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Chapter One

"Come on, Gin... Its just a few more steps..."

"But... Tom..." Ginny whined, "I'm tired..."

"If you stop now, you'll never see your surprise." Tom protested as he dragged Ginny up the trail.

"I hate surprises," She lied pouting

"That's a lie, anyways, I know you'll love it. You just have to trust me, remember I'm your best friend?"

"Haha.. Tha's the last thing I would want to do, best friend or not..."

Tom pretended to look hurt... "Virgina Weasley.. I'm flabbergasted... So now since you have offended me, you are now going to be blindfolded..."

"What?!" Ginny exclaimed as Tom took out his hankerchief and tied it around her eyes...

"Now grab my hands..." He instructed.

Ginny extended her hands and soon felt his hands holding her... She found herself blushing and quickly turned her head toward the ground.

"Gin... Come on... We will be late and we'll miss the surprise..." Tom urged as he lead her down the trail

"Tom... Really, where are we going?"

"That's a surprise..."

Ginny pouted, as he led her down a winding path...

"Okay we are here..."

And he uncovered her eyes and immediately she felt warmth... Slowly opening her eyes she gasped...


"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"It's more than beautiful..."

"I knew you would like it..."

Ginny gazed out at the scene in front of her... The sun was setting and the colors of the sky were majestic, the reds, oranges and yellows mixed in perfect harmony surrounding the glowing red star... They watched silently until the moon came out... "Want to go get something to eat?"

Ginny nodded her head... "Thanks alot for showing me that..."

"No problem.. What are best friends for?"

"Yeah... Best friends..." She sighed

Tom walked ahead of her as she slowly followed behind thinking... It was ironic how the man she fell for had the first name she passionately hated... Tom... However, Tom was not like the other Tom... Though both of them were orphans, Tom Felton[the Tom she liked] was kind hearted and one of Ginny's best friends... Tom Riddle... That was another story...

Ginny stared at the back of Tom, wondering why she couldn't go up to him and tell him she was in love with him... But then again... Tom was a very handsome man... He was about 6'5" and gorgeous blond hair which was neatly spiked, and the most beautiful blue eyes... He had a new girlfriend about every week... He wasn't a player though... He was just looking for his perfect girl, and all the girls he has been with were FAR from perfect...

"Hey Gin.. What are you doing there?" He called out

"Huh? Oh.. Sorry..."

"No problem... Come on I'm hungry.. Aren't you?"

"Yeah..." She replied catching up with him

Ginny pushed her thoughts away, as she returned to reality, chatting happily with Tom

------------------------------------------------ Elsewhere

"Shit" He cursed knocked over a vase while grabbing his broom and bag...

He heard a rustle in his parents bedroom and quickly opened his bedroom window...

"What the fuck was that vase doing there?!" His mind yelled as he flew out of the window...

He felt the cool air hit his face.. His heart beating rapidly... He had planned his escape for months now... And tonight was the night... His father would be returning late, and his mother deep asleep...

"To France..." He muttered flying out into the black of the night..."To France..."

End of Chapter One

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