A/N: Er, yes, this is in fact Westmark slash. I know – only a drabble. There's a nothing drabble coming. Supposedly. Eventually. Yes, yes, I know, I know, it's slash in a Lloyd Alexander book. It took me forever to write too.

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Poetic Exposure = Worries

By Seereth

"It was amazing, wasn't it?" said Justin.
Florian tensed, but kept his hands light on the reins and the horse oblivious. "Nierkeeping?"
Justin's flashing grin robbed his face of it's angelic air. "Nierkeeping," he affirmed.
"I suppose," said Florian.
Justin laughed delightedly. "Amazing, marvelous, heroic..."
"You've been listening to Stock too much," said Florian. "Battle isn't always like Nierkeeping."
"I know," said Justin, but he was still smiling.
"You're holding the reins wrong," said Florian, reaching over to adjust them.
Justin smiled, but it wasn't the normal smile he gave when they touched.
That was when Florian started to worry.