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This Sesshoumaru

By Gina

            Sesshoumaru sighed and stepped into the train, along with the group of people around him. Three young girls giggled by him, whispering about his hair and other bodily aspects. He frowned to himself, his face still perfectly calm, and sat down. He crossed his ankles and slung his bag from off of his shoulder, taking out a book and trying to absorb himself in the material. Years of being ogled at should have left him numb to the hushed comments he received, but they occasionally annoyed him. Like today.

            He sighed and rolled his eyes when one of them said she would take a bite out of his "luscious ass". Another one joined in and said with a squeal how much she wanted to "ride him hard all night long." He turned his head to them and smirked.

            "I assure you, walking would be quite difficult after 'riding me' all night long," he said basking in their shocked faces. He could smell their embarrassment as they rushed past him at the next stop, and he openly smiled. Even after all these years, even after all he had changed, he still took pleasure in human discomfort.

            He waited until his stop, then stood up and brushed past every other person around him. He felt ridiculous as he headed towards his destination, but the pull he felt couldn't be ignored any longer. It had been a week since he'd last seen her, and he need to just catch a whiff of her scent to tide him over. He took a short cut through the alley and gracefully descended the stairs, his scarf trailing behind him like a tail.

            She glanced out the window just in time to see his long silver hair sweep around his lean form. She sighed in annoyance as he entered the shop and glanced around, feeling his gaze linger on her. She ignored the fluttering feeling in her stomach as he sauntered down the aisles, glancing carelessly at CD titles, his long fingers brushing over them lightly. She sighed and glanced back at the paper work in front of her, feeling quite hopeless over her money predicament. Her shop needed more exposure or else it was going to close.

            The two CDs and a few other DVDs dropped in front of her startled her out of her daze. She looked up and found two golden eyes staring at her intently. His face was stoic as always, but she saw a glint of amusement in his eyes. His lips almost curved into a smile as he propped himself on one elbow and turned the paper so he could look at it. His eyes scanned over the numbers and configurations before she turned it away from him.

            "Hi Sess. Please mind your own business," she said while picking up his CDs and scanning them. He smiled inwardly at her forwardness. A hundred years ago, he would have ripped her throat out. Now, it just amused him.

            "If you add three percent more of your monthly revenue here," he pointed to a spot on the paper, "instead of here," another spot, "you'll save much more than you are currently. Thank you," he said quietly, taking his bag and walking out of the store. He glanced behind him and saw her scribbling notes on the paper and looking between her calculator and the paper. She looked up at him and smiled brightly, and he could feel her gratitude and... arousal? He smiled back and walked up the stairs, trying to forget the way his heart rate had increased when she'd looked at him like that.

            She let her gaze linger on his body as he walked up the stairs, straight and proud. She was so happy with his math skills that she had considered inviting him up to "thank" him. She blushed. Stupid, stupid! I mean, he probably has a girlfriend anyway. How could he not? He's gorgeous. She hopped up onto the counter and lay back, letting her legs dangle off either side of it. A girl she had hired the week before, Rina, skipped out of the backroom.

            "Ooo, was he here again?" she asked, skipping around the store with a fluffy duster. Her answer was an inquisitive glance. Rina sighed. "You know, him! Oh, what's his name… Sess! I know you like him Ayusa."

            Ayusa blushed. "No, I don't. I find him painfully good looking, but he's seems to be lacking the…" she hesitated, trying to find the right word. Rina piped up, "Don't tell me you've seen his package!" She giggled and ducked, avoiding the empty case thrown at her.

            "I was going to say the emotion department. But I wouldn't mind divulging in the other one," she mumbled the last part to herself and ignored Rina's smirks.

            Sesshoumaru smiled to himself as he walked down the street and up to his apartment building. He nodded politely to the old man sitting outside, who jumped up and opened the door. Funny, he thought, that not too long ago this human would have done that out of fear and not because it was his job. He entered his pent-house apartment, which took up the two upper floors of the building. He scratched at his ear and removed the tiny piece of bees wax that had been protecting his sensitive eardrum from the absurdly loud noises of the city. It had been even more annoying at his last apartment, when he'd had to keep the wax in at night, just to muffle the ridiculous moans and pants of the neighbors next door. Pathetically weak humans, he thought growing annoyed, if they had to go a fraction as long as I have without touch, they would break. He walked up the stairs to the roof slowly, enjoying the lingering scent of her that had clung to his shirt and fingers.

            His thoughts drifted to the curve of her neck and how it melted into her strong, yet elegant shoulder. His jaw twitched, and he lightly considered sinking his teeth into the delicate flesh the next time he saw her. If I see her, he reminded himself, fully knowing that her scent would call to him in a day or two. He lay back on the rough cemented roof, his leg dangling over the side. He felt the familiar ache, dull as it was, return once he decided to think about her. He entertained small fantasies of bursting into the store one night while she was alone, throwing her down onto the floor, or maybe on the counter, that seemed like fun, and just ravishing her until she screamed his name. He grinned and flexed his claws. The thought of his teeth grazing against her skin aroused him, and he was long past feeling angry or horrified that he exuded that type of reaction from a human. There were very few youkai left, and to think he would ever find a mate that would continue his pure blood was ridiculous. Humans had taken over the world, and most of the youkai had been killed mostly from fighting amongst themselves. Taking a mate didn't seem like such a bad idea…

            His thoughts flickered to his brother and he frowned, suddenly feeling distressed and…sad? Yes, he admitted, I feel an immense sorrow for my brother and his would-be mate. They just didn't realize… He cut off the thought before it finished, not willing to start another hair wrenching regret session over how he could have helped his younger brother. How he had fallen to the ground after it had happened, crying and tearing at his skin. How after that his scent changed and-

            Stop it! he ordered himself, sitting up angry. There was nothing I could have done! It was his own damn choice! He started to pace around when a car screeched on the street below. The grating sound only fueled his anger and he stalked back to his apartment, trying to desperately rid all thoughts of his brother. My stupid brother that let love break him.

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