Dragon Ball 1/2 !
by Aoi Kami Sarah

Disclaimers - This story is very safe. No death, no sex, hardly any cursing. (Go-Chan says 'shit' once somewhere in here.. otherwise it's just 'damnit', 'kuso' and 'shimata')
All original characters and ideas owned by the following people: Akira Toriyama, Rumiko Takahashi and Aoi-Kami Sarah who is humble before them. To make this make more sense you may want to ready Dragon Ball AD parts 1 through 3 (at least) by Aoi-Kami Sarah. Enjoy.


One summer, Goku gave himself a rest from training his son Gohan's rambunctious son and daughter. He allowed his 15 year-old grandchildren, Gosan and Akago, to go on a training mission alone. They had heard from Uranai Baba about a mysterious training ground in China called Jusenkyo and decide to check it out for themselves.
Little did they know that the crafty old woman was not telling them all she knew of the Cursed Springs. When the children were seven years old they had trained under her brother, Kame-Sen'nin. Being free-spirited, naive and young, they had inadvertently insulted the soothsayer. She had spent years trying to come up with a just punishment. The time had come for her chance to get the siblings back for their insolence.

They flew in on a clear day and scared the poor Chinese tour guide half out of his wits. He recovered and tried to warn them off, but little did he know, there is just no arguing with a pair of Saiyans intent on sparring each other. He didn't seem to notice that the blue-haired girl had a blue-haired tail. Gosan hopped up on a tall, thin bamboo pole and called down to his older sister.
"Come on, Go-chan! This looks so cool! We gotta build something like this for home!" he stood on one foot.
"What? You don't want an excuse to get away from the family for a while?" Akago bent her knees and leapt up on to a pole of her own. She landed on the palm of her hand. Her spiky blue hair fell around her face a little. She blinked a looked around. "Yeah. It's pretty cool. Something weird about it, though.."
"Whatever. Let's go!"
Go-chan pushed herself up into the air and clashed with her sibling. They both landed on different poles.
"Please! No do that!!" the tour guide pleaded with them. "You don't know tha dane jars!"
"The what?" Go-chan asked as she landed after another attack and wobbled a bit.
"Don't pay attention to him!" Gosan lunged at her. "Pay attention to me!!"
She wasn't ready. Gosan landed on his sister's bamboo pole gracefully. Go-chan landed with a splash!
"Oh no!" cried the man. "I knew this would happen!!"
Gosan looked over his shoulder and laughed at the water. Somehow, the agile quarter-Saiyan got so carried away with his mirth that he lost his footing as well and fell backwards. He stopped, to the amazement of the tour guide, just above the surface of another pool, righted himself and stood in the air with his hands at his waist, still laughing.
"How, why, what?" the man stammered.
"I hate water." Gosan glanced at him then back at the pool his sister should have gotten out of all ready. "Go-chan?" Nothing. "Akago?!?" Not a ripple. He panicked. Just before he reached the surface, an armored figure exploded from the water.
"HAAAA!!!" It came after the boy, who flew back toward the guide and stared perplexed at it.
"What?" asked the young man, noting the shock on both faces. "Huh?" He looked down. "What the hell?!?! AAH! What's goin' on? Is this some kinda joke?! What happened to me, Gosan?"
The boy's shock dissolved into anger. "What have you done with my sister?!" he growled.
"Whaddaya mean? I AM your sister, dimwit!" he glared at Gosan, but quickly frowned, looked down at his armor and began to cry. He sank to his knees and sniffled.
"Oh! You must have fallen in Ninnichuan: cursed spring of Young Samurai Warrior. Very sad story! His sword was so dull, he could not commit hari-kiri, so he drowned himself here over nine hundred year ago."
"What?!" Gosan grabbed the short man by the collar of his blue neru jacket and shook him vigorously. "Are you trying to tell me that my sister has become a Samurai?!"
"Cool!" he let him drop and went to his bawling sister. "Go-chan you look so neat!"
Akago stifled a sob and shot a nasty look at him. "Whatdaya mean, 'neat'!? I'm a boy!!!" he took up her wailing where he left off.
"How do we change her back, mister?"
"No one has ever change back, though many have try. It is a curse!"
Gosan flew up to him and looked down in disgust. "You mean to tell me, she's a boy, forever?"
The guide cowered but managed to stammer a yes.
"Cool! I have a brother! I have a brother! I have a.."
The Samurai stopped crying and brought the butt of his sword down on his brother's head.
The guide, terrified of the strange, flying siblings volunteered information, hoping they would go away. "There have been many who have tried, like girl-boy with panda-father. They have been back here before, but still are cursed to this day."
"Where are they now?" Akago asked.
"In Japan."
"But Go-chan, we can go home and get Aunt Mira to fix you up.."
"NO WAY! I'm not going home looking like this! Mom and Dad will kill us! Gramma Chi-Chi and Mom didn't want us going out on our own in the first place. If we bring them THIS," she pointed to her new body, "we won't be let out of eye-shot for the next three years!!!"
"Oh, got a point there."
"Yeah. We're gonna hafta at least try to figure this out on our own."
"Right." Gosan nodded his approval and they blasted off for the island.

It poured down on the siblings, hard as they roamed the streets. Akago began to regret having shed the shell-like outer armor she/he had previously found so useless. As cold, wet and hunger gnawed at Gosan, he pleaded with his sister/brother to go home. Go-chan insisted that she was too embarrassed to return home, especially if she had to be a Samurai for the rest of her life. The rain dripped off his/her chin.
"Go-chan," his brother whimpered, "I'm hungry, and tired."
He looked up at the unmoving clouds and wiped his face. "Me too."
Gosan looked to him and waited for the plan.
"I think I just found the answer."
They looked up at the sign in front of them.
'Tendo School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts'
"Welp. Sounds like our style!" Gosan stepped back, smirked and bowed to his brother. "Ladies first!"
He soon found himself flying through the air with a sizable lump on his head. He hit the front door and slid down it on his face. He laughed at his joke, regardless, in a pile on the wet stoop. He turned to him and mumbled that he was ok and the door began to open. Akago made a dash for his brother. He picked him up, pulled a sash off his Samurai costume and tied it around his forehead.
"Ow! Go-chan! what the..?" he cried as the band tightened down over his bump. The door opened. Akago had accomplished all this faster than the person inside could get a chance to see the Rasha star in the middle of his brother's forehead (her own was hidden deep under the skin of a nine-hundred-year dead Samurai along with her blue Saiyan tale).
"Hello, can I help you?" a sweet-faced, young woman asked them.
"Yes!" A light bulb went off in his head. "My brother's been hurt in a fight!" He nudged him secretly.
"Wha..?" Gosan caught the drift. "Oh! OW!" he held his head and Akago kicked him quickly in the shin. "OWW!!" he doubled and grasped his shin.
"Oh! Come in! Please!"

They sat on their knees (Gosan on top of an ice pack) in front of Mr. Tendo. Cups of tea steamed before them, untouched.
"So, you want to join my dojo?"
"Yes, sir!" they said in unison and bowed their heads; their father had taught them to be respectful to their elders.
Soun closed his eyes and pondered their simple answer. He stood and went to the door. "Do you think you are good enough? You know, I already have students who are quite excellent."
"Sir, we will do anything to prove ourselves to you." Akago declared. His brother sighed.
Mr. Tendo still hadn't opened his eyes. "Very well." He spun around and faced them. He threw up his fist and cried out melodramatically, "you shall fight my students to show me you are worthy enough to join my Anything-Goes-School!"
Both siblings leaned back a little. Gosan tried very hard not to laugh. Suddenly, a boy ran by, chasing a small black pig.
"Come back here, you little oinker!!" They disappeared around the corner. There was a clatter and some splashing sounds; then silence, broken by a girl running by with a boy hot on her heels.
"Ranma! Ryoga! Come in here! We have guests!"
They stopped dead in their tracks at the entrance and blinked in at the new boys. They bowed slightly at the waist.
"Ranma Saotome, Ryoga Hibiki, these are the Son brothers, Gosan and Akago. If they defeat you in combat they may remain here as my students."
Gosan's stomach rumbled. He couldn't keep his composure any longer. "Ah! lets make this quick, I'm starved!"
Akago slapped his hand to his face.

"You want quick, huh?" Ranma took a stance and cracked her knuckles.
"I seriously doubt that you're good enough for this dojo. We've both been trained pretty intensely," Ryoga added.
"You're about to find out, pal." Gosan spread his feet.
"Take it easy, brother. Don't forget the difference. We're not used to fighting OTHERS. Remember what happened at the Boudokai.."
Gosan nodded and attacked the girl called Ranma. Ryoga leapt up into the air and came at Akago. In less than ten seconds, the only ones left standing were the 'Son bothers'.
"Oops." Gosan scratched his head. "I thought I went easy!"
"We did," Akago frowned, "but they're out cold!"
"What are we gonna do? We're gonna have to live with these two. They can't know we're this powerful!"
"We'll just convince them that they did their best.." he eyed his brother mischievously.
They proceeded to nearly destroy the dojo as they pummeled each other. Akago found it difficult to keep up in his new body and Gosan managed to be the last one on his feet. His brother crashed to the ground. He smiled and fell down next to him.

"A TIE!?!" Soun yelled.
"Must have been," Ranma shrugged. "I don't remember much." She rubbed her elbow and glared at the Sons. Akane stared at the new-comers with her arms crossed. She couldn't believe the rough shape they were all in.
"Hey," Ryoga glared at Akago. "You said something about remembering the Boudokai before we fought, you didn't mean the.."
"..The Tenkaichi Boudokai!?" Mr. Tendo cut in. "You participated in a Boudokai, Gosan?"
"We both did!" Gosan shot out without a consulting glance to his brother. Akago hit him so fast no one caught it. "Ow! I mean we both WENT to it.. heh heh heh.."
Soun wasn't hearing him anymore. His eyes turned to stars. "Do you know what this means? With the Son brothers here, at last the Tendo dojo will be able to enter the Tenkaichi Boudokai!!!"
"Uh, Mr. Tendo?" Ranma implored. "What IS the Boudokai?"
Soun and Akago fell over, leaving Ryoga and Akane perplexed.
"The Greatest Under The Heavens Tournament," Gosan informed her. "Why, never heard of it?"
"That's, that's!" A light went off in Ranma's head, "that's that huge marital arts competition that only 8 people get to participate in, isn't it! They represent the greatest fighters on EARTH!!" She stared slack-jawed at the brothers. "YOU fought in the Boudokai?!?"
"Yup, our whole family has." Gosan didn't even blink with his delivery. His brother fumed, unable to stop what had already begun. "I'm hungry. When do you eat around here?"

The next morning Kasumi came back from the emergency grocery run she had to make after the siblings decimated her pantry. She noticed the Sons were up before the other members of the dojo, and more alert and polite than the others as well. Akane and Nabiki couldn't take their eyes off Akago. He sat on his knees and wolfed down a bowl of rice just as fast as his brother, but with a grace the younger did not afford his company.
"He's kinda cute," Nabiki whispered to her sister.
"What?!" Akane choked on her breakfast, but didn't stop staring.
"Akago." Nabiki clarified.
"Ah choo!"
Gosan slapped down his chopsticks, jumped up and bowed to Kasumi. "Thanks Kasumi! Come on Akago, lets get going."
He rose and bowed to her as well. "Yeah."
"Just where do you think you're going?" She stopped them in their tracks.
"Town?" they said innocently, simultaneously.
"What about school, how old are you boys?"
They panicked. Akago poked his brother in the ribs.
He hung his head. "Fifteen."
"Nineteen." Akago puffed out his chest. It was enough for the woman of the house.
Gosan grumbled something under his breath about it being bad enough she was four months older.
"Well, then, Gosan will go to school with Nabiki, Ranma and Akane."
Akago sighed with relief. He pulled his brother aside. "I'll find the panda, you have fun with the girls."
"Yeah, girls and MATH!" he fretted.

Akane and Ranma sneaked out of the kitchen.
"What are you gonna do, Ranma. Are you going to let the Son brothers in on your little secret?"
"Huh?" she blinked. "Whaddaya mean?"
"Well, you can't very well go to school as a girl."
Ranma hung her head. "Yeah. I guess I'm gonna hafta tell Gosan the truth."
Akane dumped a kettle over her.
"Hot hot hot hot!"

Akago tied up his shoe straps and noticed he was being watched. Ryoga stood a few feet away with his arms crossed. "I know this is real interesting," he began, "but you must have something better to do than stare at me."
"I don't believe that you participated in the Boudokai," he frowned.
"Well, I have." He stood. "Twice."
"That's impossible! If you're 19, then you would have been.."
"Just a little kid? Yeup."
Ryoga went down on his knees. "I know you and your brother kicked our asses. I didn't lay a hand on either of you! You must teach me! If I become as powerful as you, I can defeat Ranma!"
"Ohhh kay.." Akago blinked. He was under the impression that he and the girl were friends. "I've never trained anyone before, but I guess I can give it a shot."
"Thank you Son-san."
"Oh please, no. Call me Akago."
Ryoga blushed. "If you don't mind me asking, why did your parents pick such odd names?"
Akago bristled a bit, but it did make more sense when he was a she. "I was SUPPOSED to be the last one." He went for the door.
"Where are you going?"
"I have to go out and look for something." He noticed Ryoga seemed to be waiting for him to command him to do something. 'I am so not ready to be a trainer!' Akago thought. "Uh, wanna come with?"

"Ready to go, Gosan?" Akane put on her back-pack. Ranma stood with his back to her, his hands clasped behind his head.
"Guess so. I've never been to a real school before, my Grama Chi-Chi teaches us." He noticed the boy. "Who are you?"
"I'm Ranma Saotome." They waited for the reaction.
"Huh? Wow. And I though our parents named US funny."
"You and your sister have the same name!"
Akane blinked at him. Ranma sweat a little and laughed to himself.
"Come on, guys, we're going to be late!"

Akago bounded over rooftops, scanning the busy streets. Ryoga followed. They stopped finally above a restaurant.
"Guess you don't like side-walks."
"I don't have a problem with them, just get a better view from up here."
"Oh." Ryoga bit his lip in contemplation. What was his new Sensei looking for? He was about to ask when Akago got back on the move.
"You hungry?" he asked as he hopped to his feet.
The taller boy did a handspring, gripped the gutter and swung down into the bistro below them. Ryoga blinked, impressed, and followed suit.

"Ranma Saotome!" shouted the kendoist. "You are unworthy of Akane Tendo!" He held a wooden sword in his hand and threatened the boy.
"Jeez, Kuno, would you get a grip.." Ranma seemed uninterested but spread his legs all the same. "I am so glad you're graduating."
"What's his problem?"
"It's a long story." Akane folded her arms and made a face.
This was not a good enough answer for the quarter-Saiyan. He stepped between Ranma and Kuno. "Whatever you got against my friend Ranma, you can take up with me."
"Wha..?" Ranma protested. "Gosan, this is between Kuno and me, you don't need to interfere."
"Aw.." Gosan whined, "please, can I?"
Ranma looked to Akane who simply shrugged her shoulders. "Hey, he did pretty well against you and Ryoga, didn't he? Why not?"
Gosan bounced on the balls of his feet, waiting for approval. Ranma did not look thrilled.
"I guess.."
Kuno held the same position, blade ready to strike, since the beginning of the encounter.
Kuno swung the bokken deftly. Gosan dodged slowly so that everyone could see him.
"You, who have come between my grudge with Ranma, will be defeated." Gosan leapt over his head three times, bouncing around like rubber ball. Akane watched, mouth agape. Ranma nearly turned his back on the boys as they fought. Kuno couldn't get a strike in. Gosan yawned as he batted the wooden blade with his index finger. Kuno could not see that he was simply outclassed.
"I, Tatewaki Kuno will vanquish you just as.."
The bokken stopped as Gosan grasped the blade. He flicked his wrist and lifted the taller boy off the ground. "This isn't as fun as it looked," the boy admitted. "I'm afraid I'll hurt you, so we should stop now."
Kuno blushed. Gosan slowly set him down, bowed to him and went back inside with the other school children as recess ended. Akane followed, dazed. Ranma stewed, but kept his opinions to himself, for the mean time.