hey all, this is my first gravi fanfic and its a one sot for now. its an angst/romance

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right now. and its loooooooonnnnnnggggg, i warn you know.

Summary:Yuki keeps forgetting. What'll happen to Shuichi?

Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi

Rating: Pg-13 for language






/How could he? how could Yuki forget its my birthday?/ a young pink haired genki

singer thought, while walking to his best friends house. Yuki had kicked him

out again after he'd ask him repeatedly what day it was. He'd only asked like

40 times in the last hour. But he'd been so excited about today. Two weeks ago

Yuki said he wouldn't forget and they'd do something special but so far nadda,

zip, zero Yuki/ Shuichi time.

"Damnitt, why can't he for once put me before his books, hmm? Why not once? God

his laptop gets more love from Yuki then I do." Shuichi felt the tears start

gathering at the back of his eyes. Then they slid down his cheeks. Furiously

he scrubbed them away.

/No I won't cry over him. Not again. Never again. If Yuki wants to be a basta

rd thats fine. I'll just go. He doesn't need me and it'll be good for him, to not

be disturbed by a stupid baka anymore./ Shuichi's thougths were quickly going down

hill. He went from blaming Yuki to blaming himself and in this mood he's very self-

destructive. So instead of heading to Hiro's to complain and cry about Yuki as he

always did, Shindou Shuichi went to the park where he'd first met the person who

gave joy as well as pain to his life.

He stood at the railing by the bench "they" always sat on and he remembered

every hurtful, hateful word Yuki had said to him.

/baka, stupid, immature, crybaby, bad singer, talentless/ those words taunted him.

Repeating over and over in his head. It reminded him of another time Yuki forgot

something important and Shuichi had come here.


"You baka!! Get off, I have work to do. Go bug someone else, anyone else. Can't

you see I'm busy!" Yuki yelled while pushing his young lover off his lap and onto

the hardwood floor with a "thump".

"Wahhh but Yuki you promised. Please just for a few hours"

No, Shuichi, I can't go out tonight. I have a deadline to meet in just a few days

and i'm almost done. Besides whatever it is I'm sure it can wait until I'm done"

he said picking up a cigerette and lighting it. He knew Shu hated it when he smoked,

but he figured that way he'd leave. He didn't know what made today special for his

lover but for the last hour he'd been telling him it was time to go. Where he had

no idea.

"But, but Yuki you promised you wouldn't forget and that we'd....."

"We'd what? What is so damn important Shu, that it can't wait three days? hmmm?" he said

giving Shuichi his best death stare. "I'm sure nothing a baka like you has planned

would be worth my while anyways. I'm still wondering why I'm letting you stay here?

Do you know?" He said expecting Shuichi to start crying or possibly leave.

/I know i'm being harsh Shu-chan but i gotta finish this, then i'll take you wherever

you want/

"No, Yuki I don't know why you keep me around. I don't know why i stay either. Guess

I'm machosistic or something" Shuichi muttered hanging his head so Yuki couldn't see his

silent tears. "Guess I'll just ummm, go then cause yah....." his speech ended there as

a sob tore through him. he turned and ran towards the door, and out into the cold

winter night without any kind of coat or warmth. Not that he'd feel it, he was

already to numb.

"Jeez Shu don't be like.... Shu? Shu? Shuichi?" /damn kid/ Yuki said as he heaved himself

out of his computer chair and went to look for his baka of a lover. He looked in the

living room, but Shuichi wasn't on the couch.

/Baka better not be in my bed, getting it wet or there'll be hell to pay/ But no

Shu wasn't there either. Thats when the blonde novelist noticed Shuichi shoes were gone.

/Great, now i have to go out in the snow and the cold and find him. I wonder what

was so bloody important to him that we go out tonight./ Yuki decided to

look at the calender for clues. There the date was circled in bright pink.

"Japanese Winter Fair and Festival" /ohhhhhh shit. I'd promised Shu i'd take him. DAMNITT!!!!!!!!!/

He grabbed his coat and Shuichi's and tore out the door. I know exactly where he's going.

I hope!


"You stupid baka. You knew Yuki would forget and you had to keep pressing him. Now

you'll never get to go with him. Now you'll have to sleep on the couch if he lets

you in at all" Shuichi yelling at himself earning him stares from other park goers.

/opps hehe, be a little quieter there Shu/ He plopped down onto the bench.

/ Maybe i should just go away forever. Be so much better for everyone/ People started

leaving the park to seek warmer shelter, and soon Shu was the only one left. He shivered

but barely felt it he was so deep in thought. He eyed the high railing with curiousity.

/maybe if i jumped someone would be sad? maybe but probably not cause then Bad Luck

would get Ryuichi as a lead singer and Suguru would be Hiro's new best friend

and Yuki.... Yuki could be with who ever he wanted and not get annoyed or angry./

Shu could see it all in his head, everyone laughing and getting along now that

the "nuisance" was gone. He got up and walked over to the railing. It was a long

way down. He put one leg over than the other. He was about to let go of the railing

when he was jerked back and pulled over the railing.

"What are you doing? Lemme go right now" he hollered squirming this way and that

trying to get loose.

"What am I doing? What the fuck were you doing? What were you thinking Shu?" Yuki

demanded as Shuichi relaxed in his grip realising who it was.

"I'm making you happy. I'm leaving like you keep telling me to" he said emotionlessly.

"God, you really are a baka" he said putting up a finger to stop Shu from saying

anything "I didn't mean it Shu, I never do."

"Then why Yuki, why? Why do you keep hurting me and destroying me when you

don't mean it?" Shuichi choked out. He lookied at Yuki with tear filled violet eyes.

I don't know Shu I don't know" the blonde said wrapping Shuichi in a tight embrace.

"But lets go home and talk this out ok?"

"Ok" Shuichi nodded.

************************************************end flashback****************************

/but i don't think Yuki'll come after me this time I really did piss him off this time.

Its getting cold I should go back now/ So shuichi turned to head home, but something

caught his eye. There was Yuki standing not ten feet away with a small wrapped

present in his hand.

"Here, you forgot you're present he said throwing it at Shuichi. He caught it

and stared at it while Yuki turned and started to walk away. He stopped.

"You're supposed to open it Shu, not stare at it." He said coldly.

"Hai, Hai. I will. Sorry Yuki." Shuichi tore into the paper and inside was a

dark blue ring box. Inside was a gold promise ring with "Aishiteru" written on it.

Shuichi felt his heart melt as he stared reverently at it.

"Can I..." he cleared his throat "Can I put it on?" he asked unsure of what to do.

"That's why i gave it to you, it should fit your ring finger. Go ahead put it on.

Oh and Shu-chan?"

"Yah Yuki?" he whispered awed that Yuki, his Yuki had called him Shu-chan.

"I do love you" with that he turned away and walked home.

"I love you too, always and forever Yuki." he said as he slipped the ring onto his

finger. It fit perfectly as did evreything Yuki gave him.

"Hey, wait for me. YUUUUUuuuuuuuKKKKKIIIIIIiiiii!!!!. Waiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt!!"

And so Shu-chan took off after his lover.


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