Chapter 1

Lena walked down the hallway of MSG (Madison Square Garden) Arena...She'd finally been traded from Raw to Smackdown...with a few other wrestlers...but with her having debuted on Raw...she hadn't met any of the Smackdown wrestlers, so she was pretty apprehensive about going...but she needed a change of she wasn't really objecting to the talent switch.

A pair of twins walked up...Both were 5'9" 120lbs, Deep auburn red hair to the middle of their backs with deep green eyes...One girl said, "I'm Angela or just Angie and this is my sister Jessica or just Jesse.  Are you from Raw?"  I smiled and said, "Yea...I'm Lena's nice to meet you two."  I shook hands with them...Angie said, " that any relation to Mark Callaway?"  I said, "Who's that?"

Jesse said, "Oh...Mark's character is the Undertaker."  I said, "Nope...never heard of him...I've been on Raw for 6 Months...It was my debut show...I've never met anyone from the Smackdown brand until now."  Angie said, "Well...Jesse is dating Mark...I'm sure he can help you meet everyone and get to know them well..."  I said, "Thanks...I really appreciate it."  Jesse said, "C'mon...we'll show you to the Diva's locker room." 

I followed them down the hallway and we walked into a room where a few other girls were...Angie said, " guys...this is the new Diva transfer from Raw...Her name is Lena Callaway."  The girls started introducing themselves to me...the first was a 5'9" 125 lbs, Long strawberry blonde hair to waist, she said, "I'm Nina."  Next was 5'8" 120 lbs. Raven colored hair to her waist with tons of Blue streaks, she said, "I'm Lavonia...but most people just call me Nia.  And this is my cousin Samantha."  Referring to the 5'7" 115lbs. Brownish-blonde hair to the middle of her back, standing next to her.

I said, "It's really nice to meet all of you.  Are any of you related to the wrestlers?  Or even dating them?"  Angie said, "Yea...I'm related to that bitch over in the corner who is trying to steal my looks."  Every one cracked up laughing as Jesse gave her 5 minute older sister the finger. 

Nia said, "Me and Samantha are the niece's of Glen probably know him as Kane."  I said, "Yea...I know Glen...he's such a nice guy...he said he had two nieces on Smackdown.  HE was actually one of the guys transferred with me."

Samantha said, "Who else was transferred over from Raw?" 

I said, "Paul (Triple H), Glen, Dave (Bautista)...oh and that new kid in Evolution Randy Orton, I've not seen what he looks like, but I'm told he is one fine looking guy..."  Nina said, " in Bautista?"  I nodded and Jesse said, "Oh no...Some one bust out the drool bibs...ever since that man came in this company...Nina has been practically dying to be in the same room with the man so she could lick his neck."

I said, "Ever Since Ric Flair retired...they've been looking to fill the position...and now I hear they want to take a girl on board for some kind of Evolution Gold storyline, where they hold all the gold belts including the Women's title."  Nia said, "Wow...wonder whose idea that was?"  Angie said, "You know damn well it was Paul's...they are probably looking to give the billion dollar princess the damn belt again and start a whole new McMahon-Helmsley / Evolution Era." 

Jesse said, "If they do that...Mark or no Mark...I'm so oughta here."  Angie said, "'d never go any where without Mark...he's like you're American Express card...Never leave home without him."  That comment earned another round of laughter.

Angie said, "Okay...C'mon...let's go make fun of the guys as they practice in the ring, before tomorrows Smackdown."  So we all walked down and out to the ring...

As we descended down the ramp, I saw a tall guys...who was chiseled from head to toe...he had on nylon exercise pants and no shirt on...I had died and gone to Heaven.