By: Vapid Breath

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Warnings: This fic contains yaoi, cursing, and attempted suicide.

Closing his locker a young teenage boy began walking down the halls of his school. He quickly found his classroom and slid in. Hoping the teacher wouldn't notice him.

"Inuyasha!" No such luck. Sulking he walked to the teachers desk.

"This is the fourth time you've been late. School only started two weeks ago. Care to explain?" No, the hell he didn't. It wasn't any of the teachers business. He was here wasn't he. That should have been enough.

"No answer. Fine, have it your way. I will be giving you a student advisor. Stay after class and I'll give you their name." With a huff Inuyasha did as he was told.

Flopping down in his seat he buried his head in his hands sighing deeply. He couldn't take this. He didn't need a student advisor. He didn't even know what they were.

"You okay?" Turning to his side Inuyasha look at the person who had asked the dumb question. It just happened to be his best-friend.

"What the fuck do you think?" His friend didn't even falter. He always remained eerily calm it any circumstance. It sometimes freaked Inuyasha out.

"Was it your dad again?" His friend was the one that knew. His father always beat him. Inuyasha hated him for it. He was never good enough for his father. He was just a weak little boy that always need to be taught a lesson.

"Yeah. I'll be all right." After taking out his books and turning to the assigned page he remembered something.

"What's a student advisor?" If there was anything to be asked, Miroku would know the answer. Especially if it were about school. Miroku and Inuyasha are total opposites when it came to school. Miroku got straight As, was always on time, and was apart of most of the schools clubs and councils.

"A student advisor is a model student that is paired with another student. The student advisors make sure that the student attends all of his or her classes, is on time, finishes all their homework, doesn't get into a lot of trouble, and things like that."

"Basically some nerd acting like an over protective parent."

"For your information I'm a part of that council and I'm not a nerd."

"Do you think I'll be paired with you?" Inuyasha asked already knowing the negative answer.

"I doubt it. The teachers all know of our friendship and wouldn't put us together. You do remember the begging you had to do just to get us seated together?"

"Yeah. Yeah. I remember. I just hope I don't get paired with some loser or someone I don't like."

"Just to let you know Kouga is in that group." Inuyasha's cheeks instantly went pink. Miroku knew of Inuyasha's not so little crush. He was obsessed with the guy. You may not be able to tell with all the arguing the two of them did. It was ridiculous.

In Inuyasha's mind he was hoping he would be paired with Kouga. Well, one side of him was. The other part was hoping he didn't have to deal with his dogs comments and cocky smirk. Well, he'd find out at the end of class.

* * *

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