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Harry Potter and his Sixth Year

Chapter One: Happy Birthday

Harry Potter was sitting up on his bed, leaning against the wall, watching his cousin's old beat-

up clock roll from 11.59 pm to 12.00 midnight. This night seemed like every other, Harry

went to sleep but after only a few minutes of sleeping he saw Sirius Black, his godfather, fall

through the veil again. But tonight was Harry Potter's sixteenth birthday, and Harry saw the

multiple owls fly in his room.

From Ron he received a book on quidditch tactics, from Hemione he received a book of self-

protection, from Ginny he got a necklace that held a lion and represented courage, and from

Lupin Harry received the Marauders' journal of pranks pulled. Harry also received little gifts

from other members of the order and of the DA.

Again Harry tried to sleep, but this time he felt magic around him, he opened his eyes to see

an elf standing at the foot of his bed. When the elf saw Harry awake he said, "It is time to

learn your true heritage and live up to your potential. Come with me and we will leave for the

elven world."

"Do I need to bring anything? Can I send a letter to someone to tell them where I am going?

When will I be able to come back and go to Hogwarts? Will I ever be able to see my friends


"Calm down young one. You do not need to bring any thing except what you will need for

school. Do not waste space by bringing those unfitting clothes, we will provide you with

clothes that fit you. A letter has already been sent to Professor Dumbledore, he knows where

you will be. You will go back to Hogwarts with everybody else on September 1st. The time in

the elven world flows differently from time here. For every month here, eleven months go by

in the elven world. So yes you will be able to see your friends again."

Harry hurriedly packed all of his school books, robes, and potions ingredients, and said "I am

ready to go now. How will we be getting there?"

"Take my hand and I will jump us there."

"What is jumping?" Harry asked.

"It is like apparating but jumping is between worlds."

Harry took the elf's hand and they jumped to the elven world. When Harry arrived there he

saw these beautiful green lands and many elves going from hut to hut. "Follow me," the elf

said. Harry followed the elf to a large castle. "Now I will take you to your room for the next

eleven months, you will change then we will go now and meet the king and queen. Please

wear the green elven robes that we provided you."

After Harry changed he followed the elf to the throne room, where he saw to people sitting in

their thrones talking amongst themselves. As Harry got closer he realized that the two people

sitting on the thrones were in fact his parents. He saw how happy they were that they got to

see him again. But yet Harry wondered why they were able to stay in the elven world but not

be apart of the human world that he was apart of. He wondered why he did not grow up in

the elven world with them but grew up with the Dursleys never knowing that he was a wizard,

a very powerful wizard who one day would have to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort.