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By: 24

They came in the dark of night when Jarod was sleeping. It was a restless sleep, but they came anyways. He woke up when he heard something in his room, but he couldn't see anything in the dark. He swung his pajama-clad legs to the apartment room's floor and stood up. A shadow came at him and he sideswiped the intruder, but more shadows moved and quickly subdued him. A syringe was brandished and they jabbed it into his bicep. He tried to get away, but there were just to many people.

Jarod woke up in a tiny cell that was sort of like his cell in the Centre, but this one had pale blue walls. A lock engaged and he stood up to face whoever it was coming in. A large man came in and stared at him.

"Hello Jarod."

"Who are you and why am I here?"

"We know who you are Pretender. We know all about the Centre and what was going on there. We knew that you escaped, but now had the chance to finally capture you. We want you to do some work for us."

"If you know that I escaped the Centre then you must know why I left."

"Of course we do."

"Then you know that I won't work for you."

"Oh, but you will pretender."

The man nodded to the two men who had followed him into the tiny space. They grabbed Jarod and dragged him into a room with a chair with restraints built in them. He tried to struggle, but he couldn't get away.

When he was strapped them they stepped back and left the room. Jarod tried to get out of the restraints, but still no luck. He looked around the room. The room was a stark white. The only color was the silver cart, filing cabinet and medicine cabinet.

The man who had met him earlier finally came in, looked at him and smiled.

"You must be wondering who I am. My name is Mason and I am going to do an experiment on you. You see while we were waiting to find you we made a new drug called K5. When the drug is introduced into your system you will forget your past life and new memories will be replaced. You see you will think that you were here all along instead at the Centre."

The door opened again and a tall lanky man with a white coat came in. He opened the medicine cabinet and took out a bottle with clear liquid. He read the label and it said K5. He then opened another cabinet and got out a syringe. He opened the package, jabbed the needle into the bottle and walked towards the restrained pretender.

"Please don't do this."

The man had a blank expression when he looked down at him and jabbed the needle into his neck. After that was done he was taken to his cell and dumped onto the bed. As soon as they left he jumped up and paced the room. He blinked as his world changed.

A little while later some men came in and led Jarod to a large room. He was seated at the table. He looked and wondered what they wanted him to do now. The walls were white with nothing on it. The only thing that was in the room was the chair he was sitting on and the wooden table he was seated next to. A small glass window was at the top of the wall. The projector was in there and was used when they wanted him to watch something for his simulations.

The door opened and a large man came in. Mason had been his handler ever since he was a small boy when he was brought here to the Clarkson Institute. This was the only home that he'd ever known.

"What are we doing today Mason?"

"You'll see Jarod."

Mason gave him a folder and a pen and he stood by the door.

Mason watched as their very own pretender worked on the problem that they had given him. He smiled as Jarod wrote down his findings. There were no limits in what they could do with the pretender now that they had him.

"Very good Jarod." He said as Jarod put down the pen and closed the folder. "You may use this free time to use the gym. We might need you again."

Jarod nodded as two men in white suits came in. He followed them into the hall and they opened the door. There were different kinds of exercise equipment to be found. He liked going here in his free time. It gave him time to think and dream.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and headed to the shower that was adjacent to the gym. When he got out he was once dressed in his white work clothes. The men who were guarding him took him back to his cell. A book was left on his desk, so he picked it up and read it. He was ready when they came and got him.

Two Months Later.

He was so angry. They lied to him. All this time he thought that he was helping people with his simulations, but he learned that he was doing the opposite. He had to leave and was already designing a plan to do so.

He was free; he closed his eyes and looked up at the sun as it shone down on him. He had to stay free and he could never go back to the Institute again.