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Rating: R

Summary: Will Draco be able to bed Harry in one month? A bet between Blaise and Draco ensues. Also: Someone has an unhealthy obsession with one Draco Malfoy... H/D slash

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Part One: Obsession


Look at him. So comfortable in his arrogance and self-proclaimed superiority.

It makes me want to puke.

The way he walks, no, struts around the school with his nose in the air as if everyone else is wasting his time by simply existing.

He changes his lovers as often as any normal person changes their underwear. They call his ex-lovers 'Owls'. The name came to be around two years ago in our fifth year. Someone was dumb enough to ask him about a sixth year he shagged and of course, being him, his only reply was..


Word had gotten around to the ex-virginal sixth year and amazingly enough, she transferred to another school one week later.


Of course he hadn't noticed the difference. So what if Hogwarts was short one student. More room for his overgrown ego.

He never bothered with names. Hell as long as he got into his partners trousers or under a skirt, he didn't need to know their name.

Oh yes.

Haven't you heard?

Mr. Fuck-a-lot is bisexual. Doesn't bother me either way. He attracts both males and females just the same. He's the Slytherin Sex God you hear everyone talking about.

You know... they say one night with him will have you drawn to him like a bee to honey.

I say it's all bullshit.

No one is THAT good in bed.

Yet, the girls swoon over him while the guys drool over him.

It's quite nauseating really. The way they behave.

I mean what's he got that I don't have? Why can't I be a sex god?


Best not to answer that question. That would give away the surprise.

Oh, speak of the devil. Look who just walked into the great hall.

Preview for next chapter:

In walks the gorgeous Draco Malfoy. Behind him is his best friend since age four, Blaise Zambini.

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