Lookike! I wrote a poem!! It;'s Fenris thinkng about Loki, it's kinda sucky at the end but oh well. Was working on an assignement for english and this is what came out. Kinda scary in a way. Working on my AL fanfic, and another LokixFenris fanfic, stupid writers block...Ragnarok does not belong to me, It belongs to Myung-Jin Lee and his various buissness associates. It's one of me few halfway deecent poems though!! It's amazing...

I remember how you came,
Like a demon without a name
Bent on vengeance for crimes you didn't explain
Then somehow you began to change,
And I still remember when you spoke your name

Then long after we were on the same side,
You had feelings that you couldn't hide
You took my hand and saved me from a fall
You caught me when I was sure I was done
That I'd failed again, and all hope was gone
Like an angel from the sun
You'd saved me then, and it had all begun

I want you to be there to catch me when I fall
I want you to stand by me, tall
I want you to save me from myself,
Put my loneliness on a shelf

Why in Asgard can't I be true,
To what it is I feel for you?
Maybe it's because I'm not sure
Perhaps I'm just insecure,
But I know in my heart
Where there's no room for doubt,
That this is love,
And what it's all about

Oh dear assassin I'm looking at you,
Say to me back that you love me too

Bleh, ending's so-so, but overall I like it. Shall probably refine it a bit later on when I feel the need to.