Summary: Bubbles and Boomer romance. It gets really sad. It makes me wanna cry… and it's all from Boomer's POV.


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"Bubbles? Yeah, I remember Bubbles…She was always such a sweet girl. I always loved her. I mean, yeah, I had girlfriends before her, but, in reality…I guess I just knew she was the one."

*Deep sigh*

"She…she was deeply self conscious. She was always worried about her hair, her clothes, and her weight. We started dating freshman year an the night it all ended was a week before senior prom. I had just called Bubbles and she filled me in with news of her prom dress."

*Another sigh*

"I told her she would look eye-catching beautiful as usual and made her promise to head over. She did and I hung up. I loved her so much…"

*Fades into flashback*

I walked onto the porch and gazed into the night. Sterling, my best friend, was on his driveway across the street, making out with Blossom. Gina, Buttercup, and Brick were putting on some music. I walked down to my driveway and leaned against my truck. I saw Bubbles turn the corner, and she made my heart leap.

She was wearing a red Abercrombie shirt with American Eagle cut-offs. A red pair of Old Navy flip-flops adorned her feet. Her hair was down and straight. When she saw me, she took off at a full sprint. She crashed into me, and only moments later claimed my lips with her own.

"I missed you." She said as we sat down on my driveway.

"I can tell." I laughed. I gazed at her as she sat there, twirling her hair in her fingers and, again, telling me in full detail what her prom dress looked like.

"Oh Boomer, prom is going to be soooo exciting! Don't you think so?" She asked me.

"Yeah, I know." I replied. She looked radiantly beautiful in the summer moon. If I had had any drawing skills, I would've drawn her right there. Maybe if I had, it would've kept her with me.

"Boomer, you look troubled! Is something the matter?"

"No, of course not! But there's something I've been meaning to ask you." I took one of her hands in mine. "Bubbles, will you marry me?" I took the small black velvet box out that had been sitting on my dresser, waiting for this moment.

"Oh, Boomer…"

"Well, of course we'd wait until after college. I mean, this is just a promise ring that…" My chattering was silenced by her lips.

"Boomer, yes, of course I will! I don't know how you could ever think of me saying no!"

She sat there, hand entwined in mine, lip-gloss slightly smeared, and her hair a little wind blown. That was the most beautiful I had ever seen her. I then took her hand that was laced with mine, opened the box, and slipped the golden promise ring onto her pinkie finger.

"Boomer, this ring, it's…it's beautiful!"

I smiled and she kissed me again. She glanced across the street at Sterling's house. He and Blossom had 'gone inside' and the rest of the gang had moved to the garage.

"I have to tell Gina and Buttercup, I'll be right back." She stood, leaned down and kissed me again, and then took off across the road. I guess she just didn't see that truck, I mean, no-one did.


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