts. of the forest . As he was walking he felt someone watching him, he stopped and looked around to find nothing. He started again but this time what had been watching him was closer so close it was right behind him. He froze but quickly struck behind him to find nothing, again. Fear was rising in his heart. He was only a fledgling of very early age. He could handle humans but not strong monsters and judging by what he sensed it was a monster for it wasn't human. Then he felt a sharp pain and next thing he knew he was being held by the throat.