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Yami MG666 Yeah, the other on is a Seto/Joey non-yaoi thing, with lots of drama and fun stuff about detentions together and how Kaiba's changing...or is he?

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Malik is the hikari, Marik is the yami.

Yugi is the hikari, Yami is the yami. [That sounds repetitive somehow]

Ryou is the hikari, Bakura is the yami.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ [That's pretty ^__^ ]

Yugi, Ryou, Malik, and Joey are sitting around in the park with nothing to do.

Joey: Man, I'm bored.

Everyone else: Tell me about it.

Joey: Okay, well there's nothing to do and the people I'm hangin' out with are totally lame...

Ryou: We didn't mean for you to really tell us.

Joey: Whatever.

Silence, which is only broken by the occasional belching of the 4, who all have sodas. All of the belches were relatively small, but then...


Everyone else: *stares at Yugi*

Joey: (First one to recover) Damn, Yugi! For such a little guy, that was on hell of a belch! Nice!

Yugi pouts at being called 'little guy', but ignores it.

Joey starts laughing.

Malik doesn't seem to be paying attention and his millenium rod is glowing, and he has the biggest, evilest grin on his face that you can imagine.

Ryou: (Joining in with Joey) *Bursts out laughing*

Yugi just looks at them reproachfully.

Joey and Ryou eventually get over themselves and quieten down. There were a few minutes of silence.

Joey: There's still nothing to do.

Yugi: Well we left our yamis at the game shop. Why don't we go check on them? We shouldn't leave them alone for long. They always get in trouble.

Malik: (Currently controlling people's minds and making guys kiss eachother, which is why he wasn't paying attention) Okay, anything to do something. Even this (he gestures at the mindslaves making-out) can get tiresome and boring. We can annoy our yamis, if we get too bored.

All except Joey: Yeah!

Ryou: To the gameshop to annoy our yamis!

All except Joey: Yeah!

Joey: I feel so...left out. Oh well...

Everyone, even poor Joey who doesn't have a yami, goes back to the Turtle Game Shop. All the yamis are there. They find the yamis in the kitchen and they're putting 3 roadkill squirrels in the blender. 0_0;

Yami: *Trademark grin and laugh, but more crazed than usual* Ha! Go to hell, you stupid rodents! Feel the wrath of the blender! After this, maybe a trip to the juicer...

Ryou: *Sigh* Oh, no, it looks like the yamis have had sugar again.

Everyone except the yamis sigh and they do a classic anime-fall.

Bakura and Marik: Hahahahaha! Full power! Now we just need to plug it in!

Yami: Hey, that reminds me of that commercial; Plug it in, plug it in...

The yamis search for the plug thingy and the others just keep watching and they all get big sweat-drops that keep growing.

Marik: Here it is! Keep your eyes on the blender and do the countdown! Make sure it's set on maximum power!

All yamis: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Marik [my love] plugs it in. The blender turns on with the 3 dead squirrels inside. (Luckily, the lid was on.) All three yamis laughed hysterically as it turned into red/brown/green mush.

Everyone else's sweatdrops get so big, they pop and flood the kitchen, but it runs out the door and down the street. Everyone heard loud honking, the screeching of tires, and metal-on-metal crunch, then a LOT of dirty cursing from people in the cars.

People in the cars: What the ****ing hell?! What is this sh*t?! It's salty and slippery!

This just made the yamis laugh harder until they passed out.

Joey: Thank God! They were getting really crazy. How do you guys deal with them all the time? Are they always like this?

Yugi: No. But they do always act like this when they're sugar-high. See, look.

Yugi pointed at a 10-pound package of sugar that was opened and was half gone. There were spoons surrounding it.

Ryou: We really need to stop letting them hang out together, especially without supervision.

Yugi: You're right. That package of sugar was unopened this morning, and now it's half empty.

Malik: I'd say it's half full...

During all of this, they forgot about the squirrels in the blender and, as it was on full power, it was starting to short circuit from being on so long.

Joey looked over, though.


They all dropped to the floor just in time as the blender blew-up and went KABLOOIE!

Squirrel entrails went everywhere. The kitchen was covered in guts.

The KABLOOIE woke the yamis up. They saw everyone else stand-up, covered in squirrel guts. Then they looked over and saw the blender, or what remained of it, and they saw guts covering the entire kitchen.

They burst out laughing again when they saw the destruction they caused. This time they remembered to breathe so they wouldn't pass out again.

Yugi: Oh, damn, Grandpa's gonna kill me. He thinks that Yami's responsible and he'll blame this on me.

Ryou, Malik, and Joey: *Stare at Yugi*

Yugi: What the hell is your problem?

They stare even more.

Ryou: (Says weakly) You just cussed twice in a row!

Yugi: Is that such a shock?

Malik: Well, yeah.

(Yamis are still laughing hysterically.)

Joey: No offense, Yug...but you're the innocent, goody-goody, wuss of the gang.

Yugi: (Gives them death glares that could use some work) I am a teenager, you know!

Malik: (Under his breath) You don't look it...

Yugi: (In a whiney voice) I'm not a wuss!

Joey: *sarcastic cough*

Yugi: I have hormones you know!

Malik: Yeah, estrogen maybe.

(Yamis are still laughing hysterically.)

Yugi's millenium puzzle starts glowing and the whole room goes dark, and there's energy crackling everywhere. The room grows cold and everyone is drained of happy feelings. Yugi's eyes are glowing red and there is dark aura surrounding him.

The yamis even notice this and stare at Yugi in surprise and fright.

Joey: (O.O) He didn't mean it Yug! He was talking about himself! Right, Malik?

Malik: (Slowly, kind of dazed) Yeah...yeah, I was talking about myself, definetly not you.

Yugi's big, goofy, ignorant smile returns.

Yugi: Okay!

Yugi acts like nothing happened, even though everyone is still staring.

Everyone recovers and then they realize that they are still covered in guts. The yamis resume their hysterical laughing and are still very much sugar-high.

Joey: What can we do about the kitchen and the sugar-high yamis? Grandpa will be back in 3 hours.

Ryou: (Glancing at the yamis with an evil look) What to do now...


MG666 Did ya like? This was indeed written while I was sugar-high off of Jelly Beans. I loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeee Jelly Beans!

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Marik OMG! Are you okay? Speak to me!

*He bends down and does mouth-to-mouth CPR on MG666.*

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Marik *Sweatdrop*

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