Hermione sat in the car watching the scenery go by as the train zoomed on toward

Hogwarts. She had managed to avoid Harry and Ron so far that morning. She had

received stares as she had walked down the platform. Maybe it was because of her

Head Girl badge, or maybe because of the rings under her eyes, or her plain black

and white clothes, or her straightened hair, or maybe the extra long pants to cover

the visible bruises that should have never been made, or her skinny, bony body, or

maybe the lack of parents by her side, or maybe it was the blank face that she

wore. Whatever it was she had ended up in a dark compartment shared only with

a very quite Luna Lovegood.

Hermione could tell that Luna was staring at her, but at the moment she didn't

care. At least Luna wasn't trying to start a conversation. She took out her notebook and

CD player and shifted uncomfortably in the seat. The CD she choose was her new

Blink182. She took out a quill and started writing in her spiral named 'Midnight

Melodies'. She had been doing this a lot, writing I mean. She wrote songs and poems in

quantities that was unbelievable. She already had 3 spirals filled to the max.

Cradle the darkness My new home

A forgotten child swings in invisible memories

Watches as they smile at her misery

That can't notice her

They don't want to

She's a forbidden child

Never meant to be born

Never wanted

She never held sanity

Not in her dreams

Her tears drop like rain

Thought to only be natural

Never concerned at what it might become

Locked away

She kills slowly her pain

She writes away

Empting her mind

'Til she is but an empty shell

Never speaks

One friend, her mind

All is her enemy

No one cares much

A single cell she lives in

The key rusted

Her guards forgotten

She can't get out

How fragile her bones

How weak her mind

She's immortal

Never died

She tries to die

Her silver blade, her other friend

Her only possession

Caresses her skin

Splits her veins

And sets free her blood

But she is not allowed to die

It is her punishment

Her curse

A veil is raised over their eyes

To forget her

To remember nothing vile,

Nothing bad Nothing sad

That is her job

A transfer of pain

She feels every tree fall

Hears every girl scream

Tastes every bad thought

Smells everyone decay

Flinches as every father hits every son

To have a lifetime

But never live

Darkness has already meet her

And corrupted her

She looked out the window again, unconsciously rubbing her wrists that were covered in black

and white bracelets. Luna seemed to notice the behavior but decided to ignore it. Black and

white, that how she was now. There was no room in the world for gray, she had decided. She

had changed over the summer, she knew, mature, depressed, detached, hurt. She didn't care

about grades. She didn't even look at her badge unless it was necessary. She had started eating

a little less everyday, not anorexic or maybe she was but who cared?

It had been raining all day, which pleased her. She had always had loved the rain. The rain

was only getting harder, pounding like an annoying headache. She always seemed to have one.

Her summer had been tough, like none of the others have been, yeah right. She hadn't had a

mother since the end of 5th year. It was sad that she still didn't know how her mother had died.

No one would tell her. All she knew was that when she got home from Hogwarts, her mother

was in a coffin six feet under.

But she did have suspects. Yes, she had thoughts of how the death had occurred. She

didn't know whether it was by murder or illness, no one told her anything. Her mother hadn't

been sick when she left. All her theories always pointed back to one person, her father. Ah yes,

her father. The bruises still burned in agony. The cuts still bleed slightly. Her father always

had...creative ways of abuse. Burning, cutting, hitting, belting, you name it and he had done it.

He had done everything but kill her. She was happy to leave her home, but she still didn't want

to go to Hogwarts.

Hermione had changed. She couldn't wholly understand what she was inside anymore.

Depression had swept over her like a tidal wave. It was over-whelming. her emotions clashed

into crude songs. She remembered the first one. It was sad although all were.

Sunflowers painted on my bedroom wall

Covered by posters of my rebellion

The scent of a little girl

Now smells strangely of black and white

The colors that caress my skin

A picture of a little 5- year old me

Stares at me from a stand

Torn in half I need to move on

Sweet unicorns and ponies

Suffocated by paint

No pink in my sight, No dandelions

No kid cartoons on the TV

No immature cd's in my walkman

No innocent kisses

No frill and lace

Say goodbye to the little girl

Waiting on the corner for her mommy

Cos she's not waiting no more

There's no more mommy

On her own, by choice or not

She shakes her hips

Welcome to my revolution

She heard the compartment door open to show a grumpy looking Malfoy. Her looked at her

and stepped forward. She saw Luna visibly tense, making Draco smile. Draco soon turned his

attention to hermione that still had her spiral out.

"Doing homework already, Granger?" she looked up at him and glared, finally deciding to

flick him off. He looked at her in shock but clearly wasn't offended.

"We don't want to be doing that kind of thing now that we are Head Boy and Girl now do

we?' he said with a smirk. Hermione then noticed his badge and mentally slapped herself. This

was going to be a great year rolls eyes. She just shrugged and continued writing.

"We need to go see Professor McGonagall right now. Later we need to share a

compartment to discuss school events," he said, adding to Luna, "you better be gone by the time

we get back." Luna nodded vigorously. Hermione gathered her stuff into her backpack and

heaved it over her shoulder. When she was done she looked up and noticed that Draco had

been checking her out. She ignored it and walked past him and went to the teacher's

compartment, all without talking to him the whole time.