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Red Skies Are Black

By Samurai Girl Sakura

I look into my soul from the window that is my mind.

The red skies in my mind are black.

My heart is being consumed.

Consumed by a dragon.

Black fire, keep on burning.

Wheel in the sky, keep on turning.

I call to the skies,

I flock to my web, my mind,

And see you.

The flames keep consuming my heart.

The heat will never cease.

This fire that is black.

The red skies are black.

The dragon that consumes…

Come bring me away…

Take me to your master…

Okay, not that great.  I will do Touya next, I promise!  Please tell me who you want next!  Please read and review this and my other stories as well!

Love always,

Samurai Girl Sakura