Gome seriously wanted to laugh his ass off, but doing it in front of Inuyasha was probably not the best idea. But in all his life, he's never seen anything funnier. They cleaned Inuyasha up, gave her a new cloth, which she complained felt really wrong. But comlain all she want, it wasn't coming off. So they left Kouga in that clearing, out for the count, and walked back in silence. But Gome knew what the glares meant.

They came upon Keade's somewhere after darkness fell, and Gome was pretty tired. Inuyasha was brooding, nothing unusual, and refused to say a thing. They entered the hut, where their friends must have been animatedly talking before they walked in. Miroku raised his brow at Inuyasha's ruffled state.


"You ask you die," was Inuyasha's simple response, preferring to sit in the far corner of the room. Miroku only let out a breath. Sango asked Gome silently with her eyes, but he only held up his hands.

"I've been sworn to secrecy. And I really want to live to see my next birthday."

And so, with uncomfortable silence, the hut settled down for the night.

He groaned and rubbed his head. And when he tried to sit up, a part in his lower region that he never expected to hurt, did. He cupped himself, hissing, and rolled only to be hit with a early morning sunbeam. He growled in frustration, and despite all, just stood up. He lifted his head and looked around, confusion rising. How the hell had he gotten here? Where was here? He took a few sniffs. And turned beet red in anger. And why the hell did it smell like HIM? Taking a close sniff, he froze in horror. He looked down at his hands.

"Why...the I smell...LIKE DOG TURD?!!?!?!?!"

A few birds flew from their tree in fright. Angry beyond his normal point, Kouga raced off on Inuyasha's old trail. It was hours old, but still fresh, and he was going to get some answers. He had no idea how he got there, why he was there, and the in the green earth how he smelled like Inuyasha. He came upon the village faster than he expected and skidded to a halt. He tensed his fists.


People in nearby huts who had the misfortune of being near Kouga's yelling, stuck their heads out to see the noise, and then ran in fear screaming 'demon!'. But the primary target heard him, as well as everyone else in the village, and simply remained where she was. There was no chance in hell she was going out there. Kouga can scream his head off, but there was no way Inuyasha was leaving that hut. The others looked at her questioningly.

"Well Inuyasha, are you going?" Miroku asked.

Inuyasha growled at him, "are you fucking kidding me? Hell no I'm not going! I'm not letting him see me like this!"

"He's going to come after you anyways," Sango stated. Gome sighed. This was going to be worse than if he was a girl again. But the thoughts were interrupted as screaming was heard, growing closer to them as Kouga followed their scent. They heard dirt kicked up as he skidded to a stop in front of the hut, and growled deeply at it.

"Get out here dog shit and tell me what the fuck is going on!"

They all looked to Inuyasha, who only stared back stubbornly. Gome sighed again. He got up and grabbed Inuyasha's arm, pulling her up and over to the door. "Come on, lets get this over with."

"Let go you knit wit!! I am so not going out there!" Inuyasha barked and ripped her arm from Gome's grasp. Gome gave her a level stare, and sighed deeply, rubbing a hand over his face. What he would give for some aspirin!

"Fine, but I am, and either way, he's gonna know. Stay here and look like a coward I don't care, but I am just bracing myself for the headache that is coming," Gome replied and lifted a hand to the shoji, pushing it aside to let in the morning sunshine. Sango and Miroku raised brows at Inuyasha, who huffed and looked away stubbornly. Shippou with held the urge to smack the hanyou for his—eh...her stupidity.

Kouga tapped his foot impatiently on the ground, arms crossed, waiting for dog turd. He was getting some odd stares, and the villagers gave him plenty of space. His annoyance grew when a strange man stepped from the hut instead, weariness and stress played all over strangely familiar face. The man looked at him expectantly with disturbingly familiar brown eyes, his raven falling to one side in a tuft. Kouga growled. "where the hell is mutt face? I know he's in there!"

The man sighed and tucked his hands in the sides of his hakuma. Bright red hakuma. Once again, that nagging feelings. Something was definitely wrong here. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid Inuyasha is...INDISPOSED of for the time being, as am I...Kouga."

Kouga scrunched his brows and scowled at the man. Come to think of it, this man's scent was a bit...feminine. Something he's smelled before too. "indisposed? Since when the hell has he turned down a chance to tear my throat out? and how the hell do you know my name?"

The man gave a small smile and gritted his teeth, hissing exasperatedly. "I'll give you one clue...I can sense the two jewel shards in your legs."

"What? You liar! The only person who can...sense...hold on," Kouga held up a hand and look at his feet, things suddenly clicking in his brain. The scent, the eyes, the pants. Inuyasha's pants given to someone else. Someone he had to be a fool not to know their scent. He sat down right where he stood, and braced his head on his hand, raising it to open and close his mouth like an idiot trying to talk. When he did, his voice squeaked, "Kagome?"

"Ladies and gentlemen! We have winner...hello Kouga, like my new look?" Gome gave a dry laugh as Kouga shot him a glare, his gaze switching to the shoji. Kouga pointed at it.

"And Inuyasha's in there?," at Gome's nod, he jumped to his feet and shook his fist at the hut, "Inukorro, get your ass out here and tell me what you did to my woman!!"

"Bite me!" came the intelligent response, and Kouga blinked. Inuyasha's voice sounded different...softer. Gome sighed again.

"Inuyasha! Get your sorry ass out here and preserve whatever dignity you have left!"

"And showing myself to the fleabag is gonna help?! you can kiss my girly ass!!" came the most sophisticated reply, and Kouga choked on a snort.

"Girly? Inuyasha are you a...?" he didn't finished his sentence, for Kouga was having trouble keeping down his giggles. Gome pursed his lips and went back in the hut. He came back out with a struggling and screaming, and very feminine Inuyasha. He let go, and Inuyasha fixed her robes, before realizing what he had done and froze. Inuyasha turned to a very shocked wolf.


"AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" Kouga collapsed to the gorund convulsing in laughter, clutching his stomach painfully as Inuyasha practically snarled at him. It didn't help, since her growl had lightened a few degrees since the change. It made Kouga laugh harder. The wolf pointed at her, "You're a fucking woman!! Oh this is rich!!"

Inuyasha's anger knew no bounds, and she sent Gome a glance. Gome shrugged, "fine just this once."

Inuyasha's frown turned to a grin, and she pushed up the sleeve of her haroi. Before Kouga knew it, his head was buried in the ground with a giant bump protruding from his skull, Inuyasha's fist cracking a few knuckles after the really hard punch. They gaped as Kouga's laughter escaped through the dirt and drifted muffled to their ears. Inuyasha growled and was going for a second round when Gome cut him off guard.


Hello, my name is dirt, what's yours?

Miroku and Sango emerged from the safe haven of the hut, to see two collapsed bodies on the ground, one in their own crater, the other laughing madly from a hole in the ground. Shippou came past them to go poke Kouga as he gasped for breath, and Gome looked like he was ready to kill himself.

Miroku held in his chortling, and Sango raised her eyes to the heavens.

"If Naraku doesn't kill us, they will."

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