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1845 Romeo

Mac was sitting at one of the long wooden tables when Harm, or rather herself walked in.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Well yes Harm, and since no one is in here. I forgot to mention that Webb and I broke it off and I figured you needed to know in case someone asked." Harm's well her face remained calm and emotionless and then he said,

"I knew it was going to happen. You don't like it when you can't constantly be close to some one you think you care about."

"Well look whose talking. As I recall Harm your relationships haven't been so smooth either."

"We're not talking about me and besides Mac I already knew about Webb."

"You did? How?"

"Sturgis came to talk to me earlier after the Pig Latin incident and he asked whether you loved Harm or well me and since Webb was gone, he virtually asked what was going to happen between us. I told him that you still loved me, so I have to ask do you?"

"Well considering that Webb is gone the only issue is JAG and things are getting stranger by the minute and I have been in your body all day. Do you know how many times I had women trying to pick me up as a date today? Christ is it always that bad?" Mac was changing the subject and Harm knew it but he decided to go along with it.

"Well when they have a prime example of a fighter pilot and the opportunity arises they would cat fight their way to get a date with me." He watched himself roll his eyes, and then Mac said,

"Your ego still gets bigger even though you're in a Marines body, this should be studied scientifically."

"Well why shouldn't it when the body I'm in turns every mans head in the room, and hey what can I say, I feel like a woman, very flattered."

"Yeah I turn every head except yours." Mac shot back.

"You don't seem to notice, so I pay no mind, but you do turn my head every morning when you walk in but I have your body permanently memorized and what a wondrous thing it is." Harm watched as his eyes widened across the table.

I'm a getting a round about confession of Harm oh my gosh! Is telling me he loves me or he just wants me as bed partner? Mac thought but was interrupted by the scraping of a chair. Harm stood up and wobbled a bit he was still having a little trouble wearing heels but he smiled at her. She smiled back and said,

"You know I've never kissed myself before, I wonder…oomph!" Harm, who was standing on tiptoes, being Mac was hard because now Mac was the tall one, had kissed him so to speak. It was a gentle and slightly strained kissed and it ended quickly.

"Whoa! That was weird, I NEVER want to do that again!" Harm said looking up at himself. Mac shook her head,

"Me neither. God I have got to get out of your body soon or I might just jump off a cliff, but a least we know right?" They laughed and then were going to walk out, when Mac said,

"Oh and by the way, at about 1900 there is a woman coming by that may be able to solve all of our problems, so we will be staying a little late." Harm nodded and they walked out. He had conveniently forgotten to mention the paper cut he had discovered on the ring finger of Mac's left hand, just where he had received on the night before.

When the door had shut behind them Lieutenant Sims stepped out from behind a bookshelf very confused yet very giddy.


1902 Romeo

A gypsy woman walked into the empty bullpen wondering whether or not she was in the right place, but when she saw the tall frame of Harmon Rabb she knew she was in the right place. Striding over to him in her elderly gait she reached up as high as she could and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Good Evening, Sarah." Mac spun around to see the short woman looking up at her.

"Hello, you're Isabelle right?"


"Oh good. Hey Harm she's here!" Mac called and a minute later she saw herself walk out of her office Harm came to stand beside her.

"Hello Harmon, now I am here to help you and fix your problem because I caused it."

"WHAT!" The two of them gasped in unison.

"I will explain in a minute but before I do what did you two learn from this?" Mac was the first to speak.

"Umm Harm has really comfortable shoes, but more importantly I saw what he sees everyday and I even felt a little pang of jealously earlier when he was conversing with a male client. I also saw that his life isn't as easy as I thought what with the Admiral breathing down his neck all day. I was also made aware of some things about me that I wasn't aware of, because people talked to me thinking that I was Harm. I don't think after this that I will ever be able to take Harm for granted which is something I have forgotten lately." Mac finished with a smile. Isabelle looked at Harm.

"Well Mac's shoes are extremely uncomfortable, that however isn't the point. Today some things were made real to me that I hadn't seen before. One was my lack of faith in her. I realized this when I was speaking with some of her clients that were fellow Marines who seemed doubtful of her ability to defend them. I also realized how close I have come to losing her. She turns everyone's head and one of them could be the one that could take her away from me, and I don't ever want to lose her." Harm admitted a little shyly. Isabelle nodded.

"I think I can help you then. Now take these," She pressed a red rose petal into the palm of each of their hands. "Now Sarah go down to the opposite end of the room. Harm you stay here." They looked at Isabelle confused but followed her directions. Isabelle then went and stood between them.

"Now as you two know you received a letter the other day that was written in my hand, you also received a paper cut from the envelope on you left ring finger. Which is the finger that is used to bare a wedding band and a promise of true love. The reason you received these is because I have seen you in the tavern many a time mostly smiling, laughing and in love, but it broke my heart to see you the other night fighting as you were, so I decided to help you. I sent the letters, which you both opened at the same time. Then while you slept your souls were transferred to the others body and when you awoke you were in your current state. Now I will say some things and then I will bring my hands together and then you will run towards each other and hopefully the jolt caused by your collision will cause your souls to switch back. I originally wanted to perform this in the White House rose garden but there is a reception there tonight so earlier I went and picked the petals off the same rose there and brought them for symbolism. Alright let's begin." Isabelle stepped to the side and began.

"Great spirits of the universe, these two souls were lost and couldn't see the other side. I stepped in and helped remove the wool from their eyes to see what they need to see. They saw life in the others eyes and now have a better understanding, so please help them return to their natural state and start them back at the beginning and help heal the many wounds and rebuild the many bridges that have been burned." Isabelle then brought her hands together as if in prayer and Harm and Mac ran towards each other. They collided and awaited the pain that would follow of falling on the floor, but instead they felt soft lush grass underneath them. Mac opened her eyes to see that is was daylight and to see Harm rubbing his forehead.

"HARM! OH WE'RE BACK! I'm me again and your you oh thank God!" Mac threw her arms around him. He embraced her for a minute even though he was puzzled. They pulled apart when they heard voices.

"Well done Commander"

"Thank you, sir"

"…Very well done"

"Don't over do it Mr. Roberts, he's a naval aviator, with his wings comes an ego as big as an Admiral's"

Harm and Mac looked from one to the other and Mac whispered as they clambered to get out of sight.

"Is this what she meant by back at the beginning? We got transported back in time? This can't be a logical explanation."

"Well no Mac but neither was they fact that just this morning I woke up with breasts and your ass." Harm hissed back.

"Alright point taken. So what are we supposed to do?"

"How should I know, maybe if we just watch the scene it will reveal something that we have to do."

"What if we see us?"

"Well do you have a better idea?"

"Um no but let's stay out of earshot and see if we can reconstruct what is being said."


"I just have a feeling that is how we should do it. Call it woman's intuition." Mac said standing and carefully following the three men from nine years ago. They watched as Harm was introduced to Sarah Mackenzie and when Mac held out her hand how Harm had paused.

"Jesus I look like a love struck teenager. How embarrassing."

"It was a little strange and I thought you were like scared of me or something." They watched for another minute as they're past selves got into a limo and drove off.

"I fell for you in that limousine." Mac said out of the blue.

"What?" Harm asked looking at Mac who had a dreamy look on her face.

"I fell in love with you that day. If I hadn't already been sitting down I would have fainted. You smile still does that to me you know."

"It does? It seriously causes you to go weak in the knees?" Harm asked as his brow furrowed. Then he grinned his best Flyboy grin. Mac dramatically fell against him. Harm caught her and she looked up at him and smiled.

"You do it to me every time, what can I say I'm weak." Harm held her up so that their lips were a mere inches apart and then replied,

"I love you Mac, ever since day one and I'm glad I make you go weak in the… Harm couldn't continue because Mac had closed the distance between them with her lips gently kissing his, he kissed her back and then Mac felt a slight chill and then heard a yell.

"COMMANDER! COLONEL! What are you doing?" Harm out of pure reflex dropped Mac and came to abrupt attention.

"OUCH! Thanks a ton I wasn't looking forward to thhhaaat! Admiral!" Mac jumped up and to attention despite her aching six.

"What the hell is going on here? First you two are role playing in my office and then at each other's throats yelling in Pig Latin and then I hear reports of you two kissing in the library and now this! What am I going to do with you two?" The Admiral ranted and Harm and Mac were turning redder by the second.

"Umm sir maybe we could enlighten you. If you would please meet Isabelle…" Mac gestured to where Isabelle had been standing and there was no one there. The Admiral raised a quizzical eyebrow before he began again.

"Alright now I know you two are overworked and you two are being neglected in the bedroom category and that has got to be the explanation for this now I don't want to see your little Marine or Flyboy butts in this office until this time next week got me? You two get this fraternization out of your system and when you get back I expect you to have a solution ready as to how we can keep your apparent newfound relationship under wraps now if you will excuse me. I am going to go home and sit down with a nice beer and watch A Few Good Men good luck you two." The Admiral walked out of the bullpen and then Harm turned to Mac,

"So where were we?"

"Oh right about here." They both leaned in for another kiss when they heard, the Admiral yell,

"Commander, Colonel, not in the bullpen!" Harm and Mac groaned.

"Damn he's good."

"Yeah so what do you say to an evening at your place?" Mac asked, tracing his wings with her finger.

"Sounds good see you in an hour?" Harm asked.

"Yep." Mac reassured before heading back to her office and gathering her things.

The Next Morning

1035 Romeo

Harm opened his eyes to find the place next to him where Mac had been laying empty and cold and his heart sank. He got out of bed reluctantly and ambled over to the kitchen where he saw the coffeepot was on, and a note was laying beside it, he picked it up and recognized Mac's handwriting.


Don't worry I didn't up and leave you, I went home to feed Jingo and get a set of civvies, the one time my overnight bag might come in use I didn't have it. Anyway should be back around 01035 I made you some coffee.



Just then there was a soft knock at the door. Harm went to answer it still in his boxers and was glad to see Mac with a bag on her shoulder.

"Good morning Marine." Mac's eyes widened as she took in the sight.

Good morning yourself Sailor. It's a good thing he doesn't know how much I want to rip his boxers off and just…

I think that can be arranged. Harm thought silently.

"What can I didn't say anything…" They looked at each other and then gasped in unison.

"Did you?"

"No." They both agreed simultaneously and both groaned in unison.

"Oh no not again…"

The End