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Chapter 8 "Enter the senshi"

If there was one thing that made Usagi more nervous than a rampaging Mars; it was a pissed off Uranus.

Her life looked bleak at the moment.

"Pacing wont help you,"

The blonde twitched slightly at her husband's comment. Adjusting her yellow sweater; she glared at her husband. "You try facing a pissed of Rei and Haruka,"

At the mention of Haruka, Hiiro shifted.

"See," smirked Usagi, hands on her hips. "It's like walking into a war!"

"You're friends can't be that bad," mused Hilde, staring at the once again pacing blonde.

"I haven't called for a year, nor did I write...I am surprised that they didn't send an army after me," sighed Usagi, shaking her head softly. "Believe me, somebody will get hurt today,"

"Hey, if they are cute I wouldn't mind getting hit on," grinned Duo, braid swishing behind him.

"Idiot!" growled Hilde, glaring at her fiancée.

"I was just kidding!" chuckled the braided man, raising both hands in truce.

"You better be,"

Usagi sighed softly and rubbed her temples. "Oh Kami," breathed the blonde.

"I will not be in a room filled with more onnas!" grumbled Wufei while being dragged into the living room by Sally.

"You will meet these young ladies whether you like it or not!"

"I will not lower myself to that!" snapped the Chinese, roughly pulling out his arm from Sally. If looks could kill, Sally would have shriveled up and died. 10 times over.

"Either you stay or you sleep on the floor!"

Needless to say; that shut Wufei up.

Growling in annoyance, Wufei trudged towards the sofa; deflated pride slightly intact.

"Master Winner," A butler stepped into the room. "There are some ladies here,"

Quatre brightened, "Those must be the guests," he said, turning away from the growling Wufei. "Send them in,"

The butler nodded stiffly before disappearing through the archway.

"Baka Onnas," murmured Wufei upon hearing giggles.

"Minako, you air headed blonde, shut up!"

"But Rei!" whined Minako. "This place is huge,"

"I don't see the reason to laugh about it,"

"Are you on drugs?"

"No Mako-chan!"

"Seeing that she is in the entertainment business, statistics show that there is a 73% chance that she might be on drugs,"

"Oi Ami! No fair!"

Usagi sweat dropped. It was the Inners.

"Those are your friends?" commented Duo, grinning slightly upon hearing the voices. "Cool,"

'Just stay calm Usa,' mused the blonde, slowly beginning to shrink into Hiiro's arm. 'They can't do any physical damage...well, Rei would....besides, the Outers will do that anyway,'

Usagi sweat dropped.

"Umm," a blonde head popped into the archway, looking around curiously. Blue eyes landed on Hiiro. "Hey!"


The blonde head disappeared once more. "They are in here guys!"

"Why does that personality seem so familiar?" mused Dorothy.

Wufei only growled in annoyance.

"Where the hell is she?!" snapped the raven haired senshi of fire, looking around the room with raging amethyst eyes.

Usagi quivered.

"Odango Atama!"

Usagi 'eep'ed loudly and bolted from her seat. A huge sweat drop began to form on her head. "Hey Minna!"

Rei twitched slightly. "You Meatball head!" yelled the tempering priestess. "How dare you not call or write to us for one whole damn year!"

"Usagi-chan!" grinned Minako, ignoring the seething senshi of fire. She animatedly pushed she seething Rei out of the way, she bounded to Usagi and glomped the dear life out of her Hime.

"It's been ages!" she giggled brightly, hugging her furiously. "We missed you sooooo!"

Usagi laughed, tears forming in her eyes as she hugged the bubbling senshi of Venus. "Minako-chan!" she laughed brightly as she heard a soft sob. "Demo, don't cry, I'll cry too!"

"I can't help it!" whined the other blonde, "You are so infectious!"

"Weak Onnas," muttered Wufei, while watching the teary display of reunion.

"Yo Minako," grinned Makoto. "Give us a share of her,"

"Yeah, I still need to decapitate her," muttered Rei sourly.

Minako laughed and pealed herself off Usagi. "It's good to see you again,"

"Mako-chan!" laughed Usagi, getting pulled into a tight hug by the taller girl. "You are sooooo tall!"

Makoto laughed in between tears and hugged her Hime. "We missed you!"

"I missed you guys too!" whispered the blubbering blonde, while getting pulled into a hug by Ami.

"Usagi-chan," smiled Ami, hugging her friend fiercely.

"Ami-chan!" grinned Uasgi, hugging her genius friend. "You still smart?"

Ami blushed and nodded her head.

"Give her to me,"

Usagi sweat dropped. "Demo Rei-chan,"

"You didn't bother to contact us?!"

"Now Rei....I...aw, Rei-chan!" whined Usagi, sweat dropping. She waved her hands in an desperate attempt to calm the seething fire senshi. "C'mon Rei...I was busy,"

An eyebrow twitched in aggravation and Rei stomped towards Usagi. "Busy?! For 365 days you were busy?!"

Usagi managed a feeble 'Yes'

Rei seethed in anger. "365 days?! What did you two do?! Have a 365 day honeymoon? Every night a night of pleasure or something?!"

Minako grinned. "Say yes Usagi-chan!"

"Rei!" screeched Usagi, turning bright red. Hiiro coughed loudly as Duo grinned liked a cat.

Sighing in annoyance, the fiery priestess slumped her shoulders. "Damn you Odango Atama," she grumbled. Smirking slightly upon seeing the red face of Usagi. "Come here you idiot!"

The two hugged each other as if there was no tomorrow.

Minako sighed wistfully, "I missed those days,"

Makoto grinned and titled her head towards Minako, "You mean the days when those two were on each other's throats?"


Usagi looked up from her death grip on Rei, a huge grin appeared on her face. "Ruka-chan!" She pushed Rei off her with super human strength, ignoring the indignant 'omphf' from the fire senshi, she bounded towards the tall senshi.

Hiiro tilted his head slightly and watched as Usagi's other friends arrived. Yes. Dear Haruka already had her eyes set out on him. Oh dear...

"Koneko-chan!" laughed the sandy haired senshi, hugging the smaller girl. "You look wonderful!"

"I see Hiiro-kun did an excellent job in taking care of you," chimed Michiru, smiling down at their princess.

"Usagi-mama!" grinned Hotaru, hugging the blonde around the waist. "I know!" She laughed giddily.

Usagi laughed and lowered herself in the girl's level. "Keep it a secret will you?"

"I will!" grinned the young Hotaru.

"Okay Usagi-chan," grinned Minako, quickly spotting every guy in the room. Ah, the boyfriend material. "Introduce us!" She giddily pulled the grinning Usagi up to her feet with her super human, I-think-I'm-in-love way.

"Ne, Mina-chan," sighed Usagi. "None of them are single."

Minako's whole world crashed for a second. "Oh,"

Shaking her head in amusement, Usagi turned to her other friends and husband. "These are my friends from Japan. We have Minako Aino, Makoto Kino, Ami Mizuno, Hotaru Tomoe, Michiru Kaioh and," Usagi took a deep breath, waving towards the scowling Haruka. "Haruka Tenoh,"

"Are you the Haruka who makes Hii-chan squirm?" asked Duo, with a huge grin.

Haruka raised an eyebrow. "Squirm? Is that all I do?" she watched Hiiro scowl in annoyance.

Usagi sweat dropped and whacked Haruka on the head. "Don't hurt my Hii-chan!"

"How about you take a seat?" Quatre gestured towards the free sets around the room.

Ami shifted nervously, and looked around in the group. "We really need to talk in private,"


Usagi smiled. "We haven't seen each other for, ehem, 365 days...we need to catch up on some things,"

"We'll join in an hour or so," suggested Michiru, smiling politely.

"I'll see you later Hii-chan!" beamed Usagi, while herding her friends towards the gardens.

"Yeah...I'll see you later too...Hii-chan," Haruka grinned widely before stepping out into the patio.

Hiiro mentally shuddered. "Hn,"

If Usagi's world looked bleak...his looked rather white...


Once out of ear shot, or in Usagi's opinion in a perfect place to torture her and nobody could hear her scream...

"So..." breathed Usagi, sitting down under a sakura tree. The others followed her suit, forming a small circle. "Did you feel it?"

"You mean the fact that we all get the 'hippy-jimmies' sometimes?" asked Minako, shrugging slightly. "Then yes,"

Usagi sweat dropped but nodded her head. "Minako,"

"What?" The Venusian senshi blinked upon receiving the weird looks. "It is true,"

"It's a bit weird ne?" Mused Makoto, head propped onto her hand. "That we are getting these warnings now,"

Rei blinked and turned to Jupiter. "What makes you think they are warnings?"

Makoto shrugged. "I don't know," she answered. "Perhaps it's the fact that there were no attacks in a long while and now..."

"It's the time of the great beginning,"

Everybody's attention went to young Hotaru.

"The time has come for destiny to take her pick," voiced the young senshi. Old wisdom flashed in her eyes as she continued to speak of the oracle. "She will see if the one is worthy,"

"worthy?" Usagi took a sharp intake of breath. 'You are not worthy' The eeire voice! Feeling a bit nostalgic, she wobbly stood up. "I--I--excuse me..."

The senshi watched her run back into the house with worry written on their faces. "What does it mean Hotaru-chan?" asked Michiru, placing a comforting hand onto the younger girls arm.

Hotaru shook her head. "I don't know,"

Sighing softly, a soft blanket of cold silence dropped onto the group.

"You think Setsuna has----"

Haruka growled loudly, interrupting Ami's theory of Setsuna. "That damned time senshi hasn't shown herself or her time old butt for months! I swear---"

"Haruka!" scolded Michiru, covering the giggling Hotaru's ears.

"---that that old bat knows everything that's been going on around here! That old coot doesn't even dare to come down here anymore! I Swear if Pluto come's down here...I'll---I'll ----"

"You'll do what Haruka?"


Everybody toppled over in sheer fright as Sailor Pluto appeared out of nowhere. Smiling serenely at the fallen Haruka, she queried. "Do what Ruka-chan?"

"Damn you Pluto!" yelled Haruka from her position on the ground. She received a hard slap on the shoulder from Michiru for swearing. Glaring darkly at the smiling Pluto, she pulled herself to her feet. "As if you didn't already know,"

Shrugging mildly, Pluto smirked. "Too true, too true,"

"Pluto," began Ami, while crawling back to a sitting position. (She mildly shoved a stunned Minako off her while doing so) "What is going on?"

Pluto smiled softly, "With Usagi or what's coming?"

Haruka growled in annoyance. "Of course with Usagi! What else?!" She blinked upon realizing that there are actually two options. "Why are there two options?"

The Time senshi shrugged. "Since there are two situations at hand,"

"Two?" blinked Makoto slightly confused.

"AHHH!" cried Minako in sheer terror, as if realizing what's going on. If that ever happened, the world would come to an end. "There are two evil guys attacking!"

Pluto sweat dropped. "No Minako," she said, calming down the hyperventilating Venus. "That's not it,"

"Then what is?" frowned Rei, a look of sheer annoyance crossed her face. She patted Minako on the back softly, helping her catch her breath.

Leaning on her time key, a knowing expression crossed Pluto's face. (It immensely ticked off Haruka, if anyone could guess). "Well, actually both involve Usagi. Really not that bad. Actually one of them is quite good news actually, to most of us that is,"

"Out with it already!" snapped Haruka, while mentally counting to ten before she could snap Pluto's neck.

"The time of the great beginning is near," answered Pluto with a serious expression. "A final judgment shall pass onto Usagi. I cannot divulge much information at the moment, since the higher powers do not permit. But it's nothing that much of a severity, which means earth is not under threat,"

"But Usagi is," Rei's frown deepened.

"In a way, perhaps," answered the Time senshi. "I'll tell you more once I'm permitted and Usagi's feeling better,"

"What do you mean 'once Usagi's feeling better'?" asked Ami, looking curious. Hotaru giggled next to her, she sent the young girl a questioning look before turning back to Pluto.

"That has something to do with my other news," voiced the Time Senshi, leaning onto her staff once more. A cat like expression crossed her face. "I believe Haruka will love it,"

Haruka in turn only scowled. She hated being left in the blue.

Giving them a knowing smile, she continued. "It has something to do with why our Hime is bent over a toilet bowl at the moment,"


Sakura petals swirled in the cold December air, a bird soared through the clear blue sky and a single snowflake began to decent from heaven. And a roar of a tiger, erm, senshi filled the air which was closely followed by girlish squeals of delight.


If it were possible, the Sakura tree shook with much ferocity that every petal would have fallen off. Every bird in a hundred mile radius would have took flight with fear. And the poor little snowflake would have high tailed back into heaven. Luckily none of this happened, or else Mother Nature would be severely ticked off at Uranus.

"Usagi's pregnant, Usagi's pregnant, Usagi's pregnant...." The inners continued their mantra, while hugging each other and jumping up and down with sheer joy. Oh, oblivious they were of the raging Uranus,

And with that, Pluto grinned at her handiwork of chaos and disappeared into her portal. She'd return after the bloodshed.



The group of men, known as the fearless Gundam Pilots sat together in the living room. The women had decided to leave and go for a stroll in Tokyo proper. (They dragged Relena with them, as she was rather clingy to Hiiro during that time when Usagi and her friends left for the garden.) So when Usagi whizzed by them, as if a serial killer was on her tail, they took somewhat extreme precaution. However they learned that it was just a case of the young blonde needing to puke that morning's breakfast into the immaculate white toilet bowl. Or in other words, she was experiencing morning sickness.

Now much more relaxed and at ease, these 5 ex-soldiers were indulging in their much favorite pastimes. Quatre and Trowa were in a heated battle of killer chess; Duo was surprisingly enough reading a very thin novel, Wufei was busy polishing his priced katana and Hiiro...Hiiro did what he did best. Stare into space.

Yet peace did not seem to last long.


"Did anyone else hear a wounded animal?" questioned Duo, looking over the novel and surveying the room.

Quatre looked around slightly alarmed. "I didn't know we had wild animals here," He stood up and began looking for his stun gun.

"Sounded like a tiger...rather angry," mused Trowa. His green eyes surveyed the windows.

"Damn animals," grunted Wufei, looking up from his feverish polishing.

Prussian eyes switched to the door of the patio, they widened upon seeing the blurry figure stalk towards the door. With a heartbeat, Hiiro stood up.

"I'll check on Usagi," was the mumbled sentence from the Perfect Soldier as he walked out of the living room and began his search for his wife. Perhaps she was the only one that could safe him from a raging Uranus. He silently prayed that his wife was done bending over the toilet bowl.



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