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By: 24

Mr. Parker glanced at the doctored photos that he would leak to the Institute. He knew that they would pass the test of the Institute's techs because the Centre had better resources than they did. It told a story that Jarod had died of a gunshot wound and that's what the pictures told. They had to make sure that the Institute never got their hands on their property again.

He got up and walked to Sydney's office finding his daughter and the tech with him. These are the pictures that we doctored to make sure that the Institute would never go after our property again. Did you get him working again?"

"No. I think that they beat him though. I got a little mad at him and he flinched."

"Hypnotize him to find out what happened to him."

"Yes sir."

After they all left Jarod was brought to Sydney's office and was put under. Jarod told him everything that happened to him inside the Institute. He frowned at what he was put through in the Institute's hands.

When Jarod woke up he remembered everything. When the Institute kidnapped him, what happened there, the Centre and everything else.

"Jarod are you okay?"

"I remember Sydney. I remember everything."

"I'm so sorry Jarod."

Jarod was led back to his cell after that.

A few weeks later Jarod had escaped again and he planned to stay that way.

The End.