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Eight years had passed. (Ooh! So suspenseful!) Life went on after I left Jack, but it was dull and conservative. Kimmi joined Peter and Sarah 7 months later and all three had a piece of Jack in them. Peter had his hair and his perseverance, Sarah had his eyes and his walk, and Kimmi had his smile and his stamina. A few said that she looked like Norrington [Ugh. What a disgusting thought.], but Kimmi was Jack's child, through and through.

As the years passed by, I lost all contact with the Governor and Elizabeth but I continued to live in Port Royal anyway.

Everyday I wondered what my life would've been like if Jack hadn't messed up. But one day, I didn't have to wonder anymore.

I heard of a recent adventure that Elizabeth had had involving the blacksmith's apprentice, William, and a pirate, of whose name I had not heard. Peter asked everyone who it was, but no one knew.

I went to the market every day to buy food and other things that the children fancied. We didn't have much money, but we had enough with a few sewing jobs here and there. Most of the women in town bought their clothes from England, but some of them went to me because mine looked just as good.

Sarah ran ahead of me to look at some sweets, Kimmi was looking at books, and Peter was admiring some tools. After I bought some fruit, Kimmi came rushing up pulling a beautiful woman's hand.

"Mommy! Mommy! This nice lady says that she knows you!" I looked up at the woman, who was finely dressed. I took Kimmi's hand and brought her next to me.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. My daughter is always being silly."

"There's no need to apologize, Amanda. Do you not recognize me?" I studied her for a moment.

"Elizabeth! Oh my goodness! You look so beautiful and grown-up!" She laughed.

"You look good too." She hugged me. "Wait, you have to meet my friends." She took my hand and for a second, I forgot about the children.

"Who are they? Are they those two that I heard about?" She laughed.

"Yes. Norrington is away on some mission so I got to bring them in." She turned the corner. My heart stopped. "Amanda, what's wrong?" It was Jack.