Kagome gathered the required herbs that Keade told her too, and put on the miko robs. It wasn't really appropriate to wear her dirty and scuffed uniform for a spell. Though Keade told her it was an easy spell, she had never erected a barrier before, so she needed absolute concentration. But with her luck, something would happen. But she'd make sure she's have her peace.

"Hey Miroku!" she called to the monk. Miroku peeked his head out from Keade's hut curiously. "If you see Inuyasha, tell him to stay away from the God Tree. I'll need all the peace I can get."

"Can do," the monk replied, happy to help the young miko sharpen her powers.

Kagome waved to him and headed for the God Tree, the massive tree in the dead center of Inuyasha Forest. When she arrived, sunlight streaked through the tree's leaves, giving it a surreal effect. She always loved it here; it was just so calming and filled you with ease. It was a tree that had survived through time, and had seen many centuries. It was like a symbol for power. That's why Kagome choose this spot for her practice. With a steady hand, not saying a word, Kagome stuck incense from the ground in a circle in front of the tree, and lit them. She took the wooden bowl of dried herbs and put it in the middle of the circle. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Kagome kneeled with the smoking bowl in front of her, and inhaled deep the herb's sweet scent. They were for tranquility, and concentration. Kagome formed her hands the way Keade showed her, and focused her mind on protecting herself and the area around her. She sat that way for a couple hours, not noticing the sun lower in the sky. She could feel it, that power she needed to make this a success. It was like a ball just outside her reach. She reached out to it, her mind just brushing the edge, and it pulsed energy into her fingers and up her arms. She could feel the power cascade through her. She just needed to grasp it, and use for her own use.

But, of course, with her luck something would happen.

~*~ Inuyasha was growing quite bored by himself. The kistune brat hadn't provided much entertainment after Inuyasha knocked him unconscious. And just sitting on a branch in a tree was making his butt numb. He wondered what Kagome was doing. He smirked as he thought of the perfect way to rile her up. Yeah, that sounds good. Now he just had to find her. Easily, Inuyasha jumped from branch to branch, the wind billowing back his silvery hair. As he neared the village, he smelled fires going, and a few pots were cooking something. He discerned Miroku, Sango, Keade, and Kirara. Of course, Shippo was flat on his back somewhere in the forest, but he'd wake up eventually. But no Kagome.

Curious, inuyasha went into the forest on the other side of the village. He immediately felt a tingle along his skin. Some one's doing a spell. His brows came together as he smelled Kagome's scent coming from that direction. He sped up, worry curling in his gut. Maybe she was trapped, or worse some one was doing something to her. Through the branches, he came up to the God Tree, and there she was. He frowned as he saw she was wearing miko robes, but he knew plain as day who she was. She was chanting, and he could feel a steady pulse flow through the air. What the hell is she doing?

Curiosity peaking, Inuyasha dropped from his position. Right in front of Kagome.

"What are you doing?" an innocent question to begin with, but with dire consequences. Kagome couldn't control it. Just as Inuyasha opened his mouth, she had clasped onto that power she felt. But her surprise caused it to lash out, and do something that would change their perspective forever.

She screamed in her surprised, and a blast came from her hands. It a was a bright surge, tinted lights pink and purple, her colors. It encompassed the area in light, and the two were flung to either side of the clearing. Kagome felt her skin burning, and her joints crack and snap. Inuyasha felt like he was swimming in a lake of fire ants, each stinging him in turn. A large echo resounded as the blast subsided. Two forms could be seen laying face up, sprawled flat. Minutes went by and neither moved.

Inuyasha groaned and held his head. What the fuck was that? He felt like he just went to hell and back. He sat up, and nasty crack came from his back. He hissed and rubbed a hand there. What he felt wasn't hard toned muscle, but firm muscle under a smooth exterior. Curious, he held his hand up to his face. He eyes went wide when he saw slender hands with narrower claws, not wide palmed hands. He jumped up and found his hakuma sagged over a narrow waist and wide hips. And something was missing from between his legs. Dumbfounded, he stood still., it was a dream. A really bad dream. Had to be. He pinched himself. Nope that hurt. He pinched harder and drew blood. His heart beat faster and he breath shortened. Okay one way to find out. Slowly, his hands came up and wrapped around his shirt collar. He closed his eyes and prayed to any and every god out there that this wasn't what he thought was. if it was, Kagome was so dead. He pulled his short forward and looked down. And went as red as blood, on the verge of purple. He quickly closed the shirt and started panting. Those certainly weren't his. He looked up when he heard a groan.

Kagome opened her eyes slowly. She found some hair fell over her face so she brushed it away. Then paused. Curious, she held the hand in front of her and studied it. It was wide palmed, and had blunted fingers. She flexed each finger in turn. Wait...wait a goddamned minute. This wasn't her hand! She sat up straight and looked down at herself. And stood in shock. Her miko robes got tighter, and had had grown taller. What the hell...? She reached up to scratch her head, and found all her hair was gone. Instead it was as short as her brother's, the bangs shifting to the side to cover one eye., no, no, no, no, no! This is not happening! This is not what it looks like! Just to confirm it, Kagome reached up to her chest, hoping to god that she would feel her familiar under aged breasts. Instead, there was only flatness and lean muscle.

"W-what's going...?" a voice said. Kagome looked up to find a pretty girl in a red kimono. Her eyes went wider as they roamed the stranger. She had white hair, golden eyes, and dog ears.

"I-I-I-Inuyasha?" Kagome stammered. But her voice was deeper, and husky. Like a man's.

Inuyasha's eyes went wide as dinner plates. "k-k-k...Kagome?" Inuyasha's voice had lightened, and sounded like a girl who smoked a bit too much.

They stayed that way for a few minutes, staring at each other in disbelief. But then of course, reason caught up with shock. The opened their mouths at the same time.

The screams could be heard for miles around.

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