A/N: This one is going to be tricky, and probably shorter than Global Warning, but I hope it's still as good. More twists are coming up and I'm doing my best to keep things straight, my notes tend to wander when my mind does. Anyways, enjoy this next part of the Global Destruction series!


Cipher has at last put their plans into motion. With new information coming in from the regions of Hoenn, Johto and Kanto, and paper records of the data from Orre still sealed within their living server's mind, the corporation begins to make steps towards the activation and implementation of their greatest creation; the Earth Seal.

What many don't know is what exactly Earth Seal could be. The answers to that lie within the copy of records in Nett's hands, slowly being opened in The Under, and within Cipher's server, Project: WSLY.

Project: WSLY, a codename for Team Snagem's only Snagger, known commonly as Seth, is also mentioned in the few de-coded records as being a piece needed to fully activate the Earth Seal.

Team Venus, a branch of Cipher's many sub-groups, made its attack on the Elite Four of Hoenn, attempting to gather funds for the final move by conquering the eight Gyms of the region and additional Shadow Pokémon troops by stealing them from the Elites. Though the attacks looked realistic enough to be thought of as the final push for domination, they were in actuality a bait of sorts. Bait for Seth and the legendary Pokémon of the world.

This trick worked. Upon hearing from Nett about distress calls from Hoenn's Professor Birch, Seth and Rui made their way to the war-torn region to recapture the missing Shadow Pokémon and defeat Team Venus. They met with the local heroes, May Thorne and Brendan Birch, along the way. It was also in Hoenn that Seth met the two legendary Pokémon partially responsible for his creation, Groudon and Kyogre. Through them, he began to fully comprehend his new and growing ability to understand Pokémon language, but new abilities began to emerge, those that he may not want.

It is also in Hoenn that the dangers of what he is and may become grow more and more apparent. Earth Seal is waiting for the coming of a super-legendary Pokémon to unleash itself upon the world; the Pokémon that now exist are realizing a legendary in the making among them and fear what it may do if under the dark influence.

Even now, as Seth, Rui and their new allies, Brendan and May, make their way to New Bark Town and Professor Elm of Johto, the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh leaves its hidden home in Orre and summons aid in the form of Latios and Jirachi, still free and secreted in Hoenn, then make their way to Johto. It is in Johto that they hope to find Celebi without the aid of Seth's Time Flute, and the legendary Sea's Great Guardian, Lugia. Only by gathering all of the legendary Pokémon, can the world hope to fight against the Earth Seal, but in bringing them together in one place, they may also seal their own destruction...

Ch 1

May watched with a raised eyebrow as Rui changed the bandages surrounding Seth's shoulder, the Snagger's jacket, shirt and Snag Machine set on one of the plane's many seats. Brendan sat beside her, making calls back to his father on how things were going and assuring him that all was still well with the group. They had only an hour left to land in New Bark Town and Rui had decided it would be best to change the bandage before then so as to avoid infection and keep him somewhat limber for the upcoming battles.

"Honestly, you should have told me sooner that the Blaziken had stabbed you there! You've lost blood in that water and for all we know some meat-eating Pokemon could have followed you and ooooh!" she shuddered at the sudden image that came into her head and quickly tied the bandage up. "There, that should do it." Seth rotated his arm and tested it, smiling back at her.

"Thanks. To be truthful, I hadn't thought of the injury until after you spotted the stain on my jacket. I was just trying to get myself out of the water." he replied and picked up his clothing to redress. "All right, anyone know anything about Johto, or are we gonna have to bug the Professor for a map, too?"

"Bother him for a map. Neither one of us has ever set foot in Johto." Brendan muttered, "What do I look like? A friggin' world-hopper?" Seth shot him a venomous look before pulling his shirt over his head. "Anyways, I figure if we find their local League Champion, he should be able to guide us around and fight with us."

"You were underwater a long time, Seth. How did you manage to keep from drowning?" May asked curiously, pulling out her Master Ball and studying it as she talked.

"I held my breath, how else? And I almost did drown, no thanks to that idiot Tentacruel." the Snagger answered coolly, slinging on his jacket and then sliding the Snag Machine on into place.

"You probably wouldn't have if you had just dumped that thing on your arm." she pointed out, tossing the ball back and forth in her hands. "What's so important about that stupid machine that you'd keep it on even if it weighs you down?"

"That's none of your business." Seth grumbled and shut his eyes as the plane descended to land, "Why couldn't we have taken a boat or something?"

Professor Elm pushed back on his glasses and looked a little embarrassed, waving tentatively at Seth and the group. The Snagger raised an eyebrow and folded his arms over his chest.

"Ah, well. Um. I didn't think you'd be so... uh..." the brunet scientist started, trying to smile brightly and failing miserably, "Well, um, I'm not sure what to say. Brendan, May and Rui, correct? You're quite welcome here in Johto." He blinked in surprise and tried to amend himself, staring at Seth. "Not to say that you're not, uh, Seth, is it? You're um... greatly appreciated here? I suppose?" He floundered for a bit, rubbing his head and stuffing his hand into his pocket as he tried to figure out what he was trying to say.

"This is pathetic. Do you have a map, yes or no? We don't have much time if the situation here is as bad as you said it was." Seth griped. Prof. Elm swallowed and pulled out a Poké Gear, handing it out to him with a ginger grip. He jumped and yelped when Seth snatched it and shot him an angry look. "You act like I'm going to kill you! Get over yourself already!" the Snagger snapped and handed the devices to Rui.

"Um, that's a Poké Gear. It's an all in one device developed for trainers to keep in touch. There's a map, phone and radio built into it. Buttons for functions are along the side." Prof. Elm told her, "I've already put Silver's number there, so you can keep trying to contact..."

"You will do no such thing!" a girl suddenly yelled out. The group turned in surprise to see a girl their age glaring at them. Her outfit was similar to May's only in bright colors with a yellow cap on her head. Her gray ponytails were tied low on her head and swept forward over her shoulders.

"Who're you?" Brendan asked, looking her over and figuring there was nothing threatening about her. The girl pouted and held up a Poké Ball. It was then they noticed her wearing her Poké Gear around her neck.

"I'm Crystal Summers, one of the top sixteen trainers from Johto! And you're not going to find Silver!" she told them, "Silver is my..." She paused and turned red. "Brother. He runs off and gets himself killed, that's his problem. But I don't want any outsiders thinking that they can just barge in and drag him into another stupid battle against some stupid team!"

"Is that a threat?" Seth asked smoothly, stepping in front of the group and bringing forward the twins' Poké Balls. Crystal blinked and stepped back, eyeing him carefully with a slight blush. "I take all threats very seriously. Why don't we have a battle and see if one of the top sixteen has the bite to back up her bark?"

"Fine! And when you lose, you get lost! The top sixteen will get rid of Team Samba on our own without outside help!" she shouted as intimidatingly as she could. "At least, those guys." she muttered in a low voice, blush growing deeper, "You're welcome to stick around if you like."

"I heard that!" Rui yelled angrily, "Show her who she's messing with, Seth! Back off, girlie! He's mine!" May glanced at her and smiled, wrapping one arm around Brendan while watching the battle unfold.

"She your girlfriend or something?" Crystal asked coolly as the trainer and Snagger faced off. Seth raised an eyebrow and looked towards Rui, who was jumping and cheering for him.

"You could say that." he replied and tossed forward the twins, "Jupiter! Pluto!" Crystal yelled angrily and waved her fist at him.

"You can't do that! League rules of Johto! Only ONE Pokémon on the field at a time! Who the heck do you think you are?" she shrieked.

"Is a top sixteen trainer afraid to put her Pokémon to the test? Or does she fear that her skills to control two at once are inferior to those of a Hoenn trainer, more so than an Orre trainer?" Seth purred as the Espeon and Umbreon stood ready, calmly waiting for their challengers. Crystal ground her teeth and pulled out a second Poké Ball.

"Think you're so tough, huh? Think I can't cut it 'cause I'm a girl, don't you? Well, I'll show you!" she growled and threw the two balls forward, "Let's go, Pikachu and Flareon!" A small, yellow mouse with pointed ears and a lightning bolt-shaped tail appeared on the field alongside a creature that looked similar to Jupiter with short red body fur and luxuriously puffy yellow hair around its neck and on its head. The tail was also puffy and the Pokémon shook itself off, watching the challengers warily. "Okay! Thunderbolt and Fire Spin!" she ordered.

"Pluto, Confuse Ray Pikachu. Jupiter, follow up with Swift." Seth murmured, watching the Eons leap forward to obey. The Pikachu charged up and looked between the two Pokémon that dashed at it and the Flareon, unsure of which one to unleash the attack on. The Umbreon stopped in front of it, eyes glowing.

"Maybe I should attack this one?" it squeaked.

"Maybe you should think faster next time, little mouse." Pluto chuckled and flashed the confusing ray of light at the creature. "Jupiter! Your turn!"

"The Pikachu's gonna zap! Let me get myself in front of the Flareon!"


"Confused Pokémon are the best at getting rid of themselves. Watch this!" the Espeon declared as he fired the starry attack at the Flareon before it could open its mouth for a Fire Spin, then made sure a few stars hit the Pikachu. It spun and unleashed the held in Thunderbolt attack. Jupiter dashed aside and laughed as the electricity hit the Flareon. It squealed in surprise and sat down in shock, too numb from the attack to listen to anything else.

Seth snickered at the conversation that had gone on and shrugged as the twins turned to nip and Bite the Pikachu until it finally cried out and flopped onto its belly, holding up a tiny makeshift white flag. Crystal stomped her foot down onto the ground.

"Not fair! This wouldn't have happened if you were battling under League rules!" she yelled and called back the Pokémon, "I don't care if you won! You'd better get out of here! All of you!"

"Sounds like a prissy trainer wants to oust someone." Brendan muttered, "Prof. Elm? Is Silver the Johto Champion?"

"Yes, that's right. Silver Summers is the Johto League Champion and was last seen in Azalea Town battling Team Samba. Which reminds me... Crystal, why are you here?" the professor asked in confusion. The trainer pouted and glared at Seth, who was pulling out Poké Blocks and feeding them to the Eons, popping one into his mouth after they had their treats.

"I heard from Silver that you had called in for outside help. So I'm here to tell you that we don't need it! So whichever one of you is that expert on getting rid of teams had better buzz off! I can take on Team Samba alone!" Crystal declared.

"I suppose you can spot and defeat Shadow Pokémon, too?" Rui shot at her, "'Cause that's what's being used here! Shadow Pokémon are more powerful than normal Pokémon and I'm the only one who can see them! Seth's the only one who can snag them and purify them, too!"

"That so?" Crystal asked, hands on her hips. "Well, so what? Let's see Mr. Creepy Eyes over there handle the Johto League! With one Pokémon at a time! Then when he's got eight badges, I'll think about letting him interfere with Johto business!"

"I think we should check out Azalea Town first for clues as to what happened to Silver." May remarked. Rui lifted the Poké Gear and studied it. "Or we could find the Radio Tower and see what Cipher is up to with it."

"I say we do the Radio Tower first." Seth remarked, walking up to the group with the Eons beside him, "Once we know what Cipher is planning to do with it and snag the Shadow Pokémon there, we can move on to Kanto."

"You think Miror B. could be there?" Rui asked.

"Why not? It's the biggest source of music around, right?" Seth added and looked down at the watch-like device's screen. "So where is it?" Rui fiddled with the device and brought up the map, flicking through the selections. "Goldenrod City. Doesn't look too far from here. Anything other than flying there would be a good mode of transportation."

"We have bicycles if you like. They're in the back of the center." Prof. Elm pointed out. "The Gyms are fighting back as best they can but if you can root out the boss, maybe the rest of Team Samba will stop their attacks."

"You're gonna regret this!" Crystal snapped once she realized the group was ignoring her. She stormed away, muttering under her breath.

"Right, whatever. Goldenrod City, right? Okay! Let's go!" Brendan remarked brightly, walking towards the bikes. "Let's do this! Maybe we'll catch some cool new Pokémon along the way, right, May?"

"Yeah! Goldenrod, here we come!" the trainer cheered as Rui and Seth followed along, studying the Poké Gear carefully.

Ein tapped a few keys and smiled as the signals finished recording to the disc. Ejecting it, he spun to look up at Miror B., the two of them in a secured hideout built in Johto. The Team Samba leader was still dancing to the music playing from a Poké Gear strapped to his wrist.

"Will you stop that? It gets to be very annoying." Ein grumbled and picked up the CD. "Now, you know what you're supposed to do, right?"

"Sure, sure! Play the CD over all radio stations once we get into the tower!" Miror B. rattled off and did a spin, "Don't know why that should matter, though. Don't you have Fein ready to deal with that annoying little darling of a Snagger?"

"Of course he does!" Fein exclaimed brightly from his seat nearby, feet propped up on a table. The Cipher agent, upon first look, could easily be mistaken for Seth. His disguise was perfect, every aspect of him down to the white strip of zinc oxide across his face was duplicated from images of Seth provided by Cipher's photographers. "I'm heading the attack on Azalea again to draw out the Champion. I heard he beat off the Samba grunts and started making his way towards Ecruteak City, so I'd better pull him back to his hometown again."

"Yes, while Fein makes sure that Johto's champion trainer thinks that Seth is a threat and helps us keep him from interfering too much, you will play that CD continuously through the Goldenrod Radio Tower." Ein remarked, "The audio signals will put Seth out of commission long enough for us to find and detain him."

"And then I shall stomp him flat with my elegant dance steps?" Miror B. asked eagerly, red and white afro bobbing to the music.

"No. Then I will get my information back and I can inject him with this!" the scientist answered happily, holding up a syringe filled with a glowing green liquid. "Don't bother asking what it is, neither of you would understand me, but this will help us achieve our ends!"

"All right. So we know what to do. My Shadow Pokémon will complete the illusion for the Johto League Champ. Once I've got him dealt with, I'll join with Miror B. and look for the indisposed Snagger. With him out of the way, the girl will be easy prey and Johto will fall as soon as the gyms are conquered." Fein summed up and pulled his visor down over his eyes, made golden through color contacts made especially for him. He rested his arms behind his head, hair dyed a silver-gray color and styled in Seth's spiky fashion. "I have to admit, it's kinda fun playing Snagger. I've ruined his rep once before, shouldn't be too hard to do it again!" he added with a laugh.

"I only have this to add to Miss Evice's orders. Don't do anything to injure him. At all! I must have him back in working order, no blows to the head! And Sera would most certainly have you two strung by the nuts if she so much as thinks you've harmed him in any way!" Ein added sternly, "I have an inkling as to what she wants with him and as bloody repulsing as it may be, I'd rather he go through that in one piece than to keep him from her and find he's too badly damaged to put to use. Not when we're so close to activating the Earth Seal stationed at Indigo Plateau! Are you listening, Fein?"

"Hey, no problem! I've got a score to settle with the guy, but I can hold back on what I do. It's not like I'm gonna shove him off a cliff or anything." Fein replied with a casual spread of his hands, a grin forming on his face, "And please! For the sake of my disguise, perfect as it is, call me Seth as well. Helps to confuse people and confused people are easier to fool than idiots. They tend to not ask questions to avoid looking like one."

"This is all peachy keen, but I really must hurry on my way and tend to my musical masterpieces! So, let's see that CD and let the music play!" Miror B. declared and took the disc, dancing his way out of the hideout to the helicopter waiting to take him to Goldenrod City. Fein shrugged and got up, picking up the two Poké Balls on the table.

"Do be careful with those Shadow Pokémon, uh, 'Seth'." Ein added almost pleadingly, "It was terribly difficult to find and raise those, and as twins as well! Don't lose them to Seth under any circumstances! Miss Evice wants them added to her personal collection."

"Ah, they'll be fine!" the false Snagger remarked with a smile, "Come on! One look at these beauties and Seth won't be able to think straight enough to attack, if he makes it through whatever it was you put on that CD for him!" He walked out of the hideout, pocketing the balls. "Anyways, they know Attract. It's not like anything he can dish out will ever make contact!"

"I suppose. But do try, nonetheless." Ein sighed, drumming his fingers on the table, "We only have three Shadow Pokémon left and they're all in Kanto..."

Ho-Oh rested on the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City, looking over at the two legendary Pokémon that had followed him once they learned of what was happening. Latios, a cool blue and white Dragon-Psychic Pokémon, sat beside the bird, gazing out at the region. His sister, the Latias now called HeartSong, was with the girl called May. He had seen the two together and trusted May to take care of his sister. Latias seemed to be well-loved and cared for. She couldn't have done better than that human for a master and trainer.

Dozing on Latios's back was a tiny yellow and white Pokémon, a Steel-Psychic type with a star shaped head, blue ribbons coming off of the three points of its head, and long yellow ribbons for wings. It rubbed an eye and yawned, stretching its tiny figure before sitting up and scratching at its head.

"Are we there yet?" it asked sleepily.

"Yes, Jirachi. This is Johto. This is where I told you and Latios that the Raykyoudon would be." Ho-Oh replied, "He brought along Raikou, Entei, and Suicune so they're covered. Celebi is on her way here now that I've thought of telling her about this later. I've always disliked the methods one needs to take to talk to her. Latios, your sister is also here. With Groudon and Kyogre also in their midst, it's only a short time before we can gather the others and guide Raykyoudon to his path."

"Raykyoudon, hmmph. Why call him by a name that a stupid Tentacruel came up with?" Latios grumbled, "A legendary finds his own name."

"Well, maybe that's how he found it." Jirachi remarked, floating up to sit on Latios's head and looking down at the town. "I'm just sad that we couldn't save Rayquaza. Why did the bad guys take him away? How? I bet it was that silly purple ball again! How many of those things are out there, anyway?"

"Too many in my way of thinking." Latios grumbled, "I know for a fact that the boy with Latias's trainer has one with my name on it. I'm waiting to see what lengths he'll go to in order to find me. So far, he's looking good. I might tease him a little later on."

A burst of green light appeared before them as Latios finished speaking and Celebi flew into view, giggling.

"Bi bi bi!" she cried and spun before the group of legendaries. "Never fear! I is here! So, what brings the legendaries of Hoenn to Johto? Don't tell me. You're looking for Seth because Cipher's going to use his power in the Earth Seal to destroy the world while they're trying to conquer it by having him destroy us with it and you all want to gather our power to stop him and show him what he really is."

"I hate it when she does that." Ho-Oh grumbled.

"How do you know all that?" Latios griped, "How did you learn Raykyoudon's human name and the name of that evil group of humans?" Celebi giggled, her tiny hands pressed to her mouth as her deep blue eyes glowed with mirth.

"I know it not only because I traveled in time to peek at what may happen, but also because I've met him before!" she revealed, "Even before I resurrected him in my forest in Orre, I met Seth as a young boy in Johto. This is where he snagged the legendary dogs. I watched him do it and knew that he would one day come back here and set them free again."

"And you think that this is the time he'll do it?" Latios asked, feathery eyebrow raised. Celebi nodded emphatically.

"That's nice. Wake me when we get to Kanto." Jirachi mumbled and slid down Latios's neck onto his back again.

"I'll go and get Lugia to join us. We'll head to Kanto then and find the last of the legendaries there." Ho-Oh remarked and took off towards the Whirl Islands, "You go on ahead to Mt. Silver! Wait for us there!"

"We're going to Kanto? Yay! I can't wait to see Mew again! She owes me a pixie stick!" Celebi declared.

"For what?" Latios asked in confusion.

"I told her she was going to find a clone of herself as a guy legendary and she said no way, so I said 'I bet you a pixie stick I'm right!' and she said, 'You're on!' and then she found this one guy who chased Mewtwo out of this cave in Kanto and they ran into each other and now they live together on Cinnabar Island trying to re-teach him not to go around and blow up cities with his psychic powers." the Grass-Psychic babbled.

"Dude, see what you did?" Jirachi grumbled, "Now I can't sleep."

"Good. 'Cause you are officially evicted from my back!" Latios declared, taking off for Mt. Silver. Jirachi tumbled away and regained his bearings, zipping after the dragon with Celebi. "Now let's go! Before she remembers something else to babble about!"