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EST Shot: Outside the Talon. The marquis reads "Sadie Hawkins Dance, Saturday Night."

Outside, two men in dark clothes walk past the front window slowly and make note of the man at the counter.


It's that little prick from Chicago

They hang near the Talon, watching.



Behind the counter, LANA is ringing up a tall to-go cup of coffee for a dark stranger. From behind, we see he is wearing a black turtleneck and black pants. He's tall, well-built with dark hair.


That'll be two-fifty.

(Looks past the customer to the opening door.)

Hi Lex.


Enters the Talon. He doesn't even see the stranger's face before he speaks.

Well, if it isn't "Thunder Fists." I take it you've heard about Lexcorp's latest deal with Queen Industries.

A shop worker opens a janitor closet behind the bar. He takes a bucket out of a mop sink on the floor, and goes to clean up spilled coffee on the other side of the shop.


Picks up a paper and drops a twenty on the counter. Lana picks it up to make change, but he walks away.

Umm hum.



I'll be right back.

Follows BRUCE out of the shop. The two men from earlier are watching from across the street.

I'm guessing you're noticing I'm expanding pretty far into the agricultural business, and you're prepared to roll over and give up.



You know, one might consider crawling into the middle of nowhere--and hiding--to be giving up.


Don't worry about me, Bruce. I have certainÉ interests in this town. It's more engaging than you might think.

Waves to CLARK down the street.



Approaches wearing red jacket and blue sweater. He's carrying a crate of muffins.

Hey Lex!


Classic eyebrow arch.

Training a protŽgŽ?


Hardly. Clark, this is Bruce Wayne. We went to school together. Bruce, Clark Kent.

LEX fails to notice BRUCE'S sudden interest at the mention of the name


His mother makes the best muffins in the county.

He lifts the lid of the crate and pilfers one.


Readjusts crate in his arms, then holds out a hand. He and BRUCE exchange a strong shake.

Nice to meet you. I'm sure you two have some catching up to do. And I better get this stuff to Lana, before the breakfast crowed revolts.

Heads for the door

Catch you and your friend later, Lex.


We're not friends.

Clark enters the Talon


Not even acquaintances, really!

The door slowly closes behind CLARK. LEX mutters to himself.

The term Ôbitter enemy' comes to mind.


Melodramatic as usual. I'mÉ vacationing.


Why am I intrigued but suspicious?

CHLOE enters the Talon, giving BRUCE a good hard look.


That would be the paranoia again, Lex.

INSIDE the Talon.


Are we ready to start decorating for the Sadie Hawkins Dance?


Only half-interested. She is unloading pastries

Yeah, I just wanted to wait until we were all up to fire code and stuff before we start tossing Ôhighly flammable streamers' across the place.

CHLOE enters.


Comes up to the counter, excitement barely contained

Was that Bruce Wayne?


I think that's what Lex said his name was. How do you know him?


He's Gotham City's own little Lex Luthor. Teenage heir to his to the Wayne financial empire. And he's NOT here to go fishing with Lex. This is probably the coolest thing to happen sinceÑWell I think it'sÉ cool.

Chloe is entranced. A few seconds later, Lex walks through the door, finishing the rest of his muffin.


I have a copy of the new insurance policy. I'd take a look at page nine, if I were you.

Hands her the envelope.


Sorry you had to make a special trip down here.


Still looking out the window

 It gives me an excuse to get out.


So what's the deal with "Bruce Wayne"? Chloe seems to think its some historic meeting of minds.


Bruce Wayne is a spoiled little prick who desperately needs beaten to a pulp and put in his place.


I should try to get an interview.

Dashes out the door


` Wow, Lex. Tell us how you really feel.


My capacity for tact ends SOMEWHERE.

CUT to BRUCE outside rental car. He walks past several people busy doing Saturday morning chores, who attempt to WANT to be friendly, but he makes an active art of avoiding them. He does, however, take note of the two men watching him from across the street. They break eye contact and try to avoid his gaze. He scowls at them.

He swigs from of his cup of coffee, then puts it on the roof of the car. He takes out the keys, presses the button on the keychain to unlock the car, then takes out two folded pieces of paper torn out of a magazine from his back pocket. He looked at the first, which is a picture of a red barn, a Kryptonian symbol burned into the side. The photo credit reads "C. Sullivan" and the caption mentions the "Kent family farm." He looks from the caption back to the Talon. We can see CHLOE approaching, but he does not notice or care.


Gives a smile of understanding.

You always have an angle, don't you, Lex?