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Italics denote Draco's thoughts.

Chapter 4: Truth and Planning

The evening sky was a beautiful sight to behold during this time of year. The emblazoned sun was just beginning to set as a lone heavily cloaked figure made his way across the snow-covered courtyard. This particular person was no stranger to this deserted area. In fact, it was his favorite spot to cerebrate, besides his room of course.

No one would ever believe Draco Malfoy to be one who enjoyed sunsets. Every slytherin were thought to love all things cold, dark, and evil. That was true, as far as most slytherins were concerned. Namely Voldemort and his mindless followers the Death Eaters. Who, by the way, were defeated last year by none other than Harry Potter himself.

Hmm. Potter.

Whether it was intentionally or not, Draco's thoughts always seemed to come back to the same person. Harry Potter. Who, coincidentally, Draco has had a secret crush on for about two years now. Draco first began to notice Harry's change of appearance during the sorting ceremony in the beginning of their fifth year. Harry had apparently grown a lot over the summer holidays, finally reaching an impressive 6'1''. He undoubtedly spent more time in the sun; his skin was a perfect golden hue. He had to have practiced quidditch non-stop because his clothes fit him properly for the first time, and his hair didn't look so much unkempt, but sexily tousled. But Harry's height, hair, and new physique, weren't what attracted Draco to Harry. It was Harry's eyes, which Draco noticed, weren't hidden behind his trademark round spectacles anymore. Draco was entranced by the alluring bright shade of green that was Harry's eyes. And from that moment on, Draco was smitten. But who could blame him? Harry was a total hottie.

Draco slowly made his way over to his favorite bench to have a think. One day had already passed since he and Blaise placed their bet. His current mentation brought him back to yesterday, where he met his very first obstacle on his way to history of magic class.

"Hey Drake, how's everything going with your plot to bed Potter?" asked Blaise with a far too interested look on her face.

"Bini, it's only been thirty minutes since we made that bet. Not that its any of your business but this will take meticulous planning to make sure everything turns out just right."

"Hmm. Okay so that obviously means you haven't thought of anything yet."

"No. I haven't."

At this, Blaise laughed.

"C'mon Drake, admit it. You haven't got a clue where to start."

"I shall do no such thing. I wouldn't give you the satisfaction." Draco said in a superior tone.

"Don't think I'm asking you this to help you here but, did you even think to find out if Potter's gay?"

That stopped Draco dead in his tracks. He stood there, eyes wide mouth agape, imagining Blaise riding away on his prized Firebolt. The thought had never crossed his mind to find out if Potter was gay. He'd just assumed. Blaise's laughing brought him out of his reverie.

"Your stunned silence is all the confirmation I need. Make sure to wax Sherry every night for me."

"Who's Sherry?"

"Oh, that's the name I've picked for your, oh excuse me my Firebolt. I just want her to look perfect while I do my victory lap for you." Blaise said as she began to walk to class.

"Very funny Blaise." Draco called out to her retreating back.

Draco decided to skip his history of magic class in order to gather his wits. He quietly made his way back to his room down in the dungeons. As soon as he reached the portrait that lead to the slytherin common room, he quickly muttered the password, rushed past a few first years, and climbed the steps that lead to his private room. He looked around to make sure no one was around as he spoke the password, 'dragon's lair'. Once inside he removed his cloak, placed it on a nearby chair, lit the fireplace, and sat down on his very oversized bed.

Shit. That's the first thing on my list of things to do. Find out if Potter's gay. Hmm. How does one go about finding out about someone without raising suspicion? It's not like I could just walk up to Granger or the Weasel and say:

"Hello. I know I've hated the two of you for the past seven years, and frankly I still do but is there any way you could tell me if Pothead likes to give head? You know, as in is he gay?"

Granger would probably hex me with a fire charm while the Weasel douses me with a gasoline hex. No. That wouldn't do. What I need is someone who knows everyone's business and isn't afraid to tell anyone who cares to listen.

Just then, the answer finally came to him.

Why hadn't I thought of that before? I need Pansy.

Pansy Parkinson was one of two Hogwarts gossip queens. The second of course being Lavender Brown of gryffindor. Everyone knew exactly where to go to find out the freshest and latest gossip around Hogwarts. If there was a scandal, as in the recent Harry-Cho cheat slash breakup, they were the first ones to know about it. If anyone was foolish enough to either confide in them or talk around them, they were just begging to have their business out in the open. What made matters worse was the fact that Pansy and Lavender had become 'secret' best friends back in their fourth year. Finding common ground in gossiping, they met daily to compare notes.

After taking his daily hour-long power nap, or as Blaise put it beauty nap, Draco headed to the Great Hall for lunch and to look for Pansy. He quickly spotted Pansy sitting next to Crabbe and Goyle, who ate everything in sight, including items off of Pansy's plate.

"Crabbe. Goyle. Leave. Now." Said Draco speaking in very short and precise sentences so the two of them could understand. The duo that was Crabbe and Goyle got up, not before retrieving six plates of food each, and went further down the slytherin table.

"Pansy, you and I need to talk."

"Sure Drake what's up?"

"Here's the thing… I need to know everything you know about Potter and Chang's breakup." Draco decided to ask an indirect question first.

"Oooh." Said Pansy rubbing her small hands together. "This is a good one. It just so happens that nothing is as it seems. Chang made up the whole story about cheating on Potter with Jason Jeffries."

"What? Why would she do that?"

"Just wait Draco, I haven't gotten to the best part yet."

"Well…go on." Said Draco impatiently.

"Apparently Potter told Chang it was over between them, she demanded an explanation, and he told her it was because he was gay. She went on a rampage and tried to hex Potter into a new dimension. But with it being Potter, of course the duel was over before it even began."

"Oh. Wow." That was all the information he needed. But Pansy wasn't quite finished yet.

"So 'somehow' Chang found out the guy Harry was crushing on was, get this, none other than Jason Jeffries."

"So Chang made up the story about cheating on Potter with Jeffries to protect her ego, and to get back at Potter?" Said Draco.

"Exactly. She tried to make it seem as though Jeffries was straight…which by the way he isn't. This'll definitely ruin her reputation, if it hasn't already. What a lying bitch."

At that, Draco raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Why hasn't Potter said anything? I mean, why hasn't he tried to set the record straight, so to speak?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. Either he doesn't know, or he feels guilty about having to tell her it was over because he's gay." Said Pansy.

Sigh "Gryffindors."

Draco watched the sun continue its slow decent into the darkening horizon. Taking a deep breath, and pulling his scarf and cloak tighter around himself, he began to think up the perfect plan.

To Be Continued...

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