Hello. ^^ Lately I have become totally obsessed with GW/SM crossovers. I find Hiiro totally dreamy. *sighs* So anyway, I decided to write a GW/SM of my own! ^^; Ain't that quaint...*sweat drop* So...before any of you will kill me at my stupidity or anything...I only saw two episodes of Gundam Wing...^^; Yes. two. So bare with me. Please? If you're wondering...GW Endless Waltz. ^^;

Ne, don't kill me at my lack of Gundam know-how. ^^; I just wind the 5 guys to die for...*sighs* On with the fic, ne?



Gundam Wing: Happens 6 years after Endless Waltz. This would make the Guys and Relena 22 and 23 (Trowa).

Sailor Moon: After Stars, 6 years later. Altered the ages a bit, though nothing changes in the SM timeline. Usagi and the inners would be 21 and Michiru and Haruka would be 25 and Hotaru would be 15. Setsuna...don't ask...and Mamoru would be 29.

There is no inter-dimensional jumping. ^^; The senshi are born in the timeline of the Gundams.


Disclaimer: I own nothing! Everything belongs to their rightful owners...*grumbles*


			Prologue "Meet her"

"Are you sure about this?"


A soft sigh escaped the young woman's lips, tightening her grasp on his arm. "Hii-chan!"


"You're impossible!"


"Hn yourself!" muttered the young woman, pulling herself away from the smirking Hiiro. She settled herself in her set, staring outside the shuttle with a small pout. She tried to scoot away from from him in her seat, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Gomen," whispered Hiiro, trying to pull the pouting woman back into his arms. "Gomen ne,"

"I should feel honored that I can get you talk more than one syllable words," A small smile played on her lips as she allowed herself to be pulled into his embrace.

"You should,"

"Hey!" pouted the girl, poking him in the stomach, which she knew would have no affect to him whatsoever.

Hiiro smirked and held the woman tighter in his arms. "Sleep,"

She nodded and leaned against him, staring out the small window. They passed by stars and tiny ships. space always seemed so peaceful. "Do you think they'll like me?"

Hiiro nodded his head against her head, "Hai,"

"I hope so," mumbled the young woman, before getting lulled into a dreamless sleep.


It had been 6 years since the wars. Oz had been destroyed, Mariemaia had been adopted by Lady Une, peace somehow was established, and the Gundam Pilots had their own lives now.

Duo worked at the junkyard with Hilde. Now that the self-proclaimed Shinigami had lost his Deathscythe, he had all his free time at the Junkyard. He and Hilde were engaged, bound the get married soon. Hilde has yet to teach him some manners.

Trowa returned to the circus. He and Catherine are dating and bound to get engaged someday. Key word: someday. Trowa has yet to say "Will you marry me?". Which in Catherine's opinion, is quite a lot to say for the boy.

Quatre is engaged to Dorothy. Which by the others was found quite odd. How on earth Quatre and Dorothy hooked up still remained a mystery. Mr. Winner still runs Winner Corp and helps those in need.

All three of them try to help out the Preventers part time. Though with busy schedules; it is quite hard to accomplish.

Wufei still works for the Preventers full time. This sexist man has finally moved on his "Onnas are weak" rampage, and now calls every woman that comes in a 50 feet radius such...except Doc. Sally. This is quite an imporvement.

Hiiro. Only Kami knows where that man is.

Ms. Relena by now became Princess of the Sanq Kingdom and struggles to continue her pacifism beliefs. However through all her pacifism speeches and balls, she still finds time to continue her one true calling. Hiiro worshiping.

So here they were. 9 old friends gathered together at the Sanq Kingdom. A reunion. Sure they all had kept in touch - minus Hiiro that is - and they all had seen each other once in a while, but nothing beat to see everybody together again.

Especially Duo and Wufei - who still had to chop of Duo's braid.

So the Reunion commenced, which actually turned out to be a 2-month vacation at the Sanq Kingdom. Ms. Relena made sure of that. Well...perhaps the only reason was to make sure Hiiro would stay 2 months. This time she'd make sure that the man would be hers, even if it meant chopping off Duo's braid and tying Hii-chan up with it.

Relena laughed at that thought.

Quatre blinked and eyed the laughing princess. "Are you Ok Miss Relena?"

Relena stopped laughing and looked around the quiet living room. Looking down, she saw that her pillow was ripped into two. "Nothing," she replied with a sugar sweet smile.

"Crazy," breathed Duo, inching away from the crazed princess.

"Weak Onna," muttered Wufei under his breath, only to receive a hard whack on the head by Sally.

"I wonder where Hiiro is," mused Duo, leaning back in his chair.

"I actually contacted him a few days ago," said Quatre, turning to the others. "I told him to come,"

Relena straightened in her spot and eyed Quatre with hawk like eyes. "Really?!" she cried in utter delight. "Oh my Hii-chan is coming back to me!"

Quatre sweatdropped. "He didn't respond though. He cut the line afterwards,"

"Yui will come," grunted Wufei, crossing his arms. 'If we have to endure this crazy Onna, so has he!' he thought sourly. 'Injustice!'

"..." Trowa's gaze switched towards the entrance of the room. Green eye widened slightly in surprise.

"Ah, what would I give to be at gunpoint by Hii-man's gun again," grinned Duo, crossing his arms behind his head.

There was a click...signaling the safety of a gun went off.

Duo blinked and looked up. Looking over the pink couch, his eyes widened in a mixture of delight and ... fear. "Hiiro!" he cried, before toppling over the couch in fear of the gun. "I didn't mean that! Honestly!"

"Yui," acknowledged Wufei, smirking slightly at the sight of the cowering Duo. 'There is some justice after all,'

"Hiiro, good to see you," smiled Quatre, beaming brightly at his friend.


"Hiiro!" wailed Relena standing up and getting ready to glomp the dear live of the Perfect Soldier. With lightning speed and inhuman strength, she latched herself onto the emotionless boy.

"She'll kill him," whispered Dorothy to Quatre, who in turn only sweat dropped.

Hiiro tugged on the babbling princess. He wanted his ears to function again, and she was definitely not helping. Growling in frustration and tried to pull himself free. Only to succeed to get his air supply cut off.

"Ah miss," came a soft melodic voice from behind Hiiro and the blundering Relena. Everybody's attention was turned to the speaker. Minus Hiiro that is...he's busy trying to breathe.

"Hiiro's turning blue," pointed out the speaker, finally walking into the daylight. Revealing a stunning young woman, lugging a huge suitcase with her. She wore a white skirt that reached just above her knees, and a black spaghetti strap shirt under a jean jacket.

"Hiiro!" cried Relena aghast, releasing the now blue soldier. She began to fuss around him, sputtering apologies.

"Hn," grunted Hiiro, after taking 5 deep breaths of life. Funny, he was the perfect soldier...yet he nearly saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel...

"Are you ok?" asked the young woman, dropping the suitcase on the ground. Upon receiving a stiff nod, she smirked. "Good," And with that she roughly hit him on the head. "How dare you make me carry our luggage!"

Wufei spit into his tea. This onna was bossing Yui around! 'Injustice!' He mentally growled.

Relena was fuming. How dare this little girl hit her Hii-chan! "How dare you hit my Hii-chan!" she wailed, latching herself onto Hiiro's right arm. Hiiro grumbled in protest.

'Hers?' The young woman raised a delicate eyebrow upon seeing Hiiro's discomfort. Hand on her hip, she eyed Relena skeptically. 'She's crazier than Hiiro told me,'

"If you don't mind me asking," said Quatre, clearing his throat softly. He eyed the pretty young woman, fighting off a soft blush. "Who are you miss?"

The young woman's eyes widdened slightly, a soft blush gracing her cheeks. How utterly stupid of her to forget to introduce herself. "How rude of me," flustered the young woman. She quickly bowed in greeting. "I'm Usagi Yui, a pleasure to meet all of you,"

The sound of china breaking resounded in the entire room. Wufei had dropped his teacup and Quatre fought off the urge to faint dead away. Trowa eyed the blonde haired woman with mild surprise. The women were smiling brightly at the smiling blonde (minus Relena who glared) and Duo...well, he was, simply put...clueless.

"Hey Hii-man," he grinned goofily, jumping off the couch and slinging an arm around the blushing Usagi's shoulder. "You didn't tell me you had a cute sister!"

Hiiro growled and fought off the urge to shot the braided idiot and perhaps even Relena herself in the process. "I don't," he growled.

"She's my wife,"


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