Chapter 18- The end and a new beginning…

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Kagome and Inuyasha ran hand in hand down the path to the Bone Eater's Well. The jewel had been purified and it was gone. Inuyasha was still a half demon, Kagome was pregnant and now the only thing that was left to do was check to see what had befallen the well after the jewel was cast away into nothingness.

They approached the well and Kagome looked at Inuyasha with a little pang of worry. He smiled to reassure her and they stopped at the mouth of the well.

"Do you think it still works, Inuyasha?"

"Well…there's only one way to find out. Ready?"

Kagome nodded and she held his hand tighter. What if it didn't work? What would happen to her family? Would they notice her not returning for a while? Kagome closed her eyes as Inuyasha climbed onto the mouth of the well and she was pulled up by him. She then opened her eyes and gazed down into the darkness.

Kagome took a deep breath and the two of the jumped feet first into the black pit. Kagome braced herself for hitting the dirt ground below her, but the familiar feeling enveloped her and she looked around at the pink and purple lights that shimmered around her.

Kagome sighed with relief and looked at Inuyasha, who smiled back at her. They came down onto the other side and Inuyasha picked Kagome up and jumped high up onto the dirt floor of the Higurashi Shrine.


Kagome felt tears come to her eyes as Inuyasha set her down and she nodded.

"Thank god. I was so worried that it wouldn't work. I have to go to tell my mom!"

Kagome ran up the wooden steps and threw the shrine door open and sped out into the sunshine. Inuyasha laughed a little, shook his head and followed right after his mate.

Sango watched Miroku intently as he rummaged through Kagome's backpack.

"What are you doing, Miroku?"

He didn't reply to her and she watched him curiously as Kilala watched from her lap.

Miroku then stood up straight and turned around slightly.

"Sango… would you be…my wife…?"

Sango's mouth dropped as Kilala looked up at her and meowed happily. Miroku kept his back to her and she was speechless.


Miroku turned around and held up a small box and handed it to Sango.

"What is this?"

"Something from Kagome's Era. I-I asked her what people did in her time when they wanted to get married and…she gave me this…"

Sango opened up the box and inside was a small gold banded ring that Sango placed on her finger immediately.

"Oh…wow…I-I don't know what to say…"

Miroku got down in front of her and started to kiss her romantically. They fell back and Kilala jumped from Sango's lap and walked out the door calm and happy.

"What are you going to name the baby, dear?"

Inuyasha, Kagome and her mother sat at the kitchen table as Kagome's mother reached out and grabbed the tea pot. She poured herself a cup of tea and sipped it with a smile on her face.

"Well…we don't know yet. We were going to wait until it was born…"

"Well, you should at least think of some names ahead of time."

Kagome was silent and she turned to Inuyasha a little bit.

"Actually, I had been putting some thought into a girl's name…"

Inuyasha smiled.

"What is it?"

"Well…'s always been my favorite name. I really haven't thought of a boy's name yet. I kind of have a feeling that it is a girl, but I'm not sure."

Inuyasha smiled and nodded in agreement. Kagome stood up and Inuyasha stood with her.

"Well, Mom. I think we'd better get back because…I think we've missed something…"

"What do you mean, Kagome?"

Kagome turned to Inuyasha and she winked at him.

"You'll see, Inuyasha."

Kagome and Inuyasha exited to the shrine as Kagome's mom waved to her from the back door. Kagome waved back and they walked into the well house.

"What's going on?"

"You'll see!"

Kagome jumped into the well and Inuyasha followed her.

Back in the Feudal Era…

Kagome and Inuyasha entered the village as Shippo came barreling up the hill.

"Kagome! Is it gone?"

Kagome nodded and she looked at Inuyasha lovingly.

"You won't believe what's happened, Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha growled and he followed Shippo and Kagome into the village. Outside of Kaede's hut was Sango and Miroku. Sango was hanging on Miroku's arm and she had a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Miroku and I…we're engaged!"

Inuyasha mouth dropped to the ground and Kagome giggled furiously. They all laughed and walked into Kaede's hut to enjoy their dinner.

After dinner, Kagome and Inuyasha left Miroku and Sango to their own bliss while they went on top of a nearby hill to look at the stars.

"Inuyasha…I am so happy. I hope you are too…"

"I can't even begin to find the words to explain my happiness. I love you so much, Kagome."

"I love you too. Can you believe it…we're going to be parents!"

Kagome looked at her slightly bulging stomach and Inuyasha put a hand on it.

"I can feel it. I can sense it and it's really strong…"

Kagome sighed and looked up at a shooting star. She closed her eyes and made a wish…

'I wish for my life to be long and happy with Inuyasha and our child to be a baby girl.'



"You never answered me before."

She turned to him and looked deeply into his golden eyes. She lifted her hand to lightly caress his ear and he sighed with contempt.

"I can't separate you from your child and I can't be separated from you. I will stay with you, Inuyasha…but…I must visit my family once and a while…"

"I understand."

He smiled and leaned in to kiss her passionately…

Off in the woods somewhere…

Footsteps echoed in the air as the darkness of night made the trees seem black even against the full moon's bright light. A shadow of a figure moved down a dirt path slowly and steady. It stopped at a corpse lying in the road with dry blood surrounding it.

"It worked. Naraku is finished and now YOU can truly give me my freedom…Kohaku…"

Kagura smiled and one of Kohaku's eyes opened and it was black and soulless.

"Time will tell, Kagura…time will tell…"

"From a friendless founding, feeble and wretched, he grew to a terror as time brought change…""Then an evil spirit who dwelt in darkness…""Of his blood was begotten an evil brood…"" If his coil of evil is ever to end and feverish care grow cooler and fade—or else ever after his doom shall be…""Then the white-haired hero…(who) was numb with sorrow…(fell) downward (with) dips into gloom and shadow…" Beowulf (words in parenthesis means words added…)


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