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After that night, it took about 2 weeks for Draco to ask out Ginny. Not because he's a coward, but because Ginny was furious at him for moving without telling her. And at one point, family members were concerned that she and Draco would not get together because of both their stubborness. But they were brought together by Hana and Draco's broom. Yes, Hana, the girl who claimed that Draco was her future husband. When Ginny was babysitting her one night, Hana somehow managed to convince Ginny that Draco was the one for her. No one knows how Hana did it, but she did and because she did, Hana became the first model for Ginny's line of clothing. Apparently, the people loved Hana and after doing many shoots with Ginny, she became an extremely successful model after graduating from Hogwarts and is now doing ads and runs for people all over the world.

After Ginny's production of her line of clothes, Carol's store went crazy. Everyone loved Ginny's designs and because of that Carol created a company, who only accepted the very best and trained them to be the top designers in the world.

Tom, well, after finally realizing his brother's love for Ginny, accepted the blind date that Hermoine offered. The girl was wonderful, but he found her older sister more attractive and got her older sister pregnant. Fortunately, they were in love, much to the younger sister's disapproval, they got married. Now they are living in a wizard neighborhood in France with his wife, Jane, and four children, Jimmy, Marie, Stephanie and Nathan.

Luna. Well, she appeared to be a horrible person in this picture. And she was but that was due to the fact that her stepmother(the person who had the shop infront of Carol's). Her father had passed away a couple of years ago and his last wish was to keep her stepmother happy and that is exactly what she did. Her mother wanted her to marry a good looking man who was rich. But after she realised that she was in love with her best friend, Colin. Luna got married to him and had 3 children. One daughter, Anna May, who was Potter's second daughter's age and two boys, Elliot and Kerry. There is still much tension between Ginny and Luna but they try to fix it by trying to stick their children together...

Harry and Joona had two more children after Hana. Daniel James Potter, who also became a model as a part time job after graduating from Asia's School of Wizardry(where Joona went) and Audree Nara Daisy Isabella Potter, a combination of names that Joona and Harry wanted to name their daughter and couldn't just chose one. They, too, live in a wizard neighborhood along with many former Slytherins in England...

Don't you just love happy endings? They say that where there is an ending there is a new beginning... And for Draco and Ginny? Well, I'll just leave you to think about that.


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Title: When the Sky is Blue

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Title: How to Fall in Love with Your Enemies: For Dummies

 Summary: When enemies become your lovers and your lovers, your lovers' enemy. Welcome to the world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Genre: Romance. Bit of Humor.

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