You Have No Idea

By: Comm Butler

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McMurphy's Tavern

2250 Romeo

Harm and Mac sat in a corner booth, both with faces showing frustration and anger.

"Look, Mac let's not argue about this here please." Harm pleaded.

"Why on Earth not Harm? You have said some really low things on your life but I don't believe that the double meaning in court today, I think you just beat your record." Mac exclaimed angrily slamming her fist on the table.

"Mac I didn't mean it…it's just that…" Harm reached for her hand, but she pulled it away sharply.

"That what? That I'm not perfect or that I have made a decision that didn't suit you or maybe I am just a friggin' burden that you are tired of carrying around? It that it?"

"No Mac you are never a burden... it's just that I hate it when… why didn't you wait?" Harm muttered putting his face in his hands and Mac snapped.

"I did wait and frankly I am tired of waiting! You make your decision right now whether or not you are ready to let go or are going to, just hang on until you're dead!" Mac started crying and looked up at him when he said,


"You leave him out of this alright! Do you have any idea of what I go through every single day?" Harm was silent. "I thought so…Now you listen up Commander…"

"NO Mac you listen to me! I have already let go. I gave up everything to save you in Paraguay and this is how you repay me by gallivanting around with that spook. Do you think that it is easy to stand by and watch you walk in out of my life and waking up every morning to find that all of my dreams with you are just that dreams? God you have no idea." Harm stopped it was too painful to continue.

"You know what Harm I have had enough of trying to figure you out so tomorrow I am asking the Admiral to be transferred out and I am going to get as far away from you as I possibly can, even if it means resigning my commission! So this farewell Commander Rabb, it's been a thrill!" Mac snapped, she was yelling now as she picked up her purse and pulling on her coat started to storm out. Half the bar was watching them now as Harm rushed after her. She had one hand on the door when Harm grabbed her arm and begged,

"No Mac wait, please don't do this."

"Stop begging Harmon I'm not waiting for you anymore besides, it's not like you and it makes me sick. You're the wondrous Navy poster boy and I am just Mac his partner. Now let me go before I file for harassment charges!" Mac yanked her arm out of his grasp and walked out the door sobbing, leaving Harm standing there feeling alone, embraced and very guilty. Fighting back his own tears he gathered his coat and cover and walked out to his Corvette and sped off towards his apartment.

Back inside at the bar an elderly gypsy woman finished her sherry and muttered to herself,

"There are two more poor souls who need my help, now let's see." She pulled out two envelopes and addressed one to Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. and the other to Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie and then sprayed something from a small bottle on them. Then she asked the bartender,

"You have worked here for a long time, yes?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Those two people Harm and Sarah you know them yes?"


"Do you know their place of residence, yes?"

"Actually I do. I have their business cards with their home addresses, just a sec." The bartender looked under the counter and then handed two business cards to the old woman.

"Thank you and her to pay for my sherry." The lady handed the bartender the required amount and then left, with her shawl wrapped tightly around her. Harm and Mac were in for a surprise but they just didn't know how big.