Rinku lay back on his bed with his head propped up against a stack of pillows. He was trying to read a comic book but it was hard to concentrate with Suzuki's constant screaming coming from downstairs. Rinku couldn't take it anymore. He knew it wasn't fair for Suzuki to be the scapegoat in all of this. Rinku sighed, put down his comic and proceeded down the stairs. The yelling grew louder with each step. Finally Rinku was standing in the doorway to Suzuki's bedroom.

"How do you like that!? HUH!?" Jin snarled. "You are never going to sleep walk again for as long as you live!"

"Stop! Jin, I'm begging you!" Suzuki squealed.

Jin had the half naked Suzuki chained to the bed while tickling him mercilessly with a feather. When Suzuki spotted Rinku he begged, "Rinku, please get me out of here!"

"That's not gonna happen, bitch!" Jin said and tickled harder.

Rinku was getting scared. Jin was acting strange, even for Jin. He had to think of something quick. "Uh...JIN! How would you like to erm...go to the beach with me and...everyone else?"

To Rinku's amazement and Suzuki's total relief, Jin stopped tickling and dropped the feather.

"THE BEACH! YEA! GREAT IDEA! I'LL GO GET MY STUFF!" Jin zipped out of the room giggling happily, the thought of hamburger out of his mind.

"OH THANK GOD! Rinku get me out of these chains, I really have to pee!"

"I bet." Rinku said as he set Suzuki free. Suzuki left the room as fast as he could and ran to the closest bathroom. The door was shut so he pounded on it. "Hey! Whoever's in there, could you hurry up? I have to go!"

"Use the upstairs bathroom." Came the reply.

"Shishi I'm warning you!" Suzuki screamed as he did the 'I-really-have-to-pee-or-I'm-gonna-explode Dance'. "I'm not going to make it all the way upstairs!! You have to let me in!"

"I'm brushing my hair!" Shishi said with the most annoying tone he could muster.


"Just wait a minuet!"


Rinku sat on Suzuki's bed while snooping through his PlayBoy Magazine. Just then Chu wandered into the open doorway.

"Oh, I see Jin finally let poor Suzuki go. Whatcha reading kid?" Chu asked when he saw the magazine in Rinku's hands.

"NOTHING!" Rinku quickly tossed the magazine into a corner of the room. Chu looked at Rinku suspiciously but before he could ask the question he was pondering, a loud shriek made both of them jump.

"What was that?" Rinku asked.

"Sounded like Touya." Chu said.

Chu and Rinku wandered over Touya, who was standing in the hallway having a fit.

"You could have used the UPSTAIRS bathroom you know!" Touya said.

"I wouldn't have made it! And besides, Shishi was being a little brat and wouldn't let me in this one!" Suzuki said defensively.

"Well you didn't have to pee in the rubber plant that Kurama gave us!" Touya said. "Why didn't you run outside and go in the woods?"

"Because it's hard to think when your bladder is going to explode and your kidneys are swelling to the size of yams!!!!"

"Man, first the flour and now the plant." Rinku said.

"Who cares?!" Suzuki snapped. "It was half dead anyway because nobody ever waters it!"

Shishi snorted.

"I'll kill you!" Suzuki started to strangle his friend.

"Violence will get us nowhere." Touya said.

Just then Jin ran by in his Speedo carrying a surfboard and a beach towel. "BEACH BEACH BEACH!!" He chanted and ran out the door.

"What the---?" Touya stared.

"I told him we were all going to the beach so he'd stop torturing Suzuki and get his mind off the hamburgers." Rinku said.

"That explains a lot." Chu said.

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go!" Suzuki stopped strangling Shishi. Shishi collapsed in a heap on the floor.


"Last one there smells like Chu!" Jin screamed.

"What do you mean by that!?" Chu said as the group ran down the sandy shore. Touya was the first one to make it into the splashing waves. "The water's perfect! Come on in you guys!" Touya laughed.

"YAAAA!!!" Everyone cheered and jumped into the water.

"AAAAAAAAAAARGH! COLD!" Everyone screamed and scrambled back out onto the beach.

Rinku wrapped himself in his beach towel. "Touya! You said the water was nice!"

"It is...for me." Touya snickered evilly. "Don't act like big babies, you will all get used to it after awhile."

Jin smiled and flew out over the waves with his surfboard. He put it in the water and hopped on. "Watch me hang 10!" He yelled, zoomed off over a wave and did an impressive back flip. "Way to go Jin!" Shishi yelled. Rinku snuck up behind Shishi and shoved him into the freezing water.

"ARGH!" Shishi screamed and flounced about in the waves. "You're going to pay for that!"

Rinku laughed and playfully kicked sand at Chu. "Let me bury you!"

Chu shrugged. "Alright" He agreed. After all, the water was freezing so swimming was out. What else was he going to do? Chu lay down on the beach and Rinku started shoveling sand on top with a bucket.

Shishi clambered out of the water shaking when Suzuki ran past, knocking him back into the ocean.

"SUZUKI YOU BASTARD! I am never speaking to you again!" Shishi screeched and once again climbed out of the icy water.

"Yeaaaaaaa hoooooo!" Jin rode his surfboard around Touya, who was floating on his back enjoying the wonderful coldness.

"Not so close! You'll hit me. JIN!"

"Whoops!" Jin's surfboard smacked against a strong wave, tipping it over. It landed right on top of Touya, knocking him out. Touya started to slowly sink to the bottom.

"Oh no! He's gonna drown!" Jin floated in the air, hesitating just above the surface. "But the water's so cold. I don't wanna get wet again!" Then he spotted Shishi, already soaking wet. Jin flew over and grabbed him and lifted him over the water to where Touya was sinking. "GET TOUYA!" Jin demanded and dropped Shishi into the water.

"GAAA!" Shishi landed with a splash. "JIN!"


"FINE!" Shishi dived into the blue depths. He looked around and noticed Touya was sinking slowly into a deep ravine. Shishi was actually a very good swimmer and managed to reach the Ice Master before he disappeared forever. A short while later they broke the surface of the water, Shishi gasping for air. "He's not breathing!"

"No!" Jin grabbed Touya and flew him over to the beach where he laid him down gently on the sand.

"Hey! What about me?!" Shishi called but nobody paid any attention so he swam back, grumbling to himself.

Rinku, Shishi, Suzuki and Jin all stood around in a circle looking at the pale Touya. Chu was now quite buried and couldn't move.

"Someone has to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!" Rinku said.

"And fast!" Suzuki agreed.

Everyone stood around silently, waiting for the other to do something.

Chu finally broke the silence. "Don't look at me!" he called.

"Well I don't know anything I'm just a little kid!" Rinku defended himself. There were times when being little was an advantage.

"I saved him, I shouldn't have to do all the work!" Shishi said and crossed his arms.

Everyone looked at the only two people who were left. Jin and Suzuki looked at each other.

"I think you should do it Suzuki, you're better at that kind of thing than I am." Jin said.

"What is THAT supposed to mean?" Suzuki snapped.

"Nothing! I just think you should do it to make up for peeing in the rubber plant!"

"OH! And who was the one who chained me to the bed and ticked me for five straight hours?"

Touya was turning bluer and bluer.

"Look, he's YOUR friend, you should do it!" Suzuki reasoned.

"He's your friend too!" Jin said.

"But he's YOUR BEST friend!" Suzuki said with gritted teeth.

"BUT BUT I!" Jin stammered.

Suddenly Touya made a noise and he rolled over onto his stomach. He started coughing up water and gasping.

"Touya you're alive!" Jin said happily and patted him on the back.

"Uugh, what happened?" Touya moaned.

While Jin wildly retold the story to his disgruntled and confused friend, Rinku went back to burying Chu in the sand.

"Don't you think that's enough for now? Unbury me already!" Chu said.

"But I haven't added the finishing touches." Rinku took out a little red flag and stuck it on top of the sand pile. "NOW I'm finished!"

"That is SO not how it happened! I'm the one who dived into that freakishly cold water and saved you!" Shishi said.

"If I hadn't yelled at you, you never would have done it!" Jin said.

Touya looked back and fourth from Jin to Shishi, who were arguing about how the story really went. He didn't know whom to believe so he snuck back out into the waves. He loved the cold.

Suzuki didn't feel like listening to those two argue either so he sat on the edge of the beach, letting the tide splash against his feet. Suddenly he felt a hot sting on his toe, like someone had jabbed a burning needle into it. "AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" He screamed and practically flew over Jin and Shishi, landing right on top of Chu.

"OOF!" All of the air went out of Chu's lungs.

The bickering pair was so surprised that they completely forgot what they were arguing about.

"Wow, I didn't know Suzuki could jump that high!" Jin exclaimed.

"SOMETHING STUNG MY TOE!!!!" Suzuki yelled while insanely kicking sand everywhere, like a three year old having a temper tantrum.

Rinku looked out into the water and pointed. "Wow, look at that! I had no idea jellyfish liked cold water!" Sure enough, a giant school of jellyfish was swarming about, stretching all the way along the water's edge and far out into the ocean.

"Touya! Get out of the water!" Jin said.

"Huh?" Touya was confused until he looked into the water. "JELLYFISH!!!" He swam to the land as fast as he could.

Everyone stared. There was nothing left but to unbury Chu and go home.


The friends walked back into their house silently. Then Jin spotted the rubber plant sitting in the corner near the bathroom. "WOA!!!"

Everyone turned to look. The rubber plant looked like it had grown three feet and sprouted lots of new foliage. It looked like a very "happy" plant indeed.

"Wow Suzuki! We should bottle your piss and sell it!" Shishi said.

"What the heck did you drink anyway?" Chu stared at Suzuki wide-eyed.

"Yea! I want some!" Rinku piped up.

"SHUT UP! Everyone just leave me alone!" Suzuki went to his room and slammed the door.


If anyone wants to continue with this story, feel free. I'm sorry for not updating this in like, 4 MONTHS!!! XX So to punish myself I shall write four more ONE chapter stories. Thanks to all who bothered to read this fanfic. Love.