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More than a month has passed since the wedding of Yami and Teana and there was still no sign of Devlin or the ten plagues. The Pharaoh, the priests and the Emperors were almost coming to the conclusion that this whole disaster may not happen yet they made sure to not come to that yet and to keep their senses alert.

Amenhenka in the meantime has grown to be a far more pleasanter place. Everyone was happy practically all the time. And it was happier even more still after the Pharaoh had gotten married.

And since the time was so pleasant, Seto and Asha decided that they should be getting married during this time, and everyone, from peasant to royalty, was happy for them immensly.

However, as there is the good times, there is also the bad. For on the outskirts of the great city, a shadow dwelled along. No matter how bright the sun was during the day, it would remain. And with each passing hour and each passing day, the shadow got bigger and darker. And soon enough it took shape of a scorpion as it waited...


It was finally the day of Seto's and Asha's wedding and everyone in the palace was bustling about frantically, either peasant or priest alike. It was even far more hectic then during the wedding of Yami and Teana. But everyone was happy and that's all that mattered.

During the last few minutes of decoration and preparation of food and everything else, Asha was in a random chamber, getting into her wedding dress. It was a strapless, long perwinkle blue silk dress. It hugged her upper form nicely while it flowed against her legs. The bouquet of floweres she was holding was some blue and white lilacs. She was still wearing the gem rose necklace Seto gave her since it was special.

Mysticy was once again helping to brush sweet smelling salts and perfumes to Asha's hair while Serena and Teana helped add sweet smelling oils to her exposed skin lightly.

The other girls were chattering away about the great day it was going to be. Asha couldn't really join in for she was too internally excited to talk, but just nodded her head, smiled and blushed at certain things the girls said about her and Seto... like what was going to happen later that night for example.

Meanwhile Seto was getting prepared within his own chamber for the great event. Yami was inside with him, helping him out. Bakura and Malik would have too, but the Pharaoh seeing it was best that the two Emperors try not to ruin anything, like they almost playfully did at his own wedding, sent them on a duty to have some entertainment after the wedding but that didn't involve exotic dancers or unsound things.

Just like Yami was dressed in his most traditional clothes for his wedding, Seto was going to be in his High Priest clothes, but this one was tailored slightly more different. The headdress was of blue and light purple colour. His chest plate was a dark royal blue with a diamond dragon within the center of it. His pants were a snow white colour lined with very faint gold stitching that formed heiroglyphics, stating various things such as his name, his occupation and other things. But from a distance, the gold cannot be seen. And finally he was wearing silver slippers. He was also wearing his gold armlets and that on his legs and neck. During the time that the servants were making sure there were no loose threads, the High Priest seemed to be actually fidgeting.

"Nervous Seto?" Yami asked amusedly.



"Yes, you're right. I am nervous Yami... but so looking forward to this moment... it is the happiest of my life" he said, smiling.

"Indeed it is Seto. And you won't have to wait much longer" Yami reassured him as the time of the wedding was soon about to take place. Seto couldn't wait. And neither could someone else...


The wedding was taken place out in the sheltered gardens where the commoners could also view the wedding from where they stood near the edge of the palace. Practically the whole city was there and people from far and wide across Egypt was there as well. All of Asha's friends were there and all of the priests, servants, Pharaoh and Queen were there as well.

Simon Muran was once again the priest in charge of wedding the two. Everyone was very giddy as Asha approached the podium where Simon Muran and Seto resided while everyone else was sitting on benches or chairs close to it.

Seto's eyes raked over how beautiful Asha looked within her wedding gown that he came very close to panting like a jackal and giving a few howls. Asha in the meantime, flushed at how strong and divine Seto looked in his specially tailored High Priest robes. She came close to fainting.

As soon as Simon Muran raised his hands, everyone quieted down. The wedding ceremony was about to begin and everyone, whether sitting in the gardens or standing outside with the other commoners, were all watching intently and were so quiet, no one could hear the other breath.

"Today is a glorious day, my fellow egyptians" Simon Muran announced, scanning the crowds with his eyes. "For today is another bonding of two very well known and special people".

Asha flushed and bowed her head while Seto smirked. Everyone else cheered and applauded for a bit before settling down again.

"Ra has forseen this marriage as he has forseen any other and believes that this one is true. Now before I ask of these two submitteness to one another, I ask of you, the people, if there is any objections that these two should not be married".

Naturally no one objected for no one saw any reason why these two shouldn't be married. And Asha thought that if anyone had, even for the stupidest of reasons, Seto would most likely freak out and kill them. Now that was a scary thought...

Seeing as there was none, Simon Muran smiled and returned his gaze to Seto and Asha.

"Well then, seeing as there is no objections, I shall commence-"

"Oh, I do object to this marriage minister" a cold and very sinister voice interrupted Simon Muran. A cold and very sinister familiar voice.

Everyone froze. Pharaoh, Seto, Asha, Simon Muran, commoners, guards... just everyone was frozen stiff. Asha started to tremble while Seto was internally seething.

"For the reason of my objection" continued the sinister voice, "is that the girl... belongs to me and is mine alone!"

And out from the shadows of the sand near the royal gardens, came a large, hideous figure. I was indeed Devlin, no doubt about it... but changed. His upper body was naked and looked almost the same before he was burned to a crisp by the three Egyptian God Monsters. Though signs of rotten flesh was spotted across his arms, chest and neck. And his eyes... the emerald colour had a gotten a whole lot darker and scarier. But it wasn't his eyes that scared or horrified almost everyone... it was his lower body that did.

A long, black shiny armoured hide with four pairs of long, gigantic and thick arachnid legs came out of the sides and the tips were dug deep into the sand. At the end of the black armoured body was a long, muscular and whiplike tail with a huge, plump stinger were green liquid was oozing out of the tip.

And at the end of Devlin's now far more muscular arms where human hands should be, were instead very large, black, dangerous looking sharplike pincers, that snapped open and shut infrequently.

Devlin... half man, half scorpion. Or more bluntly put... he has now become the Scorpion King.

"Yes yes, I know, you are so pleased to see me" Devlin drawled though he knew that they were more terrified then pleased. "The Book of Ka is so handy when you plan to use all different sorts of spells, whether simple magic or to be reborn as the Scorpion King. No matter... Yami, you knew this day would come... even Ra told you himself... and yet you let yourselves run amok with all this happiness... tsk tsk Pharaoh... I am very disappointed" the King of Scorpions sneered.

"True as you may think so Devlin... at least myself and my followers know hot to make you run amok" Yami retorted fiercly, causing Devlin to laugh.

"Ah... how you try to be so strong in the most useless of times still amazes me Yami... but I congratulate you for courage to face me now... though I pity your endless stupidity".

Snickering at Yami's very serious and angry expression, Devlin soon turned his attention to Seto and Asha. Once his eyes were locked on Asha's, the girl was trembling as she could sense the evil pouring off him in waves. Seto stood in front of her, bristling as he held the Millennium Rod tightly within his hand as it started to radiate energy.

"Now even though I don't approve of the... coupling since the girl belongs to me-"

"She doesn't belong to you Devlin!" Seto hissed through clenched teeth.

"-I have a little wedding present still... something I like to call... the ten plagues".

At this everyone froze still. The ten plagues of Egypt? Some people though it was a joke.. but to those who knew for months... it certainly wasn't...

"So the first wedding gift... dahm".

At first it looked like nothing happened... but cries of anguish soon risen into the air. And it was coming from the direction of the Nile. Everyone turned their heads towards it. Even though they were quite a ways away, they could still see it... and what they saw wasn't pleasant.

The once pure blue crystal waters of the Nile were soon turning into a murky colour... the murky dark colour of blood. And it was only the Nile. Some of the guests in the gardens who were drinking water out of their goblets started to choke and throw up for what they thought was water that they were drinking was now blood.

"Blood has such a lovely taste, don't you agree?" Devlin said amusedly. "Now for the second gift, tz'fahr'day-a".

There was deathly silence that surrounded everyone after Devlin's secon plague announcement. And soon the sound of ribbiting was happening all about... point blank... the sound of frogs.

Just then some girls screamed as frogs were now crowding the nearly empty streets. Frogs of many sizes and colours were hopping around with their slimy, poisonous skins brushing against the ankles and bare feet of some of the peasants as they shrieked and tried to get away though some ended tripping and falling over into the masses of frogs, their deadly skins brushing against their eyes, faces and mouths, making them shriek in agony as Yami and his followers tried desperately to use spells to stop them and save the people.

"Oh no use Pharaoh... those humans will be dead even before you can touch them" the Scorpion King said casually and it was the truth. Before Yami could even get closer to them, they were laying motionless to the ground and some were now falling over, dead. "Now what's the next present... oh yes... kinnim".

Small gnats started to crawl all over the place, and though not many could see what they're doing, they noticed that food nearby was starting to turn black and that was because of the little insects swarming around it and devouring it all. Any food that was in the vicinity was soon gone.

"Next is arov" Devlin continued.

Flies were now appearing everywhere, zooming over the people and landing on their faces, necks and shoulders. Some of the peasants and servants who had the majority of flies on them were shrieking out and running about trying to swat them off. But that only ended up getting them completely smothered with flies till they finally dropped to the ground, dead just as the frogs, who were still around, had done to others.

"Would you care for dever?" Devlin asked mockingly.

Now it seemed like nothing happened near the vicinity of the wedding. But for those who knew of the plagues, they knew it wa sin the fielsd. And soon enough some peasant came running, yelling about how the goats, oxes and other animals they've seen are shrivelling up and dropping dead with nothing left but their thin skin covering their bones.

"Sh'chir is one of my favourites so I hope you will like it as a present" Devlin snickered. He raised one of huge claw like hands up and opened them, showing everyone that inside was a great amount of some grain like substance... it looked like sand but of a grayer colour.

He then through it over all of the commoners who were still more or less alive. The substance, now what most believed look like ashes instead of darker sand, landed on the peasant's skin. For a few moments nothing happened but then boils appeared upon their skin almost instantly. Very large, burning boils upon their arms, legs, feet, hands, mouths, noses, even almost on their eyes. Everyone was shrieking and screaming in agony and Yami and the priests tried conjuring their spells to eliminate the boils but it was no use. Once the plagues started, you'd have to see it to the end.

"Maybe barad might cool down those wounds" Devlin pondered as from the sky hail, whether big or small, came pouring down upon the people.

Those who were sheltered in the gardens or were in any form of shelter were out of harms way, but those who weren't, the hail sliced at their skins, forcing them onto their knees as their anguished followed them to their death. Some of the lower ranking priests were able to make transparent shields overthe commoners, thus effectively protecting them from the hail. However there were those who were out in the fields, by the Nile or basically just out in the open who had no protection whatsoever and everyone could hear their cries of asgony as they were probably dying.

"A little arbeh might spicen this wedding up" Devlin said as he looked around, as if thinking there wasn't enough gruesome excitement as there already was.

The sky was soon filled by a different type of insect, this time being locusts. They zoomed down on every last part of fruits, vegetables, meats, bread and even human flesh that the other plagues might not have suceeded inexterminating and set to their work while most stared on in horror.

"I find it still far too sunny, don't you? I think some choshekh might do some good, don't you agree?" the Scorpion King continued to speak with such a calm voice as if all this destruction meant nothing to him, which in truth it didn't. It only made him far more happier than concerned.

Just then neverending darkness filled over the light blue skies. It covered the clouds and most importantly, the sun. There was no moon out, just pure darkness and if it wsn't for some lit torches, no one would be able to see anything at all, which terrified most people, whether royalty or commoner alike.

"And now for the final gift of the plagues... and my most personal favourite... total annihilation!" Devlin cackled as the ground started to split up and crack and the roars and shrieks of monsters from the Realm of Shadows began to come forth. "Of course I will be standing back and enjoying the view... whether I might join in or not in this total destruction of this great kingdom, I will decide later... all of you, have fun". He then turned his back and his great powerful scorpion legs pushes agaist the sand, making him move forward rather quickly.

"You won't get away with this Devlin!" Yami yelled after him before turning back to his people. "Everyone, get to safety within the sacred temples of the gods or at least away from here!" At this Devlin stopped and turned back, smirking.

"I think I already have Yami. Oh, they can run but they can't hide. And here's a tip of advice, staying safe in Sekhmet's temple will not do any good. She will be helping with the slaughtering today".

"Sekhmet would never help you!" Yami hissed through clenched teeth.

"Naturally I bet she wouldn't... but because of the ritual I had commenced from the Book of Ka, whether she likes it or not, she will be helping with the annihilation of human life, whether innocent or guilty. Besides you know the history of how much blood she likes to drink... and who knows, she might even pay you a visit" Devlin mused before leaving.

Yami was inwardly seething. Sekhmet showing up to slaughter millions, that was a mind blowing shock. But right now he had to get everyone to safety. Already some of the commoners were fleeing the scene, heading to temples or anywhere else that wasn't in the open. Unfortunately some monsters started to appear and was causing havoc, wrecking homes and following the people. Some of Yami's priests were holding some monsters back with their spells and returning a few to the Shadow Realm but it was no use, there were far too many.

"Everyone! We must try to get to safety while using the best of our abilities to stop these beasts!" Yami commanded to which everyone agreed. "Be safe everyone!" he then added before taking Teana's hand and heading off to a certain direction. Bakura then left with Serena while Malik left with Mysticy. Practically everyone else went their own separate ways and soon it was only Seto and Asha left.

"Come my light... we must not remain here any longer... I will not let Devlin capture you again" Seto promised before grabbing Asha's hand, causing her to drop the bouquet of flowers she had before he started leading her elsewhere from the sheltered gardens.

"Heh... like I said Yami... you can all run... but you cannever hide... the darkness will soon find you and consume you" Devlin said to himself with an evil grin displayed across his features as he watched the chaos that ensued. He then approached the sheltered gardens and picked up the flowers that Asha had dropped with his pincers, looking at them with a smile before they turned black and wilted almost immediately thanks to his touch.

"Oh yes... you'll be consumed most definetly..."


Malik was leading Mysticy through all the carnage they were passing, trying to lead her to safety. Every now and then he directed some of his spells to stop various monsters from attacking the people of Amenhenka, but though he didn't want to admit, his efforts were useless. The number of monsters he banished would return with twice the amount of power and forces. It was almost futile to try and help everyone, but Malik knew for Yami's sake he should.

They soon came upon some empty streets where they could still hear the roars of the monsters and the cries of the people, but no one was around them at all.

"This is like a nightmare that will never end" Mysticy let out quietly, trembling somewhat.

"It will end love... don't lose faith... Devlin and his evil was stopped once before and he will be stopped again..." Malik reassured her even though inside he was doubting the possibility.

The Emperor looked around again, finding all the silence rather unnerving. He musn't let his guard down, that was for sure. But perhaps most of the monsters were already extinguished... it is a possibility...

"Has everything stopped?" Mysticy asked as the roars and screams were growing fainter and fainter.

"Maybe..." Malik said as he turned to face her, then froze in horror at what he saw. Before Mysticy could he even ask, the Emperor shoved he rout of the way as the sound of stabbing could soon be heard.

"Malik!" Mysticy cried out.

Malik had seen a cyclopian monsters with sharp talons sneakily approach behind Mysticy, preparing to kill her. And at the last moment he had shoved her away, taking the impact himself.

"Oh Malik!" Mysticy cried again, moving forward to help him as the one eyed monster tore at the Emperor's flesh.

"No Mysticy! You must get away!" Malik hissed in pain.

"But I'm not leaving you-"

"JUST GO! My only wish is to see you safe so don't stick around! Go, NOW!" Malik yelled out as he fought with the beast that held him still. But Mysticy made no move to go.

However more enormous, cyclopian beasts were now arriving on the scene as more appeared, there were less escape routes for Mysticy. And they were closing in fast on Malik's position.

"Mysticy... if you love me then just please go... I don't want you to die... we'll see each other again... my destiny is sealed and no matter how much you argue with me, that is the fact. Please my love... as a last request... just flee from here and get to safety..." Malik rasped out.

Mysticy honestly did not want to move... but something in her heart was yelling at her to do so. And she could feel some force pushing her away from Malik... making her get to safety. Tears were streaming down from her lavender eyes as she moved further away.

"I love you..." she whispered before turning on her heel and leaving the scene, narrowly missing one of the cyclopian beasts swipes with their claws.

Malik smiled as she left, knowing in his heart she'll be safe. And with that though he remained limp in the beast's grasp as the others enclosed around him. They all breathed down on him heavily before they started slashing away at his skin, forcing him to bleed his own death before they devoured him, savouring the taste of his blood...


"Come on Serena! Run faster!" Bakura urged as he tugged the girl a bit as they continued to dodge the mayhem of swooping beasts and falling pieces of stone.

"I'm trying!" the girl gasped as she was finding it very hard to keep up with the ever so nimble white haired Emperor.

Bakura as well was trying to help some people escape from the Shadow Realm monsters as he passed them but he truly wasn't making much of an effort for he was more concerned of Serena's well being.

Along there run Serena noticed Tris running past them in the opposite direction, carrying Nileoi. He gave the girl a short smile before continuing his run as a pair sinister looking harpies were tearing after them. Serena prayed to the gods that he and the young child would be alright.

"Come on! No time to doddle! Get moving!" Bakura hissed since Serena had slowed down when she saw Tris and Nileoi pass them and actually let go of Bakura's hand for a second.

"I'm sorry, I'm coming!" Serena called out as she forced herself to catch up to Bakura, who had paused and was looking back at her, waiting with an impatient yet worried frown.

"Well come on then! Let's go!" Bakura ordered and as soon as Serena got close to him, had started running again full speed with the girl behind him, Millennium Ring glowing, pointing out a way that the two should take.

"Bakura... I can't keep up... slow down a bit plea-" Serena started in a panting voice but was soon cut off... and when Bakura turned around and gazed at her in horror, the cutting off of her voice was literal.

For behind the the girl was a huge bear like demonic monster with rong razor sharp claws. And with those now bloody claws, he had sliced Serena to ribbons.

"Serena!" Bakura yelled out and dashed back over to her, ignoring the fact that the beast was towering over them and he took the girl into his arms. He didn't cry but was coming close to it, shaking the bloody form. But it was far too late. She was dead.

"No... Serena please... no... this is my fault... all my fault..." Bakura whispered in pain for in a way he felt it was. If he had taking better precautions to making sure she was safe, then she wouldn't be dead as she was now.

"Oh I agree most definetly Emperor..." came a silky voice behind him.

Bakura raised his head and found he was surrounded by not only the demon like bear that killed Serena, but also by three mutant spellcasters with claws, deformed, ripped wings and lashing black tails. All of them wore black robes.

"Who are you?" Bakura demanded as he gently set Serena's ripped form to the ground and stood up straight, staring them all with fierceness.

"Let's just say the kas of the people you killed most mercilessly... whether innocent or guilty..." one mutated spellcaster said.

"And we've now come to make you pay for your sins..." another spoke darkly.

"Haven't you done that already by killing my one love?" the Emperor demanded with rage pouring out of his voice.

"Well that was only a taste of what you had come to pay for... but unlike you... that girl will go to a far more nicer place... but as for you... I don't think so".

"You cannot harm me... I am more powerful then you worthless monsters are!" Bakura stated.

"Oh, before now, you were far more powerful... but as for now... you are just a weak little man who has lost everything" one of the mutated spellcasters cooed out mockingly.

Another one turned to the huge bear like demon and nodded, to which the beast held Bakura by the shoulders with his powerful claws, digging them into the Emperor's shoulders, causing him to cry out in anguish.

All the three mutated spellcasters started to chant and as they did, whisps of pruple smoke started to curl around Bakura's limbs, torso and neck, holding onto his flesh tightly.

"You shall now become the darkness and your soul will be condemned to commit acts of violence and evil in the far awaited future... and for all the lives you have killed, you will be locked with your own prison... the one you thought had helped you countless times... but that it was only bidding its time to constrict your pathetic soul... and for each life you killed, you must wait that many years before you can rise again to cause havoc... and seeing as you killed nearly more than five thousand people... that is the many years you must wait!"

And after those words were stated, all of the purple smoke that was wound around Bakura's body started pulling into the direction of the glowing Millennium Ring. The tugged fiercly as the Ring started to suck him in. All Bakura could do was scream out in agony before he was completely engulfed into the Sennen Item before it clattered to the ground, beside Serena' ripped frame.

"Have a nice long gruesome rest!" the mutated spellcasters cackled evilly before they and the enormous bear demon left to go hunt down and eat some human flesh.

And beside the idle golden ring, tears of blood ran down Serena's lifeless cheeks. And some of that blood landed on the now tainted Millennium Ring.


Seto was leading Asha through the streets of dead people and some monsters a well. They hadn't encountered anything too fierce at the moment which made them both very suspicious, but yet they still went onward.

"The closest temple to head for is the Temple of Seth" Seto stated as he looked all around him while keeping Asha close to him. Asha knew it wasn't only for the fact he didn't want the Shadow Realm monsters to hurt her but also for the fact he didn't want Devlin getting his little claws on her either.

"Good idea..." Asha agreed as she stayed close to the High Priest, thinking of all days Devlin had to return it was on their most happiest day.

A street ahead of them was blocked off thanks to bright red, orange and yellow flames, that were engulfing nearby houses around it.

"Hmm... guess we'll have to take the longer way..." Seto mused, slightly irrtated, turning around, pulling Asha with her as he led her down another street.

However their journey was stopped short as a gigantic twin headed beast with four clawed arms blocked their way.

Seto shot a blast from his Millennium Rod at the beast but it just ducked to avoid it before lunging at the two, preparing to slice their heads off.

But just before the beast could make contact, Seto and Asha could feel themselves being slammed away from the monster and all they could hear was a sort of squelching sound.

Turning back it was Jono who got them out of harms way and had taken the impact from the beast upon himself, the claws driven right through his chest where the monster was now holding his heart, which was still loosely connected to the blond boy.

"Jono!" Asha cried out, making a move to go to him but Seto seized her and held her back against him tightly as he looked at the boy with pained eyes. Jono however was smiling weakly as blood poured out of his mouth and dribbled down his chin and neck.

"T-Take c-care of h-her... H...Hig...h... Pri...est... S...e...t...o..." he rasped out before the beast pulled out his heart entirely and he just hung limp as the twin headed beast started to tear at the flesh with its ragged teeth.

"NO! JONO!" Asha cried out again, tears streaming out but Seto started pulling her back away from the scene, covering her eyes to shield her from the gruesome sight as he led her away, thinking, Don't worry Jono... I will.

After a few more turns, Seto had released his hand from over Asha's eyes, the girl still crying, and was now nearing closer to Temple of Seth.

"Come my light... we're almost there..." he urged her gently, still pulling her along, making her start to run as the temple was now in sights.

However, before they could even reach the stairway up to the temple entrance, a creature blocked their way. A very large and familiar creature... Devlin.

"Well I congratulate you for making it so far already... but the chase is up and you Seto, have lost" he said casually as his scorpion legs propelled him closer to the two.

"I think not Devlin... I haven't lost... it will be you the one who'll die and lose! And you're not having Asha or the world either!" Seto retorted but this only caused the Scorpion King to laugh out.

"Ha... I beg to differ Seto... oh the world will be mine... I know it will just take some time for it to belong to me... and as for Asha, she's as good as mine now as she was before the Egyptian God Monsters tried to obliterate me... oh and don't worry Asha... I'll go back to my human form when we have some mind blowing sex... unless you prefer beastiality" Devlin snickered, causing Asha to shudder.

"You will not have her!" Seto said firmly again, standing in front of Asha.

"You start to weary me Seto... so now I must eliminate you once and for all" the emerald eyed man growled as he lunged forward towards Seto.

The High Priest pushed Asha back to get away as he dodged Devlin before sending out pulse beams from his Millennium Rod. However the blasts just bounced off of Devlin, who in turn gave a dark grin.

"Oh those won't work on me anymore... I assure you of that" he sneered as he caught up to Seto and started hitting him with his pincers, slashing at the High Priest's chest plate and pants. Blood was seeping from the cuts made upon his body as Devlin was knocking him around.

Asha watched on in horror as Devlin knocked the Millennium Rod out of Seto's grasp, making it land against the stairs up to the Temple of Seth before he seized the High Priest and smashed him into the ground. Seto was coughing up blood, finding it very hard to get back up to his feet.

"And now Seto, it is time to die. Been nice knowing you" Devlin sneered as h reared back his scorpion tail before striking it forwards at Seto.

The sound of the poisonous arachnid tail driving through the chest of human flesh was horrible. The sharp tip of the tail made the heart almost blow up... actually it did... only a few fragments of the chamber walls remained. Blood sprayed everywhere... on the ground, on Devlin and on Seto... however it wasn't the blood of the High Priest...

Both Seto's and Devlin's eyes widened with shock at the being who was hanging limply on Devlin's scorpion tail, blood running down their paling form... someone else had taken the blow that was meant for Seto... and that someone...

... was Asha...


Yami was panting heavily, feeling exhausted but he knew he couldn't stop. He had to continue sending these monsters back to the Shadow Realm and to try and save his people as much as he can.

He was currently in front of his palace with Teana as many peasants rushed inside his home. Just like a temple, the Pharaoh's palace could provide protection as well.

But Yami knew, as powerful as he was, he could not drive all these monsters back. He was alone just one man who is looken up to as a god... but right now Yami felt like no god... if he was a god he would have been able to save all of his people from the carnage and to send Devlin back where he rightfully belongs... in hell...

Just as Yami thought his situation was bad enough... it had just gotten worst. A female like roar could be heard in the distance... approaching rapidly to his location. And he knew what that roar meant... Sekhmet was finally here.

The Goddess of War finally was in sight. She towered over the buildings, and it was natural that she did, seeing as down on Earth here the gods were far bigger then the average human. She was clothed in her battle armour and was carrying an axe in what of her clawed paws.

Some humans started running away from her as she came near but she threw her battle axe at them, the blade slicing them all in half before crashing into some buildings, knocking them over.

She was about to pick up her axe again but noticed Yami and Teana and instead came over to them, unsheathing her great long and powerful sword as she was now standing over them. And before either could react, she stooped down and seized Teana in her free clawed hand, holding her to the level of her own face, eyes full of the lust of drinking her blood.

Teana was terrified and struggled to get free but it was no avail. Sekhmet was a powerful goddess and the Queen was nothing but a mortal. She could do nothing to stop the desires of the lioness goddess.

"No, Sekhmet, please stop!" Yami yelled out before the lioness could even bite Teana. Sekhmet looked down at the Pharaoh.

"Pharaoh Yami..." her voice boomed out. "I am sorry we meet under these circumstances and thanks to the ritual Devlin had made... I must destroy all of the people of Egypt... with the exception of you... only your life will be spared Pharaoh... seeing as you are one as the gods...". Yami was frustrated by that comment and lashed out.

"What is the point of being seen as a god if I cannot help to protect my own people!"

"I know Pharaoh... I know... but there is nothing you can do... I am sorry..." she growled as she brought Teana closer to her jaws, preparing to snap her in two.

"WAIT! There must be a way to stop this!" Yami pleaded.

"There is no way to stop this..." Sekhmet replied. Yami's head drooped... all hope rushing out of him. What's the point of being the only one spared if everyone else is dead? But just then an idea... a grim one but still an idea came to him.

"What if I gave up my life to save my people and Egypt? To stop all the plagues that's causing the land, the animals and all human life suffering? If I am a god... I can sacrifice myself to save everything dear to me".

"No, Yami, don't say that!" Teana cried out, horror stricken. However Sekhmet was thinking it over. She gazed down at the Pharaoh.

"Are you sure you are willing to give up your life to save everyone else and every living thing?"

"Please no..." Teana whimpered.

"Yes... I am..." Yami responded. Sekhmet smiled softly before setting Teana down on the ground beside him.

"You truly are the one Pharaoh who rules Egypt everyway she should be ruled with..." the goddess murmured kindly.

"Atemu you musn't do this!" Teana pleaded of her husband, using his real name as she hugged him tightly, crying. "I don't mind if I die... but please don't die... Egypt needs you...".

"No... Egypt needs her people and her animals... Teana... being Pharaoh I have come to understand many things and to know of the most ultimate sacrifices... but I cannot bear to see all of my people suffering... all of my friends dying... and most importantly... to lose you... Teana... this is the only way... we'll see each other again someday... but you must live... for me... and for our child..." Yami murmured kindly to her, pressing a hand against her stomach, even though she wasn't showing yet. But Teana got the gesture and cried as she hugged her husband again tightly, who in turn returned the hug and with a kiss before gently prying her off of him before turning around and moving to stand closer to Sekhmet.

"I am ready" he stated.

"Very well... but Pharaoh... your sacrifice does not entirely mean the end of your life for good... just in this time..." Sekhmet told him. Yami didn't totally grasp the whole meaning of her words but right now he didn't mind. Anything to save for the people he cares for, he'll do whatever it must take.

"I understand but I am still doing this".

"Alright Pharaoh Yami. The great amount of spiritual and magical life that stands wihtin you shall now be taken from your body and distributed to save the last remaining people and animals... to cure the plagues that ails all... and to seal away the monsters of the Shadow Realm for good... it has been said... now let it be done!" Sekhmet proclaimed and by doing so, everything she said started to happen.

Yami's body started to glow as gold energy was shooting out of him, going around all of Amenhenka and even further into the far corners of Egypt. The people who were either dying or sickened from the plagues were now fully healed and cured. Animals that were being almost eaten alive thanks to the insects were now cured from that also. Monsters that were attacking the humans let out great shrieks as they were pulled back into the depths of the Shadow Realm. The sky soon lost the cruel darkness and once again regained the colour of day ith its pure blue skies and bright round sun. All chaos had now ended... except for the destruction of Devlin however...

"Everything is the way it should be Yami... Devlin is yet still the Scorpion King but do not worry... he shall be meeting his justice soon... many have died on this day Pharaoh... but many were now saved thanks to you..." Sekhmet stated, to which Yami smiled though weakly as he could find no strength in his body.

"And now my Pharaoh... in this time and era you will die... but your spirit itself will not... and will one day return to Egypt...".

Yami smiled at the goddess and nodded before turning slowly to smile at Teana, who was still crying but smiled back.

Just then the Millennium Puzzle began to glow and gold and silver light started to encircle Yami rapidly, making it very hard to spot him. When the rushing coloured lights stopped, Yami was there no more. And when the Sennen Item stopped glowing, it just fell to the ground, breaking apart into its various pieces.

Sekhmet surveyed the scene one last time before picking up her axe again, licking off the last of the human blood she had obtained from her slaughtering and then finally returned to her home.

Teana, though still crying yet smiling, went over to where the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle were and started scooping them up as Simon Muran, Goleo, Marlena, Rishid, Sadin, Tris, Nileoi and Mysticy appeared on the scene, looking around in awe.

"I can't believe its finally stopped" Rishid murmured in awe.

"Indeed it has... where is the Pharaoh? He should be pleased of this" Sadin said, looking at Teana for the answer. However when all of their eyes landed upon the shattered pieces of the Millennium Puzzle were, they all froze, the grim truth dawning on him.

"He sacrificed himself..." Simon Muran whispered.

"To save us... yes..." Teana agreed as she stood and faced them. "He did so to stop the chaos that was affecting everyone he lvoed and cared for... and for that he is no more... but someday he will return to Egypt... and I will be waiting... with open arms..." the Queen of Egypt finished off, crying though smiling at her friends while the sunlight shined down upon everyone.

And the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle twinkled far more brightly then before.


Seto could feel his own life drain out of them as he watched Asha hang limply from Devlin's tail... looking very dead...

No! She can't be dead! Ra... please... no...

Her form soon slipped off of the scorpion tail and she would have hit the ground if Seto had no caught her. At a much closer view now, Seto could see her insides where Devlin's tail slashed through were nearly all gone. Blood was oozing nonstop down her holy looking blue wedding dress... down upon her gen flower necklace... and her skin... though tanned... looked like it was turning white...

Weakly her eyes opened and she gazed into Seto's. The colour of her mixed eyes were very pale, as if she was going blind. Yet she wasn't... but she was going to be dead all too soon.

"S...S...S...Se...to..." she gasped out.

"Sssh... don't talk my love... everything will be alright... it will..." Seto reassured her though he knew that was a lie... but he just didn't want to come to that.

Asha weakly raised her hand, seeing the blood upon it. She winced again from the immense pain her body was experiencing and looked back at Seto, gently stroking his face with her bloody hand.

"It... h...hu...rts... so ...much... an..d... I'm s...sorry... I am... hurting... yo...u as well... b...but... your... lif...e... is...fa...ar... grea...ter... than... mine..." she whispered to him, making Seto go stone cold. "I could...n't... bear...to... see...you die...".

By Ra that's what Seto wanted to do. He felt that his life was not greater then his own but vice versa... no... she just can't go... she can't...

"I... l...ov...e... yo...u..." Asha managed to let out before her eyes rolled closed and she layed dead within Seto's arms.

"No... Asha... open your eyes... wake up please... wake up!" he pleaded, shaking her gently. The blood upon his cheek that felt warm at her touch was down as cold as her skin. "Please wake up! My light, wake up!" he pleaded again but alas, she wouldn't.

No... its all over... she's dead... and I have nothing to live for anymore... my heart... my light... is gone...

It is not all gone Seto... there is still a chance to get it back... but you must stand up and fight for it... came a new voice, a female voice, speaking within Seto's head.

Who are you?

That does not matter right now... the most important thing at hand is for you to face the monster who has commited this crime...

But I am not powerful enough...

Ha... funny how all those times before you boasted that you could face anything and now because of a little set back you say you can't? True the circumstances have changed but you still have the power to complete your task... don't worry about Asha... I'll keep her body safe for now... but you must stand up now and finish the deed that Devlin was going to unleash at you!

You're right...

Seto looked at Asha's body once again and just as the female voice had said, he could his dead lve was being protected. Though the glimmer of light from the skies above he could see a very transparent scaled tail wrapping around the body. Smiling softly he set the body down next to him, running his hand through her hair. The sunlight always made it sparkle so nicely.

Wait a second... sunlight?

Seto looked skywards and noticed that the darkness no longered covered the light. Actually with the exception of Devlin, there was no evil left. No plagues, no monsters.

Yami must have done something...

"Well that wasn't called for... oh well... I can ressurect her again soon enough then she and have to have a long talk about her loving you... after you're dead of course" Devlin mused darkly. Seto's head snapped towards him, sapphire eyes darkening with hatred.

"I'd rather my love dead and out of harms way then alive and being your sex slave" he spat.

"Well my dear Seto... she is still a sex slave..." Devlin pointed out. Seto growled with anger and held his hand out, to which the Millennium Rod from its perch upon the temple's staircase, lifted up into the air and flew right back into Seto's hand, the High Priest grasping it tightly.

"Asha is no longer a sex slave Devlin... she belongs to no one... not even me..." he growled as an aura of immense power surrounded him at the Rod.

Devlin was actually shocked. Even though the High Priest was bruised and battered, he still seemed to be getting this endless the supply of power... but from where? No matter... I must end this...

"Time to die Seto" Devlin hissed as he brought his tail back up. This time the High Priest had no one to protect him.

"Funny, I was about to say the same thing" Seto retorted as his item was glowing fiercly with pure holy power.

Just as Devlin brought his tail tearing straight at Seto, the High Priest reacted with the blast of raw energy from his own item. It disintegrated it right on contact and soon envelopped Devlin, eating away at his arms, torso, lower scorpion body and everything else.

"NO! This cannot be!" Devlin howled out in agony.

"Oh it is... time to return to the shadows for good... demon" Seto said coldly as the rest of the dark Emperor was engulfed in the High Priest's most powerful blast, Devlin's last cry of agony echoing into nothingness.

Once no trace of the Scorpion King could be seen, Seto collapsed to his knees, closing his eyes and letting out a sigh of relief. It was all over... but not without a consequence...

He looked back at Asha's corpse, noticing that the transparent tail he saw before was no longer around her. But besides her already previous wounds, no other new damages could be seen. But what to do now? She's dead... there's no other way to bring her back-

Suddenly an idea clicked into Seto's head and hequickly got up and scooped Asha into his arms before hurrying off to a secluded area only he knew and could access that was past the Temple of Seth.

Please let it not be too late...

He soon arrived at a smaller temple and quickly darted inside the open doorways. He headed up a few staircases till he came to the end of the room where a very large tablet with the Blue Eyes White Dragon was engraved upon it.

There were four of these mighty dragons in all of existence... but Seto could only control three... this fourth one was the eldest of them all and far more powerful... it obeyed no one and only would choose to help someone if the dragon thought it should. And Seto hoped the dragon would do the same for him.

He got down upon his knees, Asha still resting within his arms as he looked up at the great stone tablet.

"Oh great Blue Eyes White Dragon... please listen to my call... I need your assistance oh mighty one... please bring back the one I have lost and care for so dearly... please... I beg of you help me please..." Seto started to speak aloud, hoping the great dragon would listen.

At first nothing happened but then the torches within the room turned bright blue in colour. The tablet itself started to crack all over before it exploded all over the room. However none of the pieces hit Seto or Asha.. When the smoke cleared, where the tablet once layed was instead a huge and powerful Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Ah... High Priest Seto... the one who has my other younger brothers at your disposal... what is it that you ask for? Am I right in saying you wish for me to ressurect this girl?

"Yes great one... that is all I desire..." Seto said.

Feh... you desired many things in your past Seto... sex and power seemed to be what you really wanted until the gods sent down this gift to you... and you couldn't even protect her... the white dragon stated, lowering its head to look Seto in the eye, who looked away.

"I know... I know... I have been horrible in the past... and then I found something that actually meant something more to me then just a girl used for sex... I grew to love her... to appreciate her... she had taken me out of the darkness... and I felt like I returned her to it in my place... I know of my wrongs... and I know I am not perfect... but the only thing I truly want is to see her again... alive... even for a moment..." Seto whispered, eyes closed.

Even if that may be true... how do I know this is not a trick? the dragon queried.

But as if just on cue, Seto's own three Blue Eyes White Dragon appeared behind him, all bowing there heads in respect to their older, wiser brother.

Brother... our master has changed and is not what he use to be... what his father made him be... one spoke.

He has grasped the true concept of human life and what love truly is... the second added.

And the only thing his heart desires is to see his loved one alive and well again... he'd do anything to have her back... even give up his own life... the third finished. The eldest dragon stared at Seto harder.

Is this true... you would do anything for her... even sacrifice your own life?

"By Ra, yes, I would" Seto agreed truthfully.

The dragon was quiet for a moment, considering the situation. His wings unfurled and then closed up again for a few times, tail whipping back and forth. Finally as he raised his head back up and looked upon Seto, his three younger brothers and the corpse of the girl named Asha, he finally had his answer.

Very well... I shall ressurect her... but it will only be for one day... and after the end of that day... when she dies... so will you.

"I could not live without her anyway great one... thank you" Seto said honestly. The dragon gave a smile before continuing.

However... please excuse me for this but I can't entirely trust if your motives are true... so here is this... time and time again... centuries from now... both you and the girl will be reborn again and again with the same first name but not last... and during those times I will be watching how you two get together over and over... yet there will be two times in the far future where this may be tested... and if your future self fails to get together with the girl... then we will be back within this situation again and I shall consume you the darkness and make you pure evil for the rest of your ongoing life now and in the future...

Seto and his own dragons were shocked to hear of this. Why was the great one doing this? But Seto knew not to ask questions at a moment life this...

"Will I know if things go wrong within the future?" he then asked. The dragon nodded.

Yes you will... you and Asha will be able to see your future selves... but out of the two hard times... you may only communicate to them in one while watching only in the other...

"Fair enough" Seto agreed.

So do you comply with my terms?

"I indeed do".

Very well... I shall now keep to my end of the bargain... the dragon finished and then locked eyes upon Asha's body, where white beams of pure light came out from within his blue eyes as it hit the girl, instantly reparing her damaged heart and rehealing her entirely. Even her dress was whole again and no blood was upon it. Seto could see the rise and fall of her chest, designating that she was indeed breathing. But her eyes would not open.

She'll awaken momentarily... no worries... and my last gift to you... I have a sacred garden where you two can spend your last few moments in peace... the dragon offered.

"I am very greatful and thank you... but before I go... how are my friends?" Seto asked, the thought of them appearing before his eyes. The dragon sighed.

Malik has been devoured... Bakura had the sins he committed turned against him and he is now locked away within the Millennium Ring for five millennia... and Pharaoh Yami sacrificed himself to save everyone else...

Seto was shocked to hear all that happen... all his friends... gone...

"Who will rule Egypt then?"

Currently Queen Teana is doing so and when she gives birth to her son, he will take over.

Seto nodded again, saddened by the fact but glad in some adverse way that everything will be alright... someday... somehow...

Now you and Asha best be off... I am opening the portal to my gardens now the dragon stated as he stepped aside and a blue and white swirling portal was behind him. Just gothrough there and you'll arrive in my gardens.

Seto nodded and turned to his fellow dragon, each giving them a caress upon their snouts and also giving them each a kiss on the nose, to much of his dragons surprise.

"You have served me well and I now set you free, to do what you wish" Seto said, to which the dragons bowed their heads.

It was an honour serving someone as great as you... all three dragons replied, nuzzling Seto before disappearing altogether, returning to the Shadow Realm. Seto sighed and turned back to the eldest Blue Eyes White Dragon.

"And thank you for ressurecting my light".

It was my pleasure High Priest... now you best be going... and remember... one day... the great Blue Eyes White Dragon reminded him before disappearing himself, the gigantic tablet now in his place.

Seto smiled and nodded before walking through the portal with the dosing Asha still in his arms. When he appeared on the other side, the portal closed behind him.

Even though the dragon said the garden Seto was now in was sacred, to the High Priest it seemed like a magical forest. Lush green grash with tall green leaved trees were sheltering the whole area. Golden light seemed to come from above the trees, shining upon the ground.

Seto walked over to a slight clearing and deposited Asha gently onto the grass before sitting next to her, stroking her hair and awaiting her to open her eyes.

A few moments later the young girl did so, blinking her eyes a few times before looking around blearily.

"Am I in heaven?" she asked. Seto chuckled.

"No my light... you are alive".

Asha's eyes widened and she looked down upon her body, finding no wounds, damage or blood of any kind. She looked at Seto, confused.

"But how?"

"I made a pact with the greatest of all Blue Eyes White Dragons and he said he'd ressurect you for one day... but at the end of this day... you will die again" he explained.

"Oh... that's alright... I'm just glad you're alive and well..." Asha said genuinely. At this Seto chuckled. "What's so funny?"

"Actually my sweet... for the dragon to ressurect you, he also told me that when you die at the end of this day... I die with you" Seto finished. He found no need to explain the rest of what the dragon told him, so for now he left that part silent.

"B-But why! You deserve to live! Not to die because of me-" Asha started to protest but was cut off by Seto, who placed a hand gently over her mouth.

"My light... I cannot live without you... you are my hope... my desires... and most importantly, my heart... living without you is like living with a curse... living with the torment and agony of never seeing you or holding you within my arms ever again... and even if you were to just die alone at the end of this day and that I'd live on... I would actually kill myself to just be with you... for you are my lover... my light... my heart... my wife... and mine forever..." Seto finished. At Asha's surprised look when he mentioned wife, he added "Well come now, I am a priest, a High Priest at that, so I can just say we're married and there we are".

Asha's mixed coloured eyes brimmed with tears and as Seto removed his hand from upon her mouth, she reached up and hugged him tightly.

"I love you so much... my husband..." she whispered.

"I am glad my light... I am glad..." Seto whispered into her own ear before he gently pushed her back down on the grass. "And now for the honeymoon" he said casually, with a lusting, yet loving look he gave her with his eyes.

He slowly removed her wedding dress and moved it aside. Seeing as she was wearing nothing else underneath, he ran his hands from her shoulders, over her large, round breasts, across her thighs and even along her rear, cupping it as he pulled her hard against his arousal, making her see and feel the desire he had for her.

Asha moaned softly at the contact and removed Seto's headdress as she ran her hands through his soft, chocolate brown hair, sighing at how soft and fluffy it felt.

Soon the High Priest's clothing joined the headdress and Asha's wedding dress. And soon both bodies combined into one, the blissful heat of lust and love merging together as Seto, once again as he did many times before, claimed Asha as his own.


The day went by rather quickly... too quickly for the lovers liking but it didn't matter. They were together and they would enjoy it for no matter the cost.

Limbs entwined and bodies pressed against one another, this is how Seto and Asha layed for the last few remaining hours upon the cool, now wet grass.

And as Asha started to feel very sleepy, more sleepy then usual, Seto knew the time for her death, and his, had now come.

"Do not worry my light... and do not be afraid... for I will always be with you... in your heart and now as you lay within my arms... we shall be together forever..." he whipered soothingly into her ear, causing her to snuggle more against him.

"Heh...Marlena was right on the night when I first became a pleasure slave for you... she said that I belonged to you... mind... body... and soul... and also... my heart belongs to you... as well..." she murmured before she layed still. And Seto knew she was now dead. And by that fact, he could feel a heavy sleep come over him and knew his time was now coming fast.

"Not only do you belong to me Asha... but I belong to you as well... my heart yearns for you like no other... and I will have you till the ends of time..." Seto whispered as held her tighter against him before he too, dozed off to his own death.


Viper stared at the two Egyptians, now dead, lying in one another arms. She knew they deserved one another and she felt within her own heart that they would be with each other forever and ever...

She approached Asha's form and gently slipped off the flower gem necklace, examining it for a moment before she snapped her fingers and gold encasing enclosed around it. A Millennium Eye was on the face of the heart necklace and heiroglyphics were on the rest of the item.

"These two lovers shall be with one another till this planet is no more... and there love shall blossom for centuries to come... let this item... the Millennium Heart guide their own whent he time is right... and if I must, I will guide them as well" Viper stated before she closed her eyes and disappeared within the item, letting it fall to the ground.

And as the golden light from the sacred gardens shined down upon it, a holy, love filled moment may have ended... but it will start once again... and when it does... only time will tell... but that the two lover's hearts will continue to bond and evolve until their love can never stop but only grow... let it be said... and let it be done...