When Pigs Fly

By: Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: You know the drill and if you don't then just don't sue me okay, the money I have right now is reserved to buy concert tickets this summer.

Author's Note: This story is really a piece of fluff and not a running story like most of my others, so it will have on e maybe two chapters depending. Feedback is always enjoyed.

** Now I must set the scene for you. This is as if Webb and Mac weren't together, due to an "accident" which involved a snowboarder in the Rockies (I really didn't mean to hit him I swear! Lol!) Anyway so this is a slight alternate universe. This is short and sweet, so enjoy!


Three months after Webb's "accident"


1456 Romeo

"Hey Mac mind if I come in?" Harm asked knocking on her open office door. Mac looked up from her files and smiled. Harm was the best thing she had seen all day. She was eager to admit that he was the best sight for sore eyes, with his muscular arms and torso and that hot six of his. She mentally shook herself, she needed to stop thinking like that. Ever since Webb's accident she had realized that even though she was sad at first that she was really in love with Harm and only Harm. Their banter had been pleasant and playful like it used to and everything was almost back to normal.

"What is it now Harm? If it's to cover for you while you go frolic around DC you're nuts."

"No I was just wondering if you wanted to go flying in Sarah this weekend with me?" Mac stood up and walked out the door.

"Now why would I want to do a crazy thing like that?" She inquired stepping over to a rack of files where Sturgis was looking for a file.

"Well geeze Mac, I don't know just thought you might want to spend some quality time with your favorite Flyboy." Mac gave him a look and Sturgis suggested,

"You two like each other a lot right?"

"Yes." They answered in unison. "Why?" They both asked together again.

"You two could call it a date. Just take a picnic basket and blanket and find a nice open field to land in and spend the afternoon together. What the heck you two might enjoy yourselves." He turned and headed back to his office with a shrug and Harm and Mac looked after him with confused faces. They shook their heads and Mac headed back towards her office and Harm began the walk down the hall to his office. Suddenly he turned and was relieved to see Mac talking to Harriet.

"So Mac it's a date?" He called. Mac turned and blushed slightly before she called back,

"Yes I'll go, but it will be an official date when pigs fly." She then turned back to Harriet who began to bombard her with questions.