Hello!  I am out with a new poetry series, about the other and minor bishounen characters.  Please request who you want next.  Tell me if you like!  This is about Seaman, if you know who he is.

Rain Comes Pouring In

By Samurai Girl Sakura

I look out my window, and the rain is drizzling,

Like a mist above all heaven.

The rain is pouring in, into my mind.

The rain falls into my soul, cleansing the blood

Flowing through my veins,

Everything wet, I see you.

The pavement is soaking through, as I watch from

My seclusion from the world.

I think of you, the red liquid you form.

Enter me, enter me.

I watch the children get off the school bus,

Wet through and through.

And yet the tears of the Gods come.

The rain falls like a memory,

Tearin' me apart like a new spirit.

The rain comes again,

Pulling at my heart like a tragedy,

Pulling me away from my conscience.

I look out my window,

And the rain comes pouring in,

The rain comes pouring in…

I don't love Matarai, but he is cute enough.  Even if you don't know who he is, tell me if you like it!  Please read my other stories, and look at my bio. 

Love always,

Samurai Girl Sakura