It was early morning. The six friends tiredly tromped into their yard and up to the front door. It was great to be back from the long trip. Especially for Rinku, who had gotten lost three times during the journey.

Touya stood on the front step and turned the knob on the door. He just stood there, not opening it. Everyone waited quietly as Touya turned the knob the other way. Still nothing.

"Hello, we'd like to get in today." Jin said.

Touya turned to look at Jin with a calm expression. "The door is locked." He said simply.

"That's not funny, hurry up we're tired." Chu said.

"Yea." Rinku said.

"The door is locked and I don't have the key." Touya said again.

"Fine." Chu stepped up to the door and ripped it off its hinges and then went inside, followed by everyone but Touya.

"Chu! What is it with you ripping doors from their hinges? Now Suzuki has to fix it!" Touya exclaimed.

Suzuki turned and put his hands on his hips. "And why do I have to fix the door?"

"Because you're the only one who knows how to fix things!" Jin said.

"I'll fix it later." Suzuki flopped down on the couch like a beanbag that had lost most of its beans. Touya went to fetch the door which was lying in the middle of the yard.

Shishi and Jin made a mad dash for the reclining chair and both sat in it at the very same time.

"My spot!" Shishi said greedily and pushed Jin off onto the floor.

"I was going to sit there!" Jin complained.

"Well I was here first, go sleep on the floor or something."

"I got there way before you!" Jin said. The Wind Master promptly sat down in Shishi's lap.

"Get off!" Shishi said defiantly.

"Make me!" Jin said stubbornly.

"GRRRR!" Shishi snarled and started to tickle Jin in the ribs.

"Hehehehe! Stop! Hehehe!"


"Hahaha! No! Hehehe!"

Shishi tickled harder until Jin was forced to leave. Jin sprawled out on the floor beside the TV and closed his eyes.

Touya came in and leaned the busted door against the wall. "Why don't you just go to bed Jin?"

Jin started to snore. Touya shrugged and went to his bedroom where he got into bed and went to sleep. Rinku started up the stairs to his bedroom but couldn't make it. He fell asleep halfway up the steps and Chu had fallen asleep on the floor by the TV.


Five hours later, Jin started to wake up. He slowly opened his eyes and let them adjust to his surroundings before rolling over onto his back and stretching. He yawned and sat up. Everyone else was still sleeping it seemed. Suzuki was lying in an awkward position, half on-half off the couch. His head rested on the floor and his feet were sticking up in the air. Chu was lying on the floor by the TV with a bottle of sake in his hand. Jin looked over to Shishi, who had his arms behind his head and was resting peacefully on the recliner. Jin stood up and went into the kitchen. He got a glass from the cupboard and poured himself some orange juice. He sat down at the kitchen table and sipped it. All was quiet, too quiet. An idea suddenly came to Jin. He grinned evilly and set to work.

Shishi woke up a short while later. He was still rather groggy but got up none the less to go take a shower. He went around the corner into the bathroom and flicked on the light. He grabbed his hair brush and looked into the mirror. "AAAAA!" He screeched and backed into the wall, his heart pounding. Then he realized the face in the mirror was his. He had a black goatee, black lips and a black eye, all drawn on by a black marker. "Who did this!?" He yelled.

"What's all the screaming for?" Rinku walked in rubbing his tired eyes with his small hands. He too had marker on his face, a black beard and polka- dots.

Well at least Shishi knew the kid didn't do it. Shishi strode past Rinku and into the living room. He eyed Chu and Suzuki and from the looks of it they too were victims of the Marker Bandit. Chu had glasses and a black nose and Suzuki had a bunch of little smiley-faces drawn all over. Shishi frowned and went into Touya's bedroom. Touya had tick-tack-toe designs all over his face. The only person left was...

"Jin! Get out here now!" Shishi yelled so loud it jerked everyone awake.

Suzuki woke up with a start and tumbled off the couch, landing on Chu who threw his sake bottle across the room in surprise, hitting Touya, who had just walked in, on the head. Touya stepped back and tripped over Rinku. They both fell down and landed in a pile.

Shishi could hear Jin giggling in the kitchen. He stomped in and found the Wind Master hiding under the table with a marker in his hand. Shishi growled and grabbed Jin by the ear and pulled him out.

"Ow!" Jin said as he was dragged from his hiding spot. Then he started giggling at Shishi.

Shishi took the marker away from his psycho friend. "This had better not be permanent marker, Jin."

"It is." Jin informed him. "See? It says right on the label, 'Permanent'!"


"It'll wash off! I think..."

"Stop with the bickering!" Suzuki marched in and stood between the two of them. "I have some face wash that will get this off, alright Shishi? Now can we please all get along?"

"I'm sorry Shishi." Jin said.

Shishi snorted. "Just give me the stupid face wash!"

By the time everyone had cleaned their faces of the black marker it was 12:00 noon.

"What's for dinner?" Touya asked.

"PIZZA!" Rinku practically screamed.

Touya rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Fine, let's order pizza." Suzuki picked up the phone and called the Pizza Palace. "Hello, yea, I'd like to order---"

Jin snatched the phone away and yelled into the receiver, "SEVEN LARGE PIZZAS!"

"Jin!" Suzuki grabbed the phone back. The guy on the other end asked, "What would you like on them?"

"Well let's see, what do you guys---"

Jin grabbed the phone again and yelled, "EVERYTHING! With extra onions and anchovies please!"

"Jin!" Suzuki said and took the phone back again. The guy on the other end asked, "Will that be all?"

"I don't think---" Suzuki started but Jin grabbed the phone again. "50 BREADSTICKS!"

"JIN, PLEASE!!!" Suzuki ripped the phone away.

"Great! Your order will arrive in 30 minuets or less!" The pizza guy hung up.

Suzuki hung up and looked at Jin square in the eye. "If those pizzas taste like crap, YOU are going to eat them all."

"Okay!" Jin said cheerfully.

"I just can't believe you sometimes, Jin." Touya said. "Fifty breadsticks!?"

"I'm hungry!" Jin said.

"I guess!" Rinku exclaimed.

Twenty-five minuets later the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" Jin squealed and opened the door to reveal the poor Pizza Guy who was loaded down with the seven large pizzas and fifty breadsticks. "Is this the psycho household that ordered all this crap?" The guy asked.

"Sure is! Let me get that for ya!" Jin took everything and carried it into the kitchen.

"Erm, that will be $40," said the Pizza Guy.

Suzuki sighed and paid the teenager, then went into the kitchen to find that Jin had already eaten half a pizza.

"You couldn't wait for the rest of us?" Shishi asked.

"Hork snarf snarf!" Jin answered.

"It smells like garbage." Rinku said and poked at a slimy mushroom.

Chu picked up a piece of the gross looking pizza and gingerly took a small bite. He chewed it slowly and swallowed.

"How is it?" Rinku asked.

"It's actually not bad." Chu took another bite.

"You're kidding." Touya took a piece and tried it. "Wow, this is good!"

"I told you guys!" Jin said. "I know what I'm doing."

After dinner everyone relaxed and set off to do their own things. Jin stood behind Shishi, who was sitting on the couch watching a boxing match with Chu. Jin chomped on a piece of gum with his mouth wide open for ten straight minuets before Shishi finally sighed and said, "Jin, would you mind not chomping in my ear like that?"

"Alright." Jin said, and the gum fell out of his mouth and onto Shishi's head. "Oops." Jin quickly tried to pick it out before Shishi noticed, but the gum was sticky and came out in strands. Jin's fingers were getting sticky too and the more he messed with the gum, the more mess it made. Shishi frowned. "Jin! Stop playing with my hair, it's annoying." He put his hand on his head and right into the gum. He stopped and pulled it away and with it came strands of pink bubble gum. Shishi looked at his hand, then turned around and looked at Jin.

"What the hell is THIS!?"

"Just gum!" Jin smiled for a second and then ran out of the living room.

"JIN!" Shishi yelled and took after him into the kitchen.

Suzuki was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. When he heard Jin enter he looked up. "What's going on?"

Jin ran behind Suzuki. "Keep Shishi away from me!" He pointed at the angry man with pink and blue hair.

"That flying leprechaun stuck gum in my hair!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Calm down both of you. Shishi, we can get that out with peanut butter." Suzuki stood up and pushed Shishi into the chair.

"Peanut butter!? Gum is one thing, but you are not putting peanut butter in my hair!" Shishi was fuming.

"Jin, go get the jar of peanut butter." Suzuki said.

"NO!" Shishi whined and tried to stand up but Suzuki pushed him back down.

Jin returned with the peanut butter and a spoon. "I'll get the gum out for ya!" He said and gloped a big blob of Skippy Peanut Butter right on Shishi's head.

"GEEZ! Not that much!" Shishi yelled.

Jin lathered the peanut butter into Shishi's hair and hummed happily. Shishi sat there grinding his teeth and then Touya walked in. "Hey guys." Touya greeted and opened the refrigerator. He took out a beer and did a double take at Shishi and Jin.

"What are you guys doing?" He asked, very confused.

"I'm washing Shishi's hair with peanut butter!" Jin said.

"Oh." Touya put the beer back and left the kitchen.

"I think that's enough." Suzuki said. "Go wash your hair out." He told Shishi.

"Gladly." Shishi stood up and stomped away to the bathroom. The door was closed and the light was on. Shishi pounded on the door. "Hey, who's in there?"

"Uuugh." Came the reply.

"Chu, what are you doing?"

"I'll give you three guesses."

Shishi couldn't believe Chu had gotten sick from drinking so quickly. Fine, he'd just have to use the upstairs bathroom. He stomped up the steps and at the very last step he tripped on a yo-yo, flipped over onto his back and tumbled down the stairway.


"WHAT WAS THAT!?" Touya yelled from somewhere.

Rinku stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at the mangled man. "Hey, you stepped on my yo-yo!" He said in an annoyed tone. He picked it up and examined it. "Well at least it's not broken."

Shishi jumped up and shook his fist. "Why did you leave your stupid yo-yo's in the middle of the stairs where people could trip on them? Someone could get hurt or even killed!"

Rinku squinted at Shishi. "Why is your hair all brown and clumpy?"

Shishi charged up the stairway after Rinku. The surprised child scampered down the hallway. Touya got up from the big comfy chair in the living room and went to the stairs to see what had happened. When he got there he could hear Shishi and Rinku galloping around upstairs. "What are you guys doing?" He called and made his way up the stairs. He heard a slam and Shishi yell "Open up Rinku! I'm going to skin you alive!"

Touya walked calmly over to Shishi, who was pounding on Rinku's bedroom door. "Why don't you go wash your hair before it turns to cement?"

Shishi stopped and realization hit him. "I have to shampoo this crap out!" He ran to the bathroom and shut the door. Touya could hear water running a moment later. He knocked on Rinku's door and said, "Its okay, he's gone."

Rinku opened the door a crack and peeked up innocently at Touya. "I don't know why he gets so pissy."

Touya laughed. "Well that's Shishi for you."


Rinku tugged on Chu's pant leg. Chu looked down at his small friend and asked, "What do you want kiddo?"

"I think we should invite Kurama and Hiei over for dinner tomorrow."

Chu looked surprised. "What made you think of that?"

"I dunno, I just sort of miss them. Besides, I want to see them try and eat Jin's cooking."

"You're an evil one Rinku."

Rinku grinned mischievously. "Thanks."



Yes, Hiei and Kurama come for a visit! WHEEE!