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This Sesshoumaru

By Gina

            He sighed and growled, annoyed. He rolled out of his bed and grabbed a black shirt, casually slipping it over his shoulders. He zipped up his jeans and stepped into the leather boots he'd had custom made. Draping his coat and scarf over his arm, he slipped down the stairs. He buttoned up the shirt as he walked onto the train, and instead of ignoring or getting annoyed with the stairs, he felt himself vying for them. He could use them to his advantage. Especially to stop thinking about her. He walked onto the platform after a few stops and raced up to the bar.

            He entered with an air of nonchalance, and with a few precise glances around the bar, he noted a few women he wouldn't mind picking up. He slid into a stool and ordered a Guinness. An attractive blonde sat next to him, tracing her fingers along his thigh as she did. His only acknowledgement of her was a cock of his eyebrow. He could smell her arousal as he lifted the glass to his lips and took a careful sip. He glanced at her and she smiled slyly, crossing her legs to give him a peek of her thigh as her skirt rode up.

            "Hey sexy. What's your name?" she asked, leaning forward and licking her lips. He turned to her and decided to have a quick fix. He leaned closer to her and whispered against her ear.

            "I'll tell you once I know your name. A beauty like you shouldn't be left nameless," he felt her shiver as he spoke and smiled to himself. She would be easy…and fun. She sat back and smiled, trailing her nail down his arm. She debated with herself, but as his golden eyes flickered over her body, she decided she would pick him that night.

            "You can call me Lisa. And you? Should I just call you sexy?"

            He laughed, and it even sounded almost genuine to him. She wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't. "My name is Sess."

            "Oh, Sexy Sess. I like it," she whispered, leaning forward and licking his earlobe. He glanced at his watch. 11:52 pm. He slipped his hands down her sides, resting them on his hips. She kissed his jaw and he sucked on her neck for a moment.

            "Meet me by the bathroom," he whispered standing up. He sauntered towards the men's room, glancing over his shoulder as he took a left and waited for her. She pretended to not notice him before she also stood and walked to the lady's room. They slipped into the right door and she pressed him against the stall door. They slammed their lips together, tongues sliding along the other's. He dug his fingers into her sides as he lifted her up and turned around, pushing her against the wall. He rested a knee on the seat of the toilet and nestled his groin between her legs. Her breath caught in her throat as he began to nibble down her neck and at her collarbone. She ran her fingers through his hair, long, silver, and silky, as he fumbled with the clasp on her shirt.

            "Oh, here," she arched her back and unclasped it herself, wrapping her legs around him tighter. He tore the fabric away from her and nuzzled his face between her breasts, lavishing them with the attention of his tongue. She stifled a moan as they heard someone else come into the bathroom. Her fingers slipped to his pant button, and she brushed her fingers against the tiny hairs as she unzipped his jeans. She her legs fall as he pulled her underwear down, before wrapping them back around him quickly. Her fingers stumbled with the button on his shirt and in a flash, he had stripped himself clear of the material. She sucked along his neck and shoulder, arching into his mouth as he alternated between gently biting and suckling at her nipples. She felt him harden, and he grunted as he rubbed against her leg.

            "Come on Sexy Sess," she whispered heatedly and his eyes flashed with excitement and arousal at her words. He lifted her up above him, spreading her thighs as he did so, and she gasped at his quick entry. She thought about mentioning a condom but her train of thought died as he began to thrust into her. Her backbone slammed against the wall with each of his plunges. She arched against him and his lips caught her breasts as they bounced with the movement of their bodies. She started to rotate her lips in a figure eight motion as he continued to pound against her. Her fingernails scratched his back as she fought the urge to scream. He gave a small moan and grunt and she felt his body tensing. He moved more rapidly against her, his hands clutching her bottom as he supported their weight.

            They were panting and slippery with perspiration, and she had to bite down on his shoulder to keep from moaning. Her teeth against his skin drove him to move faster and he took them away from the wall and sat down on the seat, bouncing her in his lap. She shifted and straddled him more fully before beginning to roll her hips against his. His breath quickened again, and his nails dug into her thighs. She let her head roll back as he pulled her against him, thrusting more deeply each time. His chest was heaving with each breath, and the hot air grazed against the side of her face. She felt the pressure building in the pit of her stomach and the tension was only fueled by his fingers as they slipped between them and rubbed against her clit. He rolled the nub between his thumb and forefinger and moaned as he felt her walls tighten around him. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, fingernails digging into his shoulders. He thrust quickly and her legs trembled as she felt her orgasm building. A few seconds later, she tightened completely as her body arched and stiffened with jolts of pleasure. Her climax caused his own release, and he thrust once more into her as he felt himself emptying against her.

            At the peak of their climaxes they had each whispered a name.



            They sat on the seat, shuddering and shaking with pleasure. She kissed him gently on his lips and whispered a thank you. He gave her a lopsided grin and relaxed against the cold, dirty wall. Their shirts were on the floor but neither of them had taken off the clothing that covered their lower halves. His pants clung to his legs, soaked with sweat and her skirt stuck to her thighs. She rested her head against his shoulder, still shaking.

            "Who's Ayusa?" she asked quietly.

            "Well who's Rick?" he asked back, his tone light and playful. He felt a sense of relief but wasn't sure why.

            "Rick is…complicated. There's a lot of sexual tension there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about him yet," she gave a bitter laugh and he knew she was trying to mask her disappointment that the one with her in the bathroom was not Rick.

            "Have you ever actually tried suggesting something like this," Sess waved a hand between their slick bodies, "to him? I can't imagine him saying no."

            She shook her head. "He doesn't seem to be like that, otherwise I would've." She looked at him expectantly and he sighed. Stupid human.

            "Ayusa is…someone I'm interested in for a serious relationship. I think…I'm not sure," he answered. Hell, might as well be honest with her. She nodded again and gave out a short laugh. He was annoyed by it.

            "Well, at least we know how to find a quick and easy release. I'm sure this was as helpful for you as it has been for me," she said, clarifying her laughter.

            "Yeah," he nodded faintly. She slid off of him and he felt the cold air in a rush. He zipped up his pants and picked up his shirt, shaking it out. He only buttoned a few before turning back to her. He looked out the crack of the door and saw three girls he hadn't heard come in. He glanced at her and she shrugged, opening the door and walking out with him. He ignored the surprised looks of the girls and followed Lisa back to the bar. She grabbed her coat and walked with him outside.

            They stood under a street light. She looked to her left.

            "I'm headed that way. I'm sure you're probably going right. Right?" He nodded and she nodded again. She smiled and surprised him by wrapping her arms around him.

            "I'm going to try that out on Rick," she whispered and he surprised himself by kissing her on the cheek. The salt of her sweat was refreshing.

            "Good luck."

            "You too."

            He walked back to the train and glanced at his watch. 12:49 am.

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