A/N: Final installment of Always and Forever!!! This is where it gets really sad! You might wanna grab a tissue cuz this is a real tear jerker!


It happened so fast, yet so slow. She went over the top of the truck and hit the concrete with a soft thud. I took off and was by her side in an instant.

"Bubbles." I said as I cradled her limp form in my arms.

"Boomer, I love you…"

"No, don't say that, you're not going to die!" My eyes began to well with tears and a few even escaped.

"Boomer, I love you, ok. Don't ever forget that, ok?" A darker red began to seep onto her red shirt. It stained my hands and my jeans.

"Bubbles, you're gonna be ok. Okay?"

"Boomer, listen, I love you." Her eyes pleaded with me through the obvious pain she was going through.

"I love you, Bubbles." I held her as she passed with a smile on her face. I guess she didn't want to go without hearing it one last time.

"Bubbles?" I asked quietly. I knew I would never get an answer. With my heart heavy, I broke down and cried.

*End Flashback*

"Yeah…the worst day of my life was that day…if you think that was bad…trust me, the rest of my story is far worse that anything you can ever imagine. Try losing your love and something much more…"


It was prom night, and I sat at home and cried. I was sitting in the kitchen table when the phone rang. "Hello?" I spoke, drying my eyes.

"Boomer? Is that you?" The Professor's voice answered. It reminded me of Bubbles and made me want to hang up the phone.

"Yeah, it's me." I reluctantly answered.

"Boomer, I have something serious to ask you." He took my silence as an okay to continue talking. "Boomer, did you and Bubbles…" I winced at hearing my angel's name. "Did you two ever have sex?"

I couldn't even think of why he would be asking me this. "Yeah…two months ago maybe…we lost it together." I felt a little better, thinking of that blissful night.

"Well, I just thought you should know…the autopsy revealed something important…" He took a pause. "Bubbles was pregnant when she died…"

I dropped the phone and it clattered to the floor. A baby? My baby? Was dead along with my lover?

"Boomer? Boomer? Pick up the phone Boomer!"

I ignored the professor's voice and stumbled over to the kitchen sink. There were several bottles of pills, they belonged to my brother. I would be with Bubbles, no matter what, someday. I just thought I would speed up the process.

"Boomer? What're you doing?" Butch snatched both bottles of pills from my hands before I could get either of them open.

I turned to look at him with pain in my eyes.

"Boomer, I know what you and Bubbles had was special. But, killing yourself won't solve it." He put both bottles back in their place.

"Do you and Buttercup have sex?" I shot this question out of no-where. A deep blush spread over my brother's cheeks. "I know, but what would you do if you found out that Buttercup was pregnant?"

"Well, I would…"

I cut my brother off abruptly. "She was pregnant…I can't believe she was pregnant…I asked her to marry me after college, she said yes…" I broke down and cried.

"Boomer, you'll find someone else…"

"Don't say that!" I yelled at him and ran off to my room. "Bubbles…if you can hear me, I love you, and I'll be there soon…I'll be there with you and our child…"

*End of Flashback*

"I mean, I guess things will never look up. Unless I do something…but you see, I don't want to. Those pills should be taking effect any time now. At least I'll be with Bubbles…my love…my darling…"


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