Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story are mine except for Janna Silver, Morpha, Peter Strider, Sameul Silver, Maryana Jones Silver, and Samuel Binow. The rest belong to Disney :(This was my second try at a Treasure Planet fan-fic. The first wasn't any good. Thanks to Libby Carson for telling me it was an awesome story! I've got at least 29 chapters written, but haven't gotten them typed up yet.

A young teenage girl stood outside the Spyglass Inn in Fenar, Montressor. Next to her floated a small, purplish blob. She looked at it and said, "Well, Morpha, should we get ready?" The blob started spinning excited circles around the girl's head. "Uh-huh, uh-huh!" The girl laughed. "Allright, allright!"

They walked into an alley next to the Spyglass. The teenager motioned to Morpha and the little blob landed on her head and changed her her hair to short and dark brown with a small ponytail and short bangs. Then they walked into the Inn and sat down at a table. When the waitress came over the girl asked, "Is Silver here?"
The waitress looked at her suspiciously and went into the kitchen. She appeared a few moments later to say, "He says to come on in."

When the girl walked into the kitchen she noticed a delicious smell rising from a pot on a stove. She saw a tall figure standing at the stove. It turned and asked, "Jimbo?"
The sixteen-year-old shook her head. "Jaden?", the figure tried again.
The girl sighed and reached up to tap Morpha. The shape-shifter flew off the girl's head and her long blonde hair fell down to her shoulders.

"Janna?!", the figure exclaimed.
The girl nodded. "Hi, Grandpa."
"What are ya doin' here?"
The girl looked at him sheepishly. "I ran away from home.""Why'd ya do that?"
"Because I couldn't stand it anymore! I had to do everything! Feed the baby, wash clothes, clean house, all of Mom's work!"

John Silver looked at her, surprised. "Why were ya doin all her work?"
Janna scowled. "Because she was too busy off visiting her friends and other stuff like that. Jaden and the others didn't even help!"
Silver frowned. "But, Jan, why aren't ya at the Academy? You an' Jaden should be graduating about now."
Janna's eyes filled with tears. "Because they kicked us out when one of the teachers found out that you were our grandfather.
"Silver was shocked. "They threw ya out cause o' me?!"
"Uh-huh. They treated us like outlaws just because you were one."

Silver walked over to Janna and hugged her as she started crying. He stroked her hair and tried to comfort her. "Janna Starfire Silver, you listen to me."
She looked up at him and he smiled. "It'll be allright. Don't you worry."
She wiped her eyes and smiled up at him. "Thanks, Grandpa. Um, could I maybe stay here for a while?"
He smiled back. "Yeah, you can, Jan. But could ya help me with these dishes?"
She grinned. "Sure, Grandpa."