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He looked down struggling for air to see two amber orbs staring into his. "Let go of me!" Raziel demanded, still struggling vainly to free himself, but to no avail. "Who are you to give me such orders you miserable little whelp." Came a deadly hollow voice. The hand on his throat tightened it's grip causing Raziel to choke. "Drop him Arkian." A familiar voice broke in, it was Kain.

The grip loosened at first and then released its hold. "Lord Kain, I am surprised to see you out here. We were not to meet till sunset tomorrow." The stranger known as Arkian said bowing. Raziel recovering from the shock looked first at Kain then at his attacker in confusion. "Well since I sensed you I decided to meet you here instead." Kain said flatly." I see you've met my first born, Raziel." Arkian looked at Raziel with a look of disgust.

"Sire, Who may I ask is this?" Raziel asked still rubbing his throat. "This is Arkian, my substitute for the time I will be absent." He replied. "You may return to your territory Raziel." Kain stated" But Sire I heven..." "I Said return to your territory Raziel!" Kain said with a tone of annoyance. "Yes Sire. He bowed and left feeling infuriated, first no food, then he gets attacked by that bastard, and to top it all off he gets yelled at.

As he leaves, he can hear Arian's voice asking about his age. This further pisses him off.

The next night.

Raziel wakes up in the cold sweat again, but this time it feels a lot worse. He gets out of bed and walks to his golden rimmed mirror and smirks at the messy figure in front of him. After a few minutes of trying to fix his hair, he walks out of his chambers towards the exit. I need some fresh air and some blood, I went hungry last night. He soon found a human and gorged himself on the sweet coppery taste of blood.

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