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Warning(s): This story contains yaoi, cursing, maybe rape, attempted rape, and abuse. Maybe some attempted suicide.

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Chapter Seven

After calming himself and mentally preparing for Kouga's arrival, the doorbell rang. Eager to be entertained, Miroku rushed to the door. Kouga Wolf stood at the door with his trademark brown vest, a black top, and pair of skillfully torn jean. His bright blue eyes looked pass Miroku in search of one black-haired, golden-eyed teen. The golden-eyed teen locked eyes with his visitor and blushed despite his inner protests. "H-hey."

He watched as the other teen pushed past his friend and stood before him. "Is their some place we could talk?" Inuyasha look toward Miroku who nodded his approval. Inuyasha led the blue-eyed young man to the bedroom of his friend.

Inuyasha sat nervously on the bed, it being the only place to sit. His lithe fingers twisted in the pale cotton, blue covers. Kouga continued standing in front of him, watching his edgy movements. "I've done some thinking." He paused for a long while and Inuyasha wondered if he would continue. "And I've decided that this, whatever it is, is your fault."

Kouga watched the teen scowl before cutting off any words he would have said. "But, I'm willing to, you know, fool around with you, but not like I'm your boyfriend or anything. You can't tell anyone, though. I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of queer. I still fuck women, okay?" Inuyasha looked up at him with large, hurt eyes. He wasn't anyone toy, but it wasn't like he was in love with the guy. Maybe a stupid crush and that was all.

While still thinking it over he felt firm, insistent lips on his own. He hadn't gotten over the initial shock when a moist tongue plundered into his mouth. The muscle lapped and twisted in his mouth tickling the back of his orifice. He didn't like the feeling.

How was he to respond? If felt strange to move his tongue against the others. It was nothing like the first time, but that had been fresh and intense. He had know what he was feeling and thought Kouga did too. Now, however, he didn't know what the outcome would be, if he'd be some guy's skeleton hiding in a closet or if he'd tell the guy he liked to fuck off.

He tried pushing the persistent male away from him, but Kouga's body only pushed forward more. Inuyasha was now laying across the bed with a hot mouth and thin body covering him. He didn't want to yell at Kouga. That would bring to much attention and he didn't want him to get in trouble.

The younger of the two tried again to free his self from the attack. He could feel a hardness pressed into his thigh and hated his self for the tingle it sent to his groin. Badly, he wanted to cry out, to have this end before it went too far. Still, Kouga pressed into him, kissing down his neck and tearing at his clothes.

He felt tear wetting his eyes and knew he was about to cry. This reminded him too much of his past.


End Notes: Thank you for reading my story. I've updated because I felt bad for leaving people hanging when they were enjoying, for the most part, my story. TO BE CLEAR this story is NOT about Inu Yasha and Kouga getting together. I'm sorry for that misunderstanding. The summary is: Life is a struggle for Inu Yasha. How will he deal with it when love is thrown in? The story is about Inu Yasha having a hard life that is just becoming more difficult with Kouga's apparent confusion towards his sexuality. I will be changing the summary for future comprehension. Sorry, but THANK YOU for reviewing.